In the past couple of days China's Xiaomi has been at the front of some privacy concerns. We didn't really get into it on AC because it's centered around devices that we aren't seeing any time soon in the west, but for anyone who is worried Hugo Barra has issued a response to said concerns.

Xiaomi is a mobile Internet company committed to providing high-quality products and easy-to-use Internet services. We believe it is our top priority to protect user data and privacy. We do not upload or store private information or data without the permission of users.

It's in response to queries surrounding the company's Cloud Messaging platform and how it handles user data. A security company in Finland first raised the concerns that Xiaomi phones were sending phone data to the servers even without any cloud accounts having been added. In response to the concerns, Xiaomi will now make Cloud Messaging an opt-in service instead of being automatically enabled and an OTA patch is being rolled out to add extra security to data sent to the Cloud Messaging servers.

Barra has produced an extensive response over on his Google+ page that explains what's going on in more detail, so if it's something you're concerned about definitely go and give it a read.

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Hugo Barra responds to Xiaomi privacy concerns


I understand Xiaomi is popular in China but I've never seen one ever in the US. Do people use these here?

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They could of if they had released specific information and code with ZTE to congress. But they both chose not to after rumors were that their phones send user data back to the company including account information and passwords, and the links to the People's Army of China, the same army with millions of hackers hacking the world every day.

Well it's what all companies do. Buy an MS phone and data gets sent to MS. Buy an Apple phone data gets send to Apple. Buy a phone meant to be sold only in China and be surprised that data gets uploaded to China? That's on you.