As we are all well aware, the HTC Thunderbolt was released yesterday, and while the device had been heavily anticipated, and nearly everything to know about it was brought to light before the release, HTC felt it would be cool to release an extra little video. The video above spotlights more to the behind the scenes action, the thoughts that went into producing Verizon's first 4G LTE device, and how HTC is truly inspired by each and every one of it's device users. [Youtube via PhoneArena]


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The HTC Thunderbolt, from the eyes of the creators


I used one in VZW(the first store the phone was slow and stuttery I turned it off and it didn't turn back on lol-- I walked away slowly)

The OTHER store in the mall the phone actually worked. Was nice playing around with a new-er version of sense that my EVO... but... The phone didn't really make me react -- The hardware is fine... it just really seems like a refresh of my EVO.

Other than that i really hope Sense 2.1(the new-er-er) verison makes it to the EVO2 nextweek

Yes, how thoughtful of HTC to put such a small battery in that phone. LMAO I am sure they needed a lot of brain power for that.

Hey look another Apple commercial.....oh wait thats not an Apple product, but sure looks like one of their commercials!

WTF are you talking about?! This is the antithesis of an Apple commercial! Apple commercials only show the product with no contextual surrounding, with a narrator endlessly praising the product as the best this and the best that. Dub in some cheesy music, and you have an iPhone/iPad commercial. This video is classic HTC where the product is shown in use throughout society.

If their phone designs are so inspired by their users, couldn't they have predicted that their users were going to charge their phones while the kickstand was up? So... maybe they should have put the charging port somewhere else, hmm? And not on the side where the phone rests while on the kickstand? Really now, HTC?

Now, what they're probably going to do is release an upright charging dock for a phone with a kickstand. How redundant. That is almost a dealbreaking little design flaw.

My point exactly, though! It's a gimmick to get you to spend another 50 bucks buying a dock. On a phone that's already $50 above the Fascinate, and a full $100 above the Droid X. (P.S. I can charge my Fascinate with the case's kickstand down. Because the charge port is on the top of the phone. Where it should be).

They are not the only ones who have done this with their phones. The TBolt CAN be charged if you stand it vertically with the kickstand. The media dock that has been seen for this phone allows for the phone to be charged horizontally.

Or maybe the users that like games? How about a good competent graphics card, unlike what qualcomm makes? Or perhaps gorilla glass for those that drop their phones a lot? Or perhaps a competent camera that actually takes good pictures instead of just naming it 8mp??? Or perhaps competent battery life, as every HTC phone has the worst battery life of any android device (probably due to the processor)????

They got their software right with HTC sense. But nothing else is good.

Dont want to be a jerk, cause i know its a great phone and a lot of people are really looking for to have it, I was too... last year and i got it, this phone has been out for almost a year it called EVO 4g back then, and came out on sprint... I highly recommend the phone cause i LOVEEE my EVO, but cant you wait and see if the evo2 will came out soon?
One year is a long time on smartphone world nowadays.

What the Thunderbolt has over the EVO is a better 4G network. Sprint was wanting to be the first so bad that they half-a**ed it yet again & used WiMax because of their financial problems. LTE actually works indoors without the signal loss that plagues WiMax.

I think Sprint even knows that they screwed up by going the WiMax route or why else would they now be talking about switching over to LTE? How long has it been since they have flipped the switch on WiMax in any more markets? It sure seems like they are already starting to abandon their network upgrade.

I'm glad that you like your EVO & Sprint. It's a nice phone but it all comes down to what works best for you. Where I live, Sprint is a joke & has to roam on the Verizon 3G network anyway. Why would I assume Sprint is going to invest in a 4G network (whether it be WiMax or LTE) if they couldn't even do a 3G because of their financial problems?

p.s. FYI...You do sort of come off like a jerk though when you come and drop EVO fanboy comments in a story on the Thunderbolt for no other reason than just to troll. I'm just sayin'

Excuse me: I'm one of their customers (VZ Eris) and I was not contacted to see what I want!! If I was, I would have told them... a Tegra 2, duel core processor and gingerbread. That's why i'm not buying it.

watching a movie with this battery? yea...i doubt it! especially since you cant charge it during the movie with the kickstand out? interesting...

These EVO rehashes are really getting boring. It has a LTE radio that gets crap battery life. The only reason you need that type of speed is for tethering.

