Lloyd love for BlinkFeed

If you're lucky enough to have an HTC One in your hands, or are grooving along with Sense 5 on your Droid DNA, BlinkFeed just got a little better now that Mobile Nations sites are included feeds. Fire it up, and look under Technology & Science > Smartphone, and you'll see our sister site WP Central, and Android Central there to deliver the news straight to your home screen. 

Even though very few people have actually used it, we know plenty of folks aren't feeling the whole BlinkFeed thing. But for anyone using it now, or who will use it soon, can now get a little more Lloyd in their life. 

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tim242 says:

I figured that's why you guys kept trying to push BF and dismissing arguments against it. Couldn't piss off HTC, or they wouldn't feature your feeds.

LOL. I was just discussing how some idiot would say this. 

You just helped me win a bet.

Good OL MC says:


I'd +1 this/like it/share it if I could.

xBIGREDDx says:

Whoever bet against you needs to stop gambling, forever

BigDinCA says:

What an enormous troll. What are you going to say after tomorrow? Once the GS4 is announced this site will become Samsung Central, just like it's been HTC Central the last couple of weeks. I guess that will be because the new Samsung offering is just too damn awesome to NOT talk about. But that's not the same for HTC. The HTC One is a piece of shit, right? Apparently AC pays HTC to be in BlinkFeed. Or HTC pays AC... I'm no sure which point you're making. Either way you're wrong.

bigrey81 says:

Lol.....For real

tim242 says:

It's not about coverage. It's about the dismissive nature of their blinkfeeed "review.". I was only one of many that pointed it out.

jimbo says:

tim242...Phil's review of HTC's BlinkFeed feature acknowledged previously stated concerns within the forums and was not dismissive. People can easily determine that fact for themselves.

OMG... Jerry just called you the random idiot that you've been accusing.
I vote Jerry being correct about the idiot part yet many participants have pointed out your obnoxious, disrespectful behavior.

tim242 says:

Many also point out their dismissive behavior. I was only one of many. Do you need to revisit the comments on that article? I couldn't care less of yours, or Jerry's opinion of me.

tim242 says:

He said to just "ignore it.". He also called people idiots if they didn't get the phone for that reason.. Did you listen to last night's podcast?

return_0 says:

Who are you talking to?

jimbo says:

Perhaps the idiot reference in the podcast for those who would not get the phone because of one easily ignored feature is regrettable.

Yet, I wish there was an easy way to ignore you, tim242.

tim242 says:

There is an easy way to ignore me. Nobody tells you to be a drama queen and respond to my comments with OMG tim242...just ignore my comments...I assure you I don't come here to chat with you

pjfriedlich says:

I'm not seeing this in the blinkfeed... Any suggestions on getting my droid DNA to show it? I'm actually digging it... Less time on the facebook app now and nice news feed

lazarus2297 says:

I am not seeing it either.. seems we are the unfortunate ones or just the only ones using blinkfeed on a DNA..

Darth Spock says:

this just made blinkfeed cooler.

Eclectech says:

OMG, tim242, give it a rest. Just go buy another phone and your issue with Blinkfeed is solved. Meanwhile, I will happily setup Blinkfeed on my shiny new silver HTC One, and somehow learn to live with the inconvenience of having a pretty RSS reader built into the software.

jimbo says:

I'm also pleased to read AC will be a BlinkFeed option. BTW BlinkFeed is more than a RSS reader. It will include calendar reminders, Zoe shares, and I'm sure much, much more. I hope G+ because as a personal preference I'm staying away from Facebook and Twitter.

judeism says:

I am not understanding all the hostility here. Android Central people are supposed to give us the news and options if you don't like the news go elsewhere. I get bored with my phone and that's why I love android. The more options the better. If you want the same thing over and over get a iPhone.

olorin says:

This isn't news, it is an advertisement. I've enjoyed the friendly banter on this site, but calling a reader on this site an idiot over a simple & relatively benign comment is uncalled for.

Jerry, I enjoy the straightforward nature of your writing. But, let's grow a thicker skin under that neck beard. The fact that you predicted the response to mobile nations incorporation into blinkfeed should tell you that a fairly large portion of your audience will think it's just a bit cozy after Phil's fairly aggressive defense of that feature. Your basically telling everyone who reads the comments of this "advertisement" that thinks this way idiots (which I believe is probably a lot of people).

If you don't want critical comments, don't open it up for discussion. You don't have to allow posting.

tim242 says:

Judeism, quite the contrary. iphones don't let you customize and change things. By making Blinkfeed non removable, that is more like an iPhone way of doing things. I'm all for BF for the people that like it. But, let me remove it out of my way if I don't care for it.

judeism says:

I get that. I guess that's why we have so many choices. I just don't get all the anger over these guys reporting how it is.

tim242 says:

The GS4 has leaked. It is only 7.7 mm thin! Just as I predicted, it has a metal trim.

BigDinCA says:

Holy shit, here we go! Why does it always have to be all Samsung all the time? I tell ya', I don't know why I even come to this site. All they ever do is talk about Samsung. Even comments about a software feature on a different device turns into a Samsung conversation... blah blah blah.

Sound familiar?

anonymous-x says:

Ya' know I been to Korea & they were a bunch of yahoo's. Now their selling us phones after picking up all the empty rounds out at the range. Sorry guys but I think Samsung phones are ugly, now I'm not an HTC fan but this HTC ONE looks & acts in a way for the consumer. I'm amazed HTC is the company that finally put speakers in the front that will broadcast to you instead of away from you. Seems like common sense.
The sad part is we know what we want with a cell phone & these manufactures can make it for us but go figure they still haven't made one yet. I'm sorta thinking they sing that song "...up against the wall..." & maybe I can look at all this as one big fad, one that's making the other countries rich with our money. Guess I'll just sit back with my good 'ol Droid 3 & see what happens next.

Aluminum54 says:

I've been using the One now for about a month and I would say I've grown to LOVE BlinkFeed... at first it was annoying, but as long as you only put stuff that matters into it - its fine... Glad to see Android Centeral and WPC in there!

pjfriedlich says:

How did you get it to show up?

Rob CO2 says:

I can not see it either. Android Central needs to work on getting it distributed to all of the Americas and not just the USA.

GabrielStorm says:

not seeing it in my bf. category isn't there. what gives?

Wizzy says:

Blinkfeed is the One's killer app. I use it several times a day. If you don't like it, just uncheck everything and ignore it. I think it'll just get better and better. I hope they add more and more sources. I can't find AC either in it.

cwalden21 says:

I, Like other commenters are still unable to find this anywhere within blinkfeed? whats up with that?