EVO and One X

HTC has spoken out about the recent US Customs debacle, and provided the following statement.

HTC has completed the review process with US Customs and HTC devices have been released, as they are in compliance with the ITC’s ruling. Future shipments should continue to enter the US and we are confident that we will soon be able to meet the demand for our products.

Still no official word on how everything went down, and we don't imagine we'll ever be privy to that (or need to be). But the good news, and the important bits are that the review process is over, HTC's One X and EVO 4G LTE have been found to be compliant and are making their way to fill the shelves. It's a good thing, as anyone who has already picked one up will tell you that they are awesome phones. We're glad to see this mess behind us, and look forward to seeing the phones people want in the hands that want them.

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HTC: US Customs review is finished, One X and EVO 4G LTE shipments coming


Hooray! Gonna have to hit up my local Radio Shack and see about possibly getting my name down for one. Friday is when my upgrade kicks in, so I'm very glad that I decided not to do the early buyout deal now.

Called Sprint this weekend and they let me upgrade early with no buyout. Granted just wanted to get my name on the list. Told them I was going on vacation soon and would like to upgrade before I go. My upgrade was June 1.

Well you are VERY fortunate. My upgrade is 6/1 as well and I have called Sprint at least 6 times already over the last 2 weeks each time I get a rep who doesn't have clue and can't help me with an early upgrade or they tell me it is not possible for the EVO 4G LTE. One even tried to push an iFail errr iPhone on me.

My worst nightmare is coming true for this phone which is not being able to get one until way past release due to my stupid upgrtade date being right past the pre order time. I'm afraid to try to get it through BB or the Shack because I feel that Sprint will ship their in house orders long before stocking 3rd party vendors. Oh well, such is life...

I pre-ordered two LTEVOs at bestbuy on Saturday and received a pickup email on sunday but didn't pick em up until yesterday. I walked into Sprint store next to bestbuy, the sprint employee got really frustrated saying "This is very frustrating, I don't why Bestbuy keeps selling it knowing sprint hasn't launched it yet." I smiled, bought the cases and walked out.

I called Best Buy this morning and after being disconnected 3 times, finally got an answer to my backordered phone. They told me that on Friday, 6/1, they would be shipping the 2nd round out to customers. They assured me that I will have my phone soon after.

With this news from Jerry, I now have hope.

pre ordered from best buy yesterday, i hope im in that 2nd round xD that'd be sweet to get the phone that fast hehe for 150$ wait till i tell my brother i got a beast 4.7 icher for 50$ less than his 3.5 inch iphone ;]

Rocking my pre-ordered Evo right now, and so far this thing is nothing short of incredible. When they do finally hit shelves, the masses are in for a treat.

Hawt Dayum!! Praying that some of these next shipments are headed to Amazon. Had to take advantage of that $149 price.

*sacrifices lamb to appease the smartphone gods*

This just cries out for some investigative reporting and some FIOA filings with customs.

Thousands entered the country. Then all of a sudden there had to be an inspection!

By who? Seriously, what customs inspectors are trained in this?

It needs to be looked into, not just let it go.

The larger question is how many more phones, HTC or other vendors, is this going to happen to? At some point cooler heads must prevail. Somebody in gov't needs to get some political courage, a tall order I know, & reform this stupid patent system. I'm talking to you Congress & Obama!

No big mystery...

Basically all the devs that work on Sense (including us) had to certify that we complied with the court and created non- infringing code. We got subpeonaed the Monday before the halt was widely known. It took us a few days to respond and I'm sure that was true for other devs...

Picked up mine from Bestbuy yesterday, loving it. THE best phone I've ever used (including iPhone and Palm pre)

If the phone was compliant with legal requirements, HTC should be compensated for delay at the expense of Apple on the US Govt, and the money used to buy apps for the new phone's owners.

Finally got mine last night... Yay! Now I have to fight with Sprint about how they charged me for an extra month on my bill... :(


He who controls the spice, controls the universe.

Thank you, that made my day.

Sticking with my Evo 3D until Sprint turns on LTE in Houston.
Really need to test the waters since I would have to do an early buyout.