Sure looks that way according to a new T-Mobile accessory document that has turned up. We've heard quite a bit about the HTC Ville device itself -- even caught some images and video of it in action but until now there has been no mention of possible carriers for the device. Also noted in the document is the Huawei Prism and the Samsung T769 though, overall the information is lacking aside from the names being called to the front. Either way, it'll be interesting to see where the HTC Ville ends up given its rise to fame thus far.

Source: T-MoNews

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kenyee says:

Still not 720p...so last year tech :-P

Luger718 says:

have you seen snapdragon S4 benchmarks?

Exactly... hence the REASON it shouldn't have any issue pushing a 720p screen. Meaning there is no excuse for not having one

Floss82 says:

Good news for T-Mobile. Lets get it!!!

Luger718 says:

i hope tmobile also gets the tegra 3 one....even though im screptical of how tegra 3 will perform against dualcore S4s

Tmobile won't get the other one... wouldn't make any sense to have both. They get the lower end one just like they're used to

pazzo02 says:

Oh really? I said on January 31st in the Ville thread in new devices that it was going to T-Mobile.