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May revenue of $970 million gives HTC its best month of 2013

HTC has reported its unaudited revenue for May 2013, announcing that last month it brought in NT$29 billion ($970 million). This brings total revenue for the year so far to NT$91.4 billion ($3.06 billion), and revenue for the quarter so far to NT$48.6 billion ($1.62 billion). The numbers indicate that May was HTC's best month of 2013, putting it within striking distance of its expected Q2 revenue of NT$70 billion ($2.34 billion). The last time the Taiwanese phone-maker brought in this much cash in a single month was June 2012.

The increase in revenue follows the launch of the HTC One, the company's much-hyped flagship handset. HTC had endured lackluster revenues in recent months following delays to that handset brought on by component shortages. In recent weeks the company has also recently lost several high-profile executives. The resolution of these supply problems and the crucial U.S. HTC One likely contributed to the higher May numbers, and it was recently reported that HTC had sold around five million HTC One handsets as of mid-May. HTC will be hoping for continued strong sales in June and beyond, despite increasing competition from rival Samsung.

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HTC sees revenue improvement in May 2013


Oh Man htc, I hope you make it! That's why I voted with my Dollars and bought the htc One at Launch on T-Mobile. You can do it, you're Scrappy! GOOD JOB on the month, and keep it up. I don't want to see the Mobile future dominated by ANY one OEM regardless of who they might be.

$25 more for a Nexus HTC, more for less, HTC copying Verizon's Motto. Guess HTC are penalizing those who hate Sense. Or maybe it's for all the vigorous testing and updates that Google already does for free.

The pure Android version will not bump sales very much I bet. They are very poorly advertised and very few people other than enthusiasts even know or care about the difference. In fact the usability of Sense may even be better for people who are new to smart phones or even in general.

Makes sense. It included launch of the HTC One. What happens the rest of the year is what matters I bet.