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We got a sneak peek at an as-yet-unreleased content updated for the free-to-play Real Racing 3 on Android at GDC 2013. The next big update, due to launch this spring, will include cloud saving support, a new hunter race mode where players need to beat a specific car in a single lap, and introduce a new lineup of Chevrolet vehicles, including the Camaro. 

I also got to needle the Firemonkeys community manager a bit about their decision to switch over from a premium price point to free to play, and he was generally pretty classy about how they're listening to consumer feedback and making sure their implementation isn't unbalancing.

Any real racers in the house? How have you found the game so far? Any particular changes you'd like to see in the next patch?


Reader comments

Incoming Real Racing 3 update includes new race mode and Chevrolet cars


I really like the game, but it needs to be more optimized. I lags a lot on my TF300T tablet, and it is barely playable when races start with 20 or more cars.

Have not really played it as much as I would like to since it released. Very fun from the time I have spent with it though.

Simple to just pick up and play, and runs well on the Nexus 4.

I enjoy the game a lot, but get bummed out playing because the mirrors in cockpit view are grayed out on my GS3. Maybe I'm just being picky, but after playing it on an iphone 5 and ipad mini it just doesn't seem to have the same overall polish on Android.

The mirrors work on Galaxy note 2 seems the same to me as my ipad version you can get the graphics to be better Google it

yeah the american gs3 has grey mirrors and there is no magic google fix. this is all on firemonkeys and their lack of optimization for the most popular android phone.

First off, it is where's the update?

Second off, how can you offer a pay to play game that doesn't have cloud sync off the bat?

No complaints with this game at all. It runs smoothly on both my Nexus 4 and my mom's iPad 4. This update sounds good though. Cloud saving support would be absolutely wonderful.

Like the game so far and I appreciate that they make you wait to make repairs or upgrades unless you pay. That's clever. It's a tad jumpy on GIIIS as mentioned but what can you do. I would like to be able to create a profile some way other than with Facebook (which I'm not on). Right now I always have to race as "Guest" and that kind of sucks.

I agree with you. I didn't have a Facebook account (and never will!), so racing as "Guest" is a little annoying. I play the game on my Nexus 7 and the game is ridiculous! It's the only game I play on the thing. The mirrors are grayed out on the Nexus 7 also, which hurts the realism from cockpit mode. But this game has so much replay value! I still think they should offer a paid version so a lot of people can have the choice to play the full game proper. But I sure as Hell am not complaining!

Gameplay is great. Once you get a few cars the crazy amount of waiting for upgrades and repairs becomes less irritating. My only real complaint is the horrendous AI. Every time I try to make a clean pass the AI purposely swerves to ram me off the road. Sometimes you have to drive like an all out destruction derby to win. Fix the AI and this game would be pretty awesome.

Game plat is excellent on my EVO 4G LTE. But I would like to see an option to play head to head in real time to other player vs. virtual. (Or maybe I am missing something?) I'd even consider a pay to play option if it was offered for that feature. Also more support for tablets. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7+ that I would love to play on.

Agree that cloud saves should have been in from the start. Had to restart once already do to having cleared my device. It's a nice racer, but the Ai is brain dead, and it doesn't have some basic things you'd expect from a racer, like best lap times, leader board, replay, freerun.... Lap times for me is a big one as I like to see how I'm improving

I wished I could race as something other than guest, that sucks.

I just hate the way the cars are so overpriced, for £5 I had all the cars on RR2 just had to unlock them which I don't mind. But to get one of the best cars in the game it would cost £99 what a joke!!! Seriously I know I could save but the most you get from races is like £5,000 and to save up over £2,000,000 after repairs it would take years!!!

Have a preium version of the game for £5-£8 where you can unlock everything like a normal game and keep the freemium for everyone else thats what I say

I guess the complaints of jitters on the GSIII explains why it's not even available on my S2 Skyrocket. Sigh.

The game is absolutely fantastic. It runs great on my Note 10.1. Having a way to save progress and load on another device (tablet to phone) would solve my main problem because I routinely run down my battery and have to stop playing. It would also be nice to log in via some method other than Facebook.

It pains me to say it, but Real Racing 3 is "barely playable" on the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3. The graphical lag and chopiness is just miserable. It's one of the best games out there (so good, I overlook the short-comings), but the graphics performance has GOT to be fixed. The SGS3 is a huge phone. The game should play like butter on it (note the Project Butter reference there guys...) Fingers-crossed for this in the next update.

Can't tell if my Galaxy S3 cpu isn't good enough, or this game sucks for not being optimized to play on well perhaps on the most popular android device.
And yeah, tbh Galaxy S3 has a very powerful CPU.
Do some math.

you arent the only one... personally i've held off any IAP (in app purchases) until firemonkeys makes an effort on android.

Gameplay could improve a lot. The opponents drive on a fixed line, WHETHER YOU ARE ON IT OR NOT, and crash into you from behind. It seems they never decide to slow down to let you go by.