It's time folks. If you've been sitting at your computer waiting for the minutes on the clock to roll over your wait is now over. After many rumored launch dates, delays and seemingly false starts -- the HTC Thunderbolt has now gone live on the Verizon Wireless website and is ready to be delivered direct to your door. As noted previously, purchasing the device straight from Verizon will run you $250 for a two-year contract, $320 for a one-year contract, or $600 $444.99 with no contract.

No matter where you stood in our poll from earlier, a lot of folks are going to be grabbing the HTC Thunderbolt and taking the device as well as 4G LTE for a spin. Until now,  the Verizon 4G LTE network has seen minimal traffic so it'll be interesting to see how it handles the masses. If you're still undecided about the device as a whole, you can check our device page to get the full run down, also be sure to hit up our first-look from CES 2011. If you've already decided and are ready to take the plunge, then jump on the source link to take you on over to the Verizon Wireless website. After that, hop into the forums to brag. [Verizon] PS: Looks like no contract price was dropped to $444.99

*Edit* - Now it is back to $599.99, anyone get one at $444.99?


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HTC Thunderbolt orders go live on the Verizon Wireless website


I can't upgrade through my account and use my discount... Website treating me like I'm a new customer vs. an existing customer... Can't even port my number... VERIZON YOU OFFICIALLY SUCK!!!!!

Did anybody went and bothered to read the whole thing?

The whole thing is full of typos!
It says 68mb of ram, that's a big lol! (we all know the 7 is gone fir the 768mb)

Also it showed to me 599, no 449 sumtin.... It might probably depend of which state?

Ps: to system, I'm not spam, lol.

I logged in, at the very top of the page it says "shop", I clicked "upgrade" and everything went smooth. At first i was trying to upgrade through the homepage link but it was saying "cannot find account"

I was on the website at 3am EST. Things didn't go right until 3:10am. Once the website was functional, everything went smooth. I was shocked that they changed the price. I got it for $149.99($199.99 2-year renewal minus $50 NE2 discount) I can't wait to get my hands on it.

Same here... thought the $149.99 was a typo, but it carried through to checkout. $50 for NE2 plus $50 for all the pain and suffering caused by the rumors, innuendo, and countless delays :)

I've been messing with the VZW website for about 45 minutes now...AND IT'S NOT WORKING. Site must be partially down or something. All i get is a page saying "this page is currently unavailable." So much for gettin a t-bolt on launch day....

Ordered mine this morning at 5 AM EST from the Verizon site. Was able to land it for $99..billed to the account with free overnight shipping! Definitely looking forward to tomorrow :)

Everyones seeing 599.99 no contract. I think ur mistaken. If it was 444 I'd def buy one off contract just to have a extra phone Lying around.

Doesn't show full price as $450 anymore, but now its showing 1 year contract for me for $230, not $330!

I think I know what I am doing.

Don't forget promo code


for free overnight shipping!

They said there is a problem with the free overnight code, but if you call them after you get it they will refund the $9

They said there is a problem with the free overnight code, but if you call them after you get it they will refund the $9

No contract price WAS 444.99 for the first half hour or hour after they made it available then quickly changed it to 599.99 not sure how many were able to get it at that price or if they will even honor it.. I should have jumped on it when I saw that but didn't :(

Anyone else notice on the Accessories page under included accessories is says it comes with a 32GB memory card? If so ignore me I just didnt see it mentioned before...

You got that deal through the Verizon website?

I know the rep at Verizon's TeleSales dept offered me accessories at 50% off, but I already got a case.

I am not really a benchmark kind of guy, but to get in the spirit I ran a linpack about 10x on the Thunderbolt while in the store. In the 38-41 range and posted to their site. Pretty impressive. The Droid X was about 15... I do like the look of the Droid X I have to admit but left the store without my Tbolt problems with my North America Canadian plan compatibility that they are trying to fix... Why does the Tbolt not have Gorilla Glass?

Did anyone notice the email typo?

"Now the fastest, most advanced 4G network in
America puts lighting in the palm of your hand."

I didn't receive this until 6:36 this morning....thanks for the "heads up" Verizon!

I just purchased my HTC Thunderbolt for $209.99 through the Verizon website. I originally called into Verizon's customer service department, since I wanted to use a few gift cards.

I was shocked when the rep told me that the device was selling for $249.99. I informed him that I just got off the website and I saw it for $209.99. Well to make a long story short, he gave me the telephone number to Verizon's TeleSales Dept.

The rep that assisted me was great. She made the transaction "Too Smooth." She even got to place the order in time to get the Overnight shipping, so I can receive my phone tomorrow by 3pm PST. The rep waived the $7.99 cost for Overnight delivery as well as the $25 Activation fee.

All in all, I paid around $260 for the Thunderbolt on a 2-year activation. I should have opted for the 1-year which was selling for $249.99...Oh well.

I'm looking forward to the Mobile Hot Spot feature. I recently purchased a 16GB WiFi iPad, so lets see how that works. Also, I'll test out the battery to see how long it lasts. Either way, it's going to be leaps and bounds better than my BlackBerry Storm 1 (POS).

People stop buying this phone! It is last years technology. The only new thing is 4g and there will be plenty 4g phones soon. It has last year's 800x480 screen, last year's snapdragon, and costs more than other phones that can do more. It is kinda insulting for HTC and Verizon to bring the evo to verizon in 2011 without even throwing in qHD or dual-core. Needless to say but I'ma pass.

Got mine, was the first one to get it,,no line,,so far im impressed, had the droid 1 ,2 and the X now the T bolt,,YOU WILL NEED A STRONGER BATTERY,,,not too many accessories out yet, however its a good phone