With the official Froyo update now available to Nexus One users, it begs us to ask the question, “when will Froyo be available for my _______?” Well, HTC has answered so be jealous no longer of the sons of privilege (Nexus One users). HTC has told Recombu that the Desire, Wildfire and Legend -- non-U.S. phones, all -- will receive Froyo in Q3 (July, August and September) of this year. [Recombu via Engadget]


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HTC Says Q3 is the quarter for Froyo for the Desire, Legend and Wildfire


Hmmmm.. interesting that they didn't release a date for the Evo... IMO this should be the FIRST to get the update!

Yup, me too... this is the baddest phone in their lineup right now, so why not? It shouldn't be long as as most have Sense w/ 2.1. It will just be a matter of getting the update cleared by the carriers, in which VZ has been known to take forever and a Day! They Also mentioned that the Incredible would be one of the first....

The Desire and Incredible are the first devices that should see froyo: from HTC.

They are even closer brothers then the Nexus 1 and Desire, since the Incredible is a Desire with an 8MP camera and 8GB built in memory.

But the Evo should be close too. Since they are all HTC Sense devices..

I would definitely expect the Incredible before the EVO because it's basically the "official" Nexus One for Verizon. I don't know the sales figures, but it would seem to me that the Incredible is a hotter item than the EVO being the EVO loses its advantage ("4G") in most of the country and VZW is a much larger network (physical and customer-wise).

well.. once we have sense on a 2.2 rom and if HTC ever releases the source for the EVO.. i would imagine the devs out there should be able to port to evo fairly easily.

The desire is pretty much the flagship device so I can understand it being first, however, once HTC have a working sense build for froyo I'm sure all the other devices will follow.

Well this just confirmed my suspicion that I'm going to have to deal with the same update bullshyt I had to deal with my Hero... Thanks...

The reason is pretty simple. Froyo unlocks hotspot by default. Sprint will not allow hotspot to be given away for free plus they always want to include their own bloatware to the update...

Ok everyone with Evo's, u can't be that ungrateful. I to have a Evo and let me tell you the facts. Sprint has Already Said last week that they were preparing the Evo Froyo update. HTC is not going to break the news, Sprint will. Everything about the Evo has come from Sprint 1st. You guys should have know that if you have followed the Evo news for the past few months. Did u forget that 2 weeks ago when HTC said Froyo was coming to these same phones announced in this article, a few days later Sprint broke the news about them working on the Evo Froyo. Wait to Sprint give us a confirmed date.

And while everyone else fights over who deserves the update first us nexus owners are savoring our sweet sweet froyo. Yummmmmy :) Nexus one might not be considered king anymore but we definitely don't envy any other device ;) I wonder who will put out updates first, HTC or motorola?

Well, Legend it is. I have been on the fence as to which Android phone to get for my first smartphone. I would have liked to get a N1 but to get it in Canada is a bit too pricey. Congrats to all you N1 owners on your serving of Froyo.

This will be a good starter smartphone for me, I really like the features of Sense, thought Vanilla is just as appealing to me. When I'm eligible for upgrade in Dec 2011, hopefully there will be some high end Android phones available here.

One last thing, you US'ers are so spoiled. You have so many Android phones to choose from it makes me sick. =P

I would give all my Canadian Tire money for an Incredible.

My myTouch 3G Slide is craving some Frozen Yogurt... Any idea when 2.2 is coming to T-Mobile? MMmmmm, Froyo...