I just don't get it. Its an amped up evo. Why is it making such a roar? There are phones out right now that are doing better than this. I just don't get it. If you would of put a ffc on the'd have the thunderbolt. For 150 dollars cheaper. *sigh*

The big deal is its the first LTE phone and finally people are seeing that tmo's and att's 3.5G doesn't come close and sprints wimax doesn't hold a candle. That is why this phone is bound to sell. I would rather have a single core (especially since android on phones isn't even optimized for dual core tech yet) that runs on a better network. Why do you think that moto put such a giant battery (I'm kinda calling the kettle black by bringing up battery life whe speaking of a HTC product, oh well I have lived with it since april and that's what a user changeable battery is for bring on my bolt). The fact is android is nit ready for dual core just yet. I have used the atrix and the thundbolt next to each other and in my opinion the thunderbolt ran noticeably better and isn't that what matters is real world usage anyway? People need to stop compairimg to the evo because this phone is not. It has a 60% more powerful processor that runs much more efficient than the first Gen snapdrgon. Has more ram, slcd screen, lte, better speakers and kickstand, tter built quality (isn't plastic like the evo and incredible), and most of all runs on verizon and not sprint (who by the way advertises Verizon's network as coverage because users can roam). The thunderbolt is the very definition of a giant leap in technology from the evo last summer and now. That is the nature of the beast just like when that evo 2 gets released the thunderbolt wnt be as great. It doesn't make them bad phones just not as good as the new ones.

And who is the genious behind the idea of hiding the speaker UNDER the kickstand?
Is that because phone speakers are so good these days that we need to muffle them with a piece of metal?

OMG what a crock.
Some quotes.
You can do multi tasking. Check your email on it, download some apps. True multitasking.
Why is the Thunderbolt so special at that....
And who is the dork on the stairs, like, you know.

I just really love the fact that you all even care to comment on this, if you don't want one, don't buy one, and move on. I bought one, battery life is same as incredible, it has a much larger screen, fast as hell 4g, as well as many other enhancements and improvements. I'm on a one year contract, spent $260 on the phone, and I am happy. In one year, maybe a new Android OS will take advantage of "dual core" and all the other hardware the TB doesn't have. In the meantime, I have a phone in hand that works, I love it, and ROM development will be great. Bring on the root!

In the Pocket Now Thunderbolt unboxing video at 4:21,Brandeminin (sp?) says the the Thunderbolt comes with a 1900 mAh battery, if that's true than that is a pretty damn big battery, but the Thunderbolt website says it has a 1400 mAh battery. I'm going with the website being correct? (I'm in Canada so I can't get my hands on one)

This phone is an awesome phone when you look at the features that it has to offer. There is absolutely no doubts about that.


Listen to the what is said in the video...

"When designing the product, we think about how the product exists to the world... "
"...need to appeal to a broad spectrum of people..."
"With a phone like thunderbolt, you're always online..."
"... you want to share a moment that's happening at the park..."

You can't do anything with your phone if you're out all day because your battery is dead!!!!

Who did they listen to when they decided to plug in a 1400ma battery in this phone? They got everything people wanted but missed the biggest issue they faced with previous phones! THE BATTERY!

Think about this!

Go to a Porsche dealer and tell them that you would like to buy the following:

911 Porsche Carerra 4S Cabriolet but... the standard 6 Cylinder 3.8L 365HP with torque of 310 lb-ft needs to be replaced with the Smart Car Standard 70-horsepower, 1.0-liter three-cylinder with 68 pounds-feet of torque because it will make the car lighter!

Stupid isn't it!!!

That's a flawed analogy. Try having a Porsche with a 3 gallon gas tank, that would make more sense!

i think a better comparison would be a 911 Porsche Carerra 4S Cabriolet, with a small gas tank :)

but yea, they all really need to invest in new battery research. With every phone detail going up: dual core, quad core, date rates, etc etc, everything's ramping up except the battery tech. And bolting on a bigger and bigger battery shouldn't be the answer. it may be the easiest immediate answer. but come quad core, LTE w/console quality graphics etc, it'll need an inch thick battery just to maintain the usual battery life..

I understand that technology uses more power and it is absolutely acceptable.


The phone primary use is now compromised because of it.

I would absolutely hate to be in an emergency situation and my phone dies because the screen resolution, or GPS or even a third party software application chewed up my battery.

To me, it's irresponsible of HTC, Motorola, Samsung, Apple and Al, to design phones with such small/short battery life.

If you have an emergency, the last thing you want to worry about is the drainage of the battery.

People rely too much on cell phones.

Motorola doesn't design phones with small/short battery life. My Droid X can fit a 1930mAh battery without changing the form factor at all. The Atrix comes with the same 1930mAh battery too. I couldn't recall the battery size in my wife's Droid 2 without checking but she has never once complained about the battery & consistently goes 2days between charges with light/moderate use. My brother in law has a Fascinate & doesn't complain about the battery life.

As much as I hate Apple, they don't seem to get much complaints on battery life either. (Probably because they don't do true multitasking & other limitations they put on their devices...but we won't go into that.

It seems like it is mostly just HTC.

I thought of that...


3 gallon tank vs 14 doesn't seem that dramatic.

But on the other hand!!!!

If you have to reduce your screen resolution to save energy or turn off the GPS or reduce your usage to conserve energy, would it not be the same as having a 2011 brand new looking phone with the innards of a 1990 phone?

You can't reduce screen resolution. Do you mean the screen's brightness level? And you don't lose resolution by turning down the brightness, you only reduce the amount of power it consumes.

Reducing your brightness & turning off GPS is not even close to having a phone from 1990. Are you being serious or just trolling? Leaving GPS on doesn't consume battery unless an app needs to access it.