One Facebook phone isn't cool. You know what's cool? Two HTC phones that aren't technically "Facebook phones" in the sense that everybody means but instead have a special Facebook button on like a beauty mark on their lower-right chins. 

Or something. The ChaCha looks like the more interesting phone to us, sporting a full QWERTY keyboard and a small 2.6 inch screen that makes it look like a very well-designed successor to the very-well-designed HTC Snap. The slightly angled design also looks good and we're warming up to the 4-way arrow keys they decided to include on that keyboard - text selection will probably need all the help it can get at that screen size.

There's also the HTC Salsa, which is a small slate device with a 3.4 inch screen. It's honestly a pretty unassuming device, but sometimes small sizes (and presumably small prices) can equal big successes. We'll see.

Back to that Facebook button. It's context-aware, so if you're looking at something on your phone that you can share, it will glow. Photos, web pages, music, location - all can be shared. It will launch a special Facebook app and finally work with Facebook messaging too - HTC says it's all part of an entirely new 'Sense experience,' but we can't quite say how it'll work because, as you noticed in the title, HTC has these little guys under glass and no-touching allowed.

Go on and take a gander at a few more shots after the break.


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HTC Salsa and ChaCha under glass [MWC]


Like somebody said you already have a perfectly working browser and friend stream and facebook widgets and stuff its not dat seriousdo something better htc.

Dumbest thing ever. RIM called and wants their BB 7290 back.

Why a dedicated FB button? And why not put some other buttons down there and let the user assign them to whatever they wish?

Let's keep the dumb FB users on the iOS platform and keep the stupid away from Android.

These phones will have the Android Market right? I think a lot of kids will want these type phones and this will be good for Android. It all goes back to choice and openness to do whatever you want.

There are some serious negative nancies on Android Central. Every phone that is released is NOT targeted at you.

I'd never buy this, but thousands of teens n MetroPCS and T-Mobile would. I think it's a great move. Know your target market and hit it, and they have.

Even kids would see this as stupid and un-cool. Plus SMS and BBM doesn't cost their parents another $30 in data costs per month.

Wasn't the MS KIN supposed to do the same thing but it failed because the monthly costs were the same as a smartphone?

And is it that hard to get FB notifications to your device?