We'd love to say this comes as a complete surprise to us but really it doesn't. The HTC ThunderBolt has once again appeared on the Verizon website. This time -- it's not buried under a bunch of other news. No sir, this time-- it's up front for all to see. The page just takes you to the email sign up page that pretty much everyone waiting for the Thunderbolt has already signed up for but the fact it's there now and being headlined means the wait is almost over. [Verizon via Android Central Forums]


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HTC Thunderbolt takes over the Verizon Wireless homepage


P.S....ALSO from what i just posted in that thread....htcsense.com seems to be down again....maybe maintenance again but think this week we'll see sense for the tbolt online...

"the only device that can take on the POWER of verizons 4g lte network"

they probably strapped a 4500mAh battery to them all

yes the thunderbolt is at front of page along with the 4g air cards and xoom now we just need a date and price

I feel this will be bigger than the VZW iPhone opening because of the LTE and simultaneous voice /data capabilities.
Oh, yesss, I have been waiting very patiently.

If it was on the front page, I missed it too. The only thing I see is the coming soon page under the 4G section.

Edit: Cleared my cache and it's there. Currently only links to the tracker page.

I cleared my cache (boy that took a while) and I still don't see it. That's not really called taking over the homepage. It might depend on whether you live in a 4G market.

I have lost intrest. But i reserve the right to change my mind after you all get one and tell me how cool it is. Looking to the bionic now.

LOL When you try to preorder at Wirefly, it takes you to the page for the Incredible.

Edit: They fixed it. 199.99 @ Wirefly!

i got an iphone 4 the other day due to having a unexpected early upgrade from verizon due to them cutting the new every 2 and them pretty much just wanting me to use it up so i had a droid incredible and of course loved it i came from a droid 1 so i got this iphone 4 and by all means its not a bad phone its slim sexy the screen is just beautiful the app store is nice i hate not being able to do my screen how i like it i hate not being able to change my keyboard but i dont think this HTC THunderbolt is much of a upgrade from my incredible

i mean it has the same 1gh snapdragon processor a bigger screen but the same tft wgva screen as the incredible same 8 megapixel cam with dual led same froyo 2.2 same htc sense only difference i seen is ur able to move a screen around when u do the pinch they added a front facing cam but what everyday person uses face chats?? and 4g that wont be in all areas until maybe 2013 oh and a kick stand is added because ur really gonna watch a 2 hour movie batman movie on ur phone and its like i wanna take this iphone back but i dont wanna get the thunderbolt and it ultimatley is the incredible with a bigger screen & front cam then there is a incredible 2 coming with a smaller screen then the thunderbolt so idk THATS MY LONG RUN ON SENTENCE! LOL

uknow: you don't know very much. It IS NOT the same 1Ghz processor. Where have you been? Under a rock? It is the new gen processor. It scores double the quadrant score of the Evo and Incredible. It has 768 megs of RAM, which will make a difference. It has the new version of Sense. It has Dolby surround sound speakers behind the kickstand. The kickstand is nice. I had an EVO, it came in very handy for watching episodes. Nobody says you have to watch a two hour movie. It is aluminum...very nicely built. It is not plasticy like the Incredible. It is not the same camera, it has a new camera censor. You talk about 4G not being in all areas...It already covers hundreds of cities in 40 markets. Another 40 markets are going live by May, bringing coverage to over half the population. 70% will be covered by year's end. It is coming here to Arkansas in a few months. You might want to check the LTE rollout list...you might be on it. You seem to be very misinformed...but you did buy and iphone haha. You might want to learn about this phone before deciding against it. k?

