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The latest Humble Bundle for Android has been kicked off, and includes a bunch of exceptional games. Splice, Eufloria, Waking Mars, Crayon Physics Deluxe, and an early Android beta for the excellent Superbrothers: Sword & Sorcery are all available. If you pay more than the average (currently $8.89) you also get Machinarium. 

You get to pay whatever you want for these, and the money is split up between developers, the Humble Bundle organizers, and charities like the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child's Play as you see fit. Every signle one comes with the original soundtrack, and is available on Windows, Linux, and Mac PCs. 

A lot of these games aren't in Google Play, so, go get the bundle! It's a great deal, and for a good cause. Hey, if you're in the charitable mood, why not contribute to the MO-bile Nations Movember run? We're raising money for men's health by sprouting exceptionally poor facial hair. Seriously, I don't know how I'm going to go out in public like this.  


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Humble Bundle for Android 4 features Superbrothers beta


Currently $8.89? I picked it up a little bit ago and it was under $5.30. Just checked now and the site is showing the average currently at $5.63.

I noticed when the book bundle went live I found a link to it on twitter before it went live and when I followed that link it looked like the bundle was live but the average was over $11. I liked the book selection so I went ahead and bought them anyway. But then a little later when the bundle officially launched my order was canceled in google payments. When I went back to the humble site the average had dropped down to just a few dollars.

So I'm wondering if maybe this article was written based on the average from a pre-release preview or test version of the bundle site...

I am literally laughing at the fact that Sword and Sworcery is coming out for Android. I remember them being very adamant about the fact that it was not initially, even had a statement that their content was ONLY for iOS. Nice to see they are finally able to give up their childish nature and at least try other platforms out there. I can't wait to play it.

This is a pretty sweet bundle :) Maybe they will addon some other titles along the way for purchases over the avg! Thanks for the tip Simon and nice work on the facial hair, it will get there!

Splice is awesome, I've poured a lot of time into the iOS version.

So, every cell can branch off into two cells below it, max. You have a limited number of cell moves to position everything to fit in the outline. Some special cells can wipe out all of the cells after it, duplicate everything below it, or shoot out a single extra cell. You activate those special cells by tapping the top parent one, but they're only activated sequentially by how close they are to that parent cell. You can tell which one will be activated next by a glow around it. Does that make sense?

Ha, yes, it makes sense. I've been spending some time with the game and although it is confusing, it's fun too. I think I'm getting the hang of it. Or maybe I'm just really lucky...

I love the Humble Bundle stuff, and have purchased several of them because they support Linux on all their games. Adding Android support just makes it even sweeter. Yes I bought this one too...

Please note, the Android games are all positioned as "Phone" except Machinarium, which has two versions: tablet and phone. I don't know if this means all the games are low-res on Android EXCEPT Machinarium, but I thought I would share the info from the download screen.

The Linux and other platforms you download archives or packages (rpm, sh, or tar) but Android they steer you to using their beta "Humble Bundle" downloader program. I chose to ignore that and simply download the .apk files (which, thankfully, there is an option for).

I will amend my above post by saying- I have installed the seed game and the crayon one... both run flawlessly on the Xoom Nexus and are absolutely high-resolution. So tablet vs. phone might not even be a concern with these programs.