HTC Thunderbolt

Since the HTC Thunderbolt is going on sale tomorrow, the fact that they're arriving in stores isn't a surprise.  I'm not going to let a little thing like that keep me from showing you guys a few pictures of HTC LTE goodness sitting in the backroom though.  Nothing new to report, just beautiful black boxes ready and waiting for you to show up tomorrow and make one your own.  Two more pictures after the break.  Thanks Anon!


Thunderbolts in a row


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The HTC Thunderbolts have arrived


When the core doubles with Thunderbolt speed, is at least 7" & can make visual calls ,(virtual) & LTE 4G gets to me then I'll get interested. My DX will do just fine for now.

It's a minor upgrade...128MB more RAM is the main thing. More expensive plans but some folks get better service on Verizon where they live so for those folks, it's nice to have an Evo-class phone available. Evo is the best phone I've ever owned so I would imagine that the Thunderbolt is equally badass.

two other minor upgrades to go along with that ram increase would be the second gen snapdragon and super lcd screen that the evo doesn't have.

Newer generation processor, better kickstand, better screen, better speaker, more RAM, better coverage through Verizon, better 4G speeds through Verizon.

But yeah. Totes an Evo clone.

That's like asking what the difference between a V6 Mustang and V8 Mustang.

The Thunderbolt is faster (Have you seen the benchmarks on it?), and more efficient because of the next generation processor. It will display more colors and the animation in games are smoother. And the biggest thing as a smartphone .... It's on Verizon's LTE network, which is FAST!!! And at 700mhz, it's not going to have the building penetration issues like Sprint's WiMax; meaning better coverage where they say they have coverage.

Yes they might look the same, but underneath, they are different in a big way.

tell that to the idiots who couldnt wait for the iFail 5 on verizon haha. When people set there mind to something they'll get it... then find out how not worth it the device is. for me after a couple mins of playing with it/running it through the works... I found that I can def wait.

why settle for Verizon's "Evo" when you can just wait till later this year when dual-core phones become more prominent on the market among all providers. i think I'll wait till a dual-core "Evo" or something similar comes out before I jump ship. otherwise, it's just a waste of money.. (IMO)

definitely not a waste of money for me since i'm coming from the og droid. the tbolt is a definite upgrade for me. this time next year or later i'll consider dual core since by then it will have matured more and android will be natively optimized to handle it and more and more apps will be utilizing it. right now it's just a hot fad imho. single core is still very much relevant this year.

well, when you are coming from an OG phone, and have waited to renew your contract for something better, then I think it is a good idea to get the TBolt. But, if you are in a contract, lets say with Sprint, and you own, lets say an Evo, then to go over to Verizon for the same thing for more money in the long run is a foolish idea. By all means, if I were at the end of my contract I would give Verizon and the TBolt a shot... Not enough to jump ship right now though.

the TBolt is NOT the same thing as the Evo. lol people read the spec list ok. Yes, it is a 4.3 inch slate phone but everything about the Bolt is better than the Evo. Will there be an Evo 2 coming out soon that will be better, yes. but that scenario goes one ad infinitum.

Paying the contract cancellation fee to switch for ANYTHING is stupid.

Another thing that's stupid is saying the Thunderbolt is the same as the EVO. But as Mr. White says; "You can't fix stupid."

Wait, wait, wait. In 1974 "they" told me we'd have flying cars by the time I got out of college......I'm still waiting.

I'm tired of waiting on empty promises. The Thunderbolt is here now, and the dual-core what-ever's will be be even better when I upgrade NEXT time.

"Waste of money" is relative, it all depends on what you are upgrading from. I'm still using a Storm1, so for me, it's more than worth it. PLUS, I get a 23% discount on the monthly service through my company, which MORE than pays for the phone.

thinking the same here hopefuly the Bootloader will be unlock but LG Revolution catch my eyes too (different from you im on verizon LoL)

Ummm I think a 1980 Quadant score means its a little more than a warmed over Evo. Also does simultaneous data and voice, Netflix certified.. yeaaa not your mamas Evo.

I just benchmarked one and only saw 1680-1720. Also the speaker could be louder for being so huge, its just as loud as my incredible.

how many times did you run quadrant. it's notorious for needing to be run a few times before it starts showing a proper average. either way im just saying what i saw from slashgear.

exactly. you are overclocked 300mHz and still can't touch it. this thing is stock and hitting into the 2000s. just wait until the Bolt is overclocked to 1.3gHz and see it hit in the 2300 2400 range or more maybe.

OMG its the EVO2....ohhhhhhh nevermind its just a wannabe Evo....hmm almost a year behind the Evo. Verizon needs to step it up, cant keep customers brainwashed forever!

All you guys taking shit that it's an evo and we need to step it up remember that your shitty wimax will never be lte so stop hating that's it's just another evo but on the best network and stop being cheap and get a real network!

We'll see just how fast and reliable "your" network is once everyone starts bombarding it with 4G cards, T-bolt, D Inc S, Bionic and future 4G LTE devices go live.

D Inc S isn't a 4g phone and i'm sure if Sprint can handle it especially since a bunch of people went to Sprint for the Evo and it is still up and running (not as fast as lte mind you) then verizon shouldn't have any problems!

I love it when people justify paying higher prices for something by calling the people who don't cheap. You know, many on Iphones say the same thing about Android users because there are more free apps in the market.

The Thunderbolt is not an Evo. It is significantly ugraded. If it was on Sprint, I wouldn't upgrade to it because it isn't a substantial enough of a jump.

As far as LTE, I really hope it is great so then Sprint would switch to it. WIMAX sucks because Sprint got in bed with Clear. (I have Clearwire for my home ISP and I won't ever start on how they throttle your service down to under 700kbs after using 8gb of service in a month.)

Problem is that penetration this and penetration that means nothing until an appropriate load and wide spread usage begins. Till then, it is all theory.

So far, after two hours of playing on the Thunderbolt, the 4G LTE is GREAT. Sprint will have LTE soon, from what I've read.

Im sorry that you dont like the sarcasm but I'm just being honest, this phone really isnt that big of a deal. I understand you guys need to have your moment though because it is definitely long overdue. If you guys need help with the phone just ask some Evo owners, we can help you since the phones are "similiar" lol we just cant help you with that high monthly bill is only 2000 good on quadrant? i get 2000+ on my G2.....OC'd of course! but its stable, so why wouldnt that count? of course an OC'd Thunderbolt would show some crazy scores, thats for damn sure!

I believe there was a test model of the Thunderbolt and it was rooted. This is an HTC device we are talking about... it will be rooted :)

Lol. I've got an EVO and if I was on Verizon, i'd definitely pick this up. Especially coming from a Pre or Pre2. Quit arguing I wish I had a second gen processor in my EVO

I am interested in playing with it. I have to wait till next year for my upgrade, but this does look sweet

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IF LTE uses a Sim Card I will Jump ATT ship. I need a phone that I can unlock and use another country's sim card with no problem.

I travel a lot right now I am on a Bell Desire Z unlocked but I want a bigger Screen.