no not really you shoulnt be impressed because they add a letter or number to a processor its still a 1ghz no matter if its newer or not well in the multiple video reviews ive watch that u can find on youtube the sense ui looks the exact same as the incredible nothing new at all its coming with froyo 2.2 & 768 of ram from what i think 518mb thats fine and verizon has said that 100% im not just talkin about me but if the phone is gonna get a extra boost in its selling price due to 4g it needs to be everywhere and no its not gonna be plastic like the incredible which means its gonna be heavy i never mention anything about sound so having suuound on it is not a factor for me at all my deal is the if its the first 4g verizon phone they should have did a little more not just give it a tab bit of kick hell have u seen how beautiful the iphone screen is i mean go for it u know the 1.3 megapixel cam is nice but like i said the average person isnt using that everyday and the AND i was being very sarcastic about the kick stand i mean i guess if u need it u need im sure many people would have liked another feature if they had to pick between a kickstand or say not having the sd card under the battery u know overall we'll have to just wait and see and about the camera sensor its still a 8megapixel cam at the end of the day with duel led flash u wont even be able to tell the difference from the incredible to the thunderbolt im pretty sure

Also you don't know crap about the internals and such. How these things can make a difference. Trust me the 2nd gen processor and the 768mb of RAM will make it run nice. Wait for the bionic and the horrible abomination of moroblur.

this is why i hate forums sometime i could give shit about a period I'm grown im not in class and no one is grading me at this point so im not here to impress you or anyone else hell if u cant stop and take a breath while ur reading without a period being there then shame on you i do know that ive had in my hand for long periods of time multiple android phones i left a blackberry storm for the droid 1 from that to the incredible from that to an iphone im not dissing android by a long shot i just feel that MY OPINION they could do more then a phone that has multiple simularities to a past android phone i mean i know when u read the shit u said man thats kinda simular specs in some aspect to the incredible just like a car lets say you have new 1998 ford focus then the new 1999 comes out same body just a new color with a new radio same might be a bad metaphor but you get me drift

No periods and capitalization just makes it hard to read. If you want people to actually read what you write on a forum and perhaps take you seriously at least try to put periods and such. Paragraphs and spelling helps too, hell use firefox it will will let you know when you spell something wrong.

Yes its a bad metaphor. The new processors run more efficient and with more RAM that only helps. Just because something has the same specs doesn't mean its the same or nearly the same. Like the guy said above, it had great quadrant scores. Also once this thing is hacked and imagine the overclocking ability.

Look at the G2, it has a next gen snapdragon at 800mhz and that thing is flying compared to the previous snapdragon at 800mhz.

At least he got the original smartphone.....all the Android is a copy of the iPhone and a wanna be.

uknow: You're a complete idiot. If the processor was the same, how would it score double the quadrant of the Incredible? Do you even know what that means? I am not responding to the rest of your nonsense. Enjoy your iphone. It's about all you can handle.

you guys really put a lot of stock in quadrant test so u mean once you got the droid 2 droid global and the droid starwars they all had small different specs but ultimatley the same fucking phone enjoy my iphone wow im coming for a droid and droid incredible just 2 days ago so wtf r you talking about?? if you can even open ur mouth to say the iphone is bad phone ur are wrong being my 1st iphone its a very nice well put together phone beautiful screen smooth fast simplistic great app store nice battery life but in the end it comes down to ur preference and the whole thing started with me saying i might go back to a android PHONE so you can miss me with ur bullshit im pretty sure i read the same sites and watch the same youtube videos u do ur not htc insider or know what goes on during manufactoring phones and specs your damn self dont believe everything u read i dont at least

Companies need to stop with the email sign up to get "info before it hits" First, it is stupid to do that a few days before the (rumored) phone's release and second, they will never send you an email before it is officially announces so WTF is the point. Just release the phone already.

@ uknow85

Please go away. I'm trying to read information and comments about the Thunderbolt being on VZW's homepage. Go enjoy your iPhone. There's an iPhone forum that you can post on (though I pity them).

riiiiiiight im also reading info on the thunderbolt as well im not a iphone fanboy due to the fact that ive only had it for 2 days and I come from 2 different android flagship phones so thank you and you can go away!

I skip over anything that isn't punctuated. If it's not worth their time to write properly, it's not worth my time to read.

It's not about impressing anyone. It's about respect.

I just got a call from BB they have the phone, i was told to come in and pick up my phone, About time.