Google's Chromecast streaming dongle now supports Hulu Plus, the company has announced on its official blog. The TV streaming service's mobile apps will be updated on Google Play and the iOS App Store today with a new "Cast" button, similar to other Chromecast-supported apps.

Until now Chromecast owners have been able to stream Hulu content through Chrome's tab cast feature, however official Android and iOS app support should make things a lot easier from now on. Hit the Google Play button on the left to grab the latest version of the app.

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Hulu Plus gets Chromecast support


I wonder if Google was working closely with Hulu to roll this out or if this means we might start to see other video apps add this feature over the next week finally.

Most likely the former. So far the (limited) pattern with CHromecast is that Google is allowing apps from groups that have licensing agreements for media content, which is the safe path to take for the time being. Remember, the music/tv/film folks are very skittish around new methods of media distribution.
I expect Google will push for adoption of the likes of Pandora, HBO, Spotify and perhaps a few others before allowing true third-party developers to get in on the action.
Patience younglings...

Wouldnt really define this as a media distribution or a new method. Been streaming media from my devices OTA to my tv for years. This dongle makes connecting to the tv with my phone and tablet more convenient with certain software by eliminating the need for a wire

Sure, nerds like us have been doing it for years. Chromecast makes it easy enough my grandmother (rest her soul) could have done it.
I'm not saying the media industries are being rational, they're not. But it's how they have been reacting to technology for decades. Google understands this and in the light of how they've responded to previous innovative technologies, this is a very rational approach.

Does this mean the floodgates are finally open for other 3rd parties? Hulu was a big name to get compatible, but I want to see how other devs utilize it.

Still awaiting any news on a release for markets beyond the United States.

The Ebay prices are over double in the UK :(

On the subject of Google services not in the UK i'm guessing you've seen the o2 be more dog campaign?

Am I right in thinking these are Google Voice attributes being touted as new thinking?

I got fed up with waiting. I found one on eBay for £45 inc the netflix code. I don't think we'll see it here till well into next year due to all the licensing with sky, BBC etc.

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I did chuckle a little bit when I saw that Alex Dobie posted this piece.

Presumably, the one guy on the AC staff who doesn't have a Chromecast...

I hope that this is the start of other apps being able to be cast with the Chromecast.

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Come on Amazon. hurry up and provide support for Amazon Prime Instant video on the Chromecast....(an official support) :)

That seems extremely doubtful, even though they support a couple of other TV streaming boxes (tho not many I think)... They don't support any other Android device, dunno why they would start now. OTOH it's not like they sell a Kindle TV so they might not view this as much of a threat...

I thought I just read somewhere that AppleTV got support recently. So in my eyes if I get Netflix, hulu plus, YouTube, Amazon this could be my straw to drop directv and watch sports online either with "season passes" or whatever. Then save a hundred bucks a month. Hell maybe MLB NHL and NFL will have chromecast support. I can dream can't I.

I watch all of my sports online. There's two really good websites - one for college and the other for professional sports - that work great and are free.

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Because unlike other Android devices, they're not competing with this, and it can ONLY improve their usage.

That would require Amazon Instant Video [Prime] support on Androids in general first. Funny how they support the Kindle Fire and IOS but not OPEN [Well.. more open ;) ] Android devices.

Well if you think about it: Amazon, already, has the Kindle and marketplace apps available for Android. If they added Amazon Instant Video, then there would be no advantage to purchasing a Kindle tablet vs other Android tablets, for someone that's heavily invested in Amazon's ecosystem.

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Hardware is a low margin thing and Amazon is in the business of selling CONTENT. That they are fine with selling apps, MP3s and Kindle books to plain old Android users makes the idea that they're restricting video in order to drive Fire sales questionable. That they support iOS pretty much eliminates that idea since they let the iTards in. Why Amazon continues to tell Android users to pound sand and refuses to explain why is frustrating.

Transmitted via sheer force of will.

I say it, when someone posts something that I agree with, but I don't want to rehash what they already said.

I'll be the first to admit, I can go "This" happy, lol.

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If they do that, people will stop buying the Kindle Fire. Of course, they'd also sell a lot more {rime memberships and videos...

If they wanted people to buy Kindle Fires, they wouldn't support all the iOS devices they do. They're just blackballing Android to be dicks for some reason.

Transmitted via sheer force of will.

Not sure if it's worth 7.99 or whatever Hulu plus is. We used to have it, but there's not consistency of what videos are Hulu plus and which ones are network lockdown. So we canceled it. I'd rather cast a tab then pay the money.

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I just canceled hulu plus also. To many of the shows I watched were blocked on everything but the pc. I've found alternative methods of watching the shows I want.

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Unfortunately, this device costs almost £60 in the UK.
Does anyone know why it is close to twice the US price?

Awesome A C

Only available in UK via scalpers. Apparently, whipping up a global storm of publicity and then limiting supply to only one country, creates pretty ideal opportunities for people with access to arbitrage to those without. Who would have guessed? ;)

It would be nice to see Pandora/Spotify available, though I don't use either anymore since getting All Access.

On the Chrome browser, probably. I imagine a lot of folks would rather have it n their phone though so they can just pull it out of their pocket to skip, change stations or adjust volume as they move around the room/house.

You can play some from the gallery with the s3's stock 4.1.2 video player.

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This is what I'm talking about. This would sure beat using team viewer to control my computer, then dragging each file into a chrome tab, then mirror that tab.

Yeah...which is why we have multiple Rokus. Plex is one of the killer apps. We also have a full-up Windows 7 HTPC on another TV for full compatibility, but the Rokus are smaller, quieter, less expensive, and use less power....and support Plex, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon, and a range of other content.

I just got mine a few weeks ago here in the US, glad to see this even though I may be dropping google plus soon.

Netflix is so much smoother on my Roku than on my Chromecast.
I looked into Hulu+ but there were many customer complaints about excessive ads. Also that there used to not be ads, and that the same ad might run throughout a program.
So I signed up with Amazon Instant Video. It works great on Roku.
I hope Amazon will release a stand-alone Android app for when I'm away from my Roku.
I haven't used my Chromecast since I bought my Roku.
Likely going to give away the three Chromecasts I have during Christmas.

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I'll take one!
I haven't used Roku, but the performance off my Chromecast is spectacular. Boxed up my Wii the other day as a result.

Half the stuff I want to watch on hulu plus isn't supported on mobile or the other devices I would use to watch it.

Add me to the list of people clamoring for Amazon Prime on Android. WTF, Amazon?

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OMG About fucking time!! Awesome!

Chromecast is something I've actually been using just about every day.

It works so wonderfully well.. (Except the part where Netflix doesn't play the next episode of a TV series automatically.. FIX IT!)

I've been waiting for Hulu to add their support! Cannot wait to see what else is in store for Chromecast.

Yes! About time! This will finally placate the S/O, because she loves to watch her "ratchet shows" like BBW & RHOA on Hulu+. Considering how well Netflix works on the Chromecast (better than every other device we have, including the XBox 360), Hulu+ works almost as well. Once they work out the fine kinks and also enable Chromecast support in the browser I'll be happy. Next up: HBO Go and Showtime Anytime, let's get it in gear!