Vigor live wallpaper

The wallpapers, ringtones, boot animation and the new Beats live wallpaper from the HTC Vigor have popped up, and are available for download.  No source is given, but we're assuming they are from the Vigor RUU that's been mentioned (but not released) by a few HTC Sensation developers.  It appears that most of the media is the typical HTC Sense fare, but there are two new Vigor specific wallpapers and the boot animation, and a, let's call it busy, live wallpaper based on the Beats static wallpaper.  The folks at Android Police have them packaged up and ready to roll, hit the source link for the downloads.

Source: Android Police

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**Also included in this media file were a set of wallpapers (1440×1280 resolution), which at first glance, appear to confirm the 720p HD resolution (720×1280).** <---From Droid Life WHOOoohoooo

jjrudey says:

All of the files scream Beats Audio.

We get it HTC. Your phones have Beats Audio.

crwblyth says:

+1, sure it's a good thing to add, but it doesn't warrant more than 1 wallpaper and 1 live wallpaper, we don't need it rubbing in our faces - it's not amazing!

cooksta3276 says:

I sure hope this or Prime does it for me, otherwise I may veer to forbidden fruit. I really don't want to go down that road again......

crwblyth says:

The Sensation XE is the one to look at, maybe the same visually, but dude, those specs!

d-backs1#AC says:

This has the exact same specs as the sensation xe.

Noble.Four says:

False. The XE has a qHD screen. The Vigor will have a 720p HD screen.

d-backs1#AC says:

Ok the vigor has a better screen. Other than that what makes the xe better?

i like the launcher. how can i get one similar to that?

fillossofer says:

Vigor = my next phone. Its got all the goods, except perhaps NFC and a big enough battery.

d-backs1#AC says:

Hopefully the sensation xe stock battery will fit in the vigor battery door. Since these two have the same specs I hope that is the case and will atleast give another hour or so of battery life over the stock vigor battery.

Ian B says:

Did not work on my Epic Touch 4g Galaxy S II. Installed but when you select, the screen is black and all you see is "set wallpaper" but, nothing happens. I have checked the box to allow apps from outside the market. Looked promising.

Ian B

HalizDad says:

2 modded wallpapers, and 1 new one...b-o-r-i-n-g