With HTC's recent trolling of the Galaxy S4 launch event -- not to mention new features with brash names like "BoomSound" and "UltraPixel" -- it's seemed that the company's been moving away from the "quietly brilliant" tagline it adopted back in 2009.

Now newly-appointed HTC CMO Benjamin Ho has confirmed that the manufacturer will be dropping the "quietly brilliant" slogan as it looks to adopt a bolder marketing strategy. Speaking with the Wall Street Journal, Ho said “we have a lot of innovations but we haven’t been loud enough.” He added that HTC would increase its digital marketing budget by 250 percent this year, and boost its "traditional media" marketing spending by 100 percent.

Ho also confirmed that camera component shortages had been behind the delayed HTC One launch, though this, he claimed, was due to its custom design rather than HTC no longer being seen as a tier-one OEM.

2013 will be a make or break year for HTC, as it attempts to reverse a downward trend in its financial performance brought on by increased competition from Samsung and Apple. The company's hopes rest on the new HTC One handset, and CEO Peter Chou is even reported to have said he'll step down if the phone isn't a success. Early indications, including our own first-hand experience with the device, suggest the new One is indeed an impressive smartphone, but HTC will have to back this up with smart marketing if it's to stage a turnaround.

The HTC One will become available this week in the UK, Germany and Taiwan ahead of a broader international launch in April. For more on the phone, check out our full review.

Source: Wall Street Journal


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HTC to retire 'quietly brilliant' tagline as marketing strategy becomes bolder


HTC... this is how you make a comeback, you put these new "One's" on the market with a subsidy that makes them $99 or less. Tell the public you're doing it because they deserve the best for their money, and you want to make it so they can choose the quality that they really want.

Now you'll have a really great phone outselling the plastic S4.

So what does HTC do with the money lost on each device they sell when they sell a $200 for $100?

Videogame consoles can sell at a lost because they make up for it in software and accessories like videogames.

This is a case of easier said than done.

Yeah, baby! Go HTC! I'm not at all a fan of the HTC phones and don't imagine that I would even consider buying one in the next several years, but we need to keep multiple manufacturers in the game to help drive innovation.

As for a $99 ONE... HTC doesn't have any money. They can barely subsidize their company picnics. Unless somebody steps in and gives them a pile of cash, they're going to have to do it the slow, hard way.

I'm looking forward to seeing this in black. If they can do a good job with a less flashy colour then I would be excited. I don't need so much shine in my life.

Black is a color option. At one point they had a red palette on the official HTC website showing off the HTC ONE, but they took it down claiming it was a "mistake" Ive heard the black wasnt aluminum and that it was polycarbonate but Im not sure considering everyone testing has gotten the silver/grey one.

I want this phone bad but they made a huge mistake to not include the SD card slot. I may now have to go to Samsung. I have been loyal to HTC for the last six years but the SD card is a deal breaker.

1.) There's never a thing as too much space
2.) You pay a huge premium on any device for extra internal storage. Cheaper to get a smaller capacity device and slap a huge SD card in there.

+1000. Plus the fact that the problems with Sony's Xpreia Z up and dying was because of problems with the SD card.

I don't understand how you could implement an SD card slot to a unibody aluminium phone?! Unibody is the reason there is no removable battery or SD-card slot. Also, my old Galaxy S slowed down when I started using additional memory. Samsung Galaxy SIII tends to burn SD-cards (you have to have a specific type of an SD card to avoid this).

32gb + the cloud = enough. I wasn't happy with the capacity in Nexus 4 which is 8 gb. If that would've been the case with the One, that would have been a deal breaker for me.

I used the HTC Aria, and now I'm using the HTC Chacha. But my next phone will not a HTC phone, because when Aria and Chacha have no updates at all, comparing to Samsung phones with same specs and date released !

To be fair, you Are talking about two gimmick phones that shipped with an outdated OS and sold very poorly. Those are precisely the kind of phones that never do see updates. That's probably not fair, but it's just the way it goes in Android land.

32 is enough i use 16+ cpu + very little cloud. and 32gb for my phone would be just great. 64gb would be heavenly. had the g1 hero and evo3d so this is my two year dive and im going for the One. It would be sad to see them go as they seem to really innovate well and have a care while doing it. Samsung has the walmart feel to them.

I don't like SD cards, I had a lot of troubles with cheap ones. I prefer internal storage, 32 gb is more than enough. I'm not using my phone as a file server.