HTC Rezound

Someone at Big Red had better call a plumber, cause the leaks just won't stop. There's another Ice Cream Sandwich build for the HTC Rezound available, which previous leaks and rumors peg for an "official" ICS update on May 9. We don't know if the May 9 date will hold water (see what I did there), but if you're the industrious type give this one a shot. Full details and downloads are at the source link.

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HTC Rezound gets another ICS leak


Does anyone else have a complaint about the main speaker volume being too low?? I'm not talking about headphone volume. It seems that it isn't loud enough for XM or Pandora. Anyone else?

No way. This was probably the loudest phone I've ever owned. Way louder than my old Droid X2. And that thing was booming.

being incredibly loud is one of the very few positive things i have to say about the X2.I cant wait till my next upgrade although i cant decide between gnex or rezound.

~btw nice name

Personally, this is the quietest phone I've owned,though I AM talking about through the headphones. I never use the external speaker to play music. Though I've only owned 5 android phones. And from the general consensus on the forums, this seems to be a common complaint. I'm talking about stock though, as I don't know with regards to rooted devices and variouus roms. I've certainly noticed it, but it's not enough to be disruptive for my purposes. Just a little alarming how often I hvee to max out the volume to reach my desired level.

Every once in a while I wonder if I should have pulled the trigger when this beast was mega-cheap.

yes you should have. I was happy with my Dinc, but my wife hated her Droid2. She wanted a new phone, and getting them both for $50, you can't beat that. I'm really happy with it (other than a few apps not being compatible). I thought I would hate the bigger phone over the Dinc, but I really enjoy having a bigger screen. You say it's not a big deal....until you have it, and you realize how much your eyes thank you. It is much heavier, but not enough that you notice, until you pick both of them up in your hand. Overall it's a better phone, for only $50 when I got it.

Seriously. I did a side by side between my Rezound and my Droid X. The Droid destroys it in the loud-speaker dept. It's just a better speaker. The sound is full and louder on the X and is actually okay for extended periods without headphones.

The Rezound speaker is pure treble and can get pretty annoying depending on what you're listening to. There may be a perceived volume advantage on the Rezound because it's so trebly, it cuts through the air like a Razr.

Still love the Rezound though.

I love this phone.... But my original Droid X was way louder through headphones. Cant speak in regards to the external speaker though.

Have any of you who got the ICS update d/l the Chrome browser? It's suppose to load web pages faster. Can I get your thoughts please.

Try, it takes long to load even on the 4G Samsung Droid Charge, I'd like to know how that website loads using the Chrome browser on a 1.5ghz dual-core S3 processor.

And they still let you in here? I suppose the EVO 3D is still the ultimate phone in Sprint's lineup right? You were the biggest HTC backer on here now you are on the Samsung bandwagon. Make up your mind fella.

Anything constructive to add to this topic?

Really, let's compare your 4G speed and signal level to my Rezound.
The nexus may be a nice phone but the most amazing phone in the world with signal issues isn't worth anything to me.
I wanted one until I learned and saw the signal issues on my friends' nexus. I'm happy with my rezound.

These are my personal opinions of the two phones, I wouldn't be so Judgmental as to claim my phone beats every other Verizon phone, different things matter to different people, that's why they make more than 1 kind of Android phone on a carrier, Android isn't Apple.

All I can say is that I will be getting this phone in the near future and ICS is like having my pie a la mode!!

I have been using ICS on my HTC G2 (T-Mo) for a few months now, and my battery life didn't exactly double, but I got about 50-60% more during the day. Where as before I would go 10 hrs between needing to plug in, I can now go about 15 to 16 Hrs. That is at work where I got no signal. At home where signal is readily available I can go almost 2 days depending on use, but certainly the entire day without needing to be plugged in.

I do have to say I have an extended battery on the G2 (EVO battery), and I am running a dev version of ICS, so I would not expect OTA to be as tweaked for battery life, but ICS is much better than anythings I have used battery wise since Froyo.

Upgraded to the Nexus two weeks ago. Second day, i missed 20 phones calls and received an ass chewing from the missus. All because of its poor signal issues. Three days later had the same issues, missed 30 calls. Verizon had no fix for this matter. Returned my Galaxy Nexus for the Rezound and haven't had one issue. Just need the ICS update now and I'm good to go. Too bad for the Nexus as it was a sweet phone, of course it was the software that carried it. Once the Rezound has ICS I'll be pleased as punch.