Eager flashers now have a quick way back to the latest firmware version

Following its promise to make it easy for enthusiast users to hack its phones, HTC has just posted the latest full RUU for the Developer Edition of the One. Now having access to an RUU doesn't necessarily make it easier to hack the Developer Edition -- it's already pretty easy by design -- as much as it makes it easy to get back to a stock firmware state after you've gone somewhere you didn't intend. The latest RUU is for firmware version 1.29.1540.16, which of course is still getting you Android 4.1 Jelly Bean but is still a huge help for the select users that need to take advantage of it.

Eager users with Developer Edition HTC Ones can grab a download of the latest RUU from the HTCDev site directly at the source link below. Those interested in getting into all of the rooting, flashing and fun that may require an RUU later can get some more information in our HTC One forums as well.

Source: HTCDev; More: HTC One Forums


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HTCDev posts latest RUU for HTC One Developer Edition


Firstly if the CID doesnt match it wont flash, and secondly why would we? We already have a 4.2.2 ROM on the international version.

Have you looked on XDA. Know they have been playing with it. Right now got the 4.2.2 with working Sence and I am loving it. I have AT&T.

First off its for the Dev version not a carrier m7. Secondly it works great. I had CM10 on this m7 and the camera sucked too much for me to stay so I wanted to go back to normal. I used this RUU and lost the root but got stock back, it works great. Just waiting for the Google edition to come out so I can go back to stock android in hopes someone will hack the camera firmware or software whatever it is that makes ultra pixel look good. So here's to patient waiting...

So if you have the Developer Edition you need this RUU?

HTC One Brightstar US USA RUU 3.4.10 v4.1 984.7 MB 1.29.1540.16 Developer Edition