Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC had a record breaking Q1 with T $104.16 billion ($3.63 billion in US dollars) in revenue, the company announced in a conference call with investors Friday. The tech giant, the fifth largest smartphone maker in the world, also discussed its predictions for Q2, saying that it will bring in T $120 billion ($4.18 billion US dollar) in revenue from April through June, doubling their numbers from the same quarter last year. 

The company shipped 9.7 million units in Q1 and expects that number to grow up to 11.5 million in Q2. Investors credited the consumer demand for the Android OS as the company's main driving force, citing strong sales of recently released handsets including the Thunderbolt, the Inspire 4G, and the Incredible S. (Check out our initial review of HTC's newest US handset, Verizon's Droid Incredible 2, here.)

HTC CFO Winston Yung said that the company plans to build a new plant in Taoyuan, Taiwan, which will allow the company to increase production and meet the growing demand for smartphones in China. The company will also hire 1,000 new employees in both its research and development departments.

Looks like HTC is rolling in the dough and plans on doing so for the foreseeable future. We can't complain, seeing that this will likely mean more and more Android-flavored HTC smartphones hitting the market in the coming year. Hit the source link for the full investor's report.

Source: HTC; via Reuters


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HTC reports record-breaking Q1, predicts a continued trend through Q2


Gingerbread is supposedly on its way, wasn't there a leaked ROM that came out? And I'm pretty sure Sense 3.0 is too big for the Evo's storage :\

This is interesting news for another reason:

HTC shipped 9.7 million units in the quarter.
Apple shipped 18.6 million units.
Samsung shipped 68.9 million units (but not all were smartphones).

We often hear from Apple fans that Apple is unfairly compared to android because Apple is one player against a field of players.

But this article reveals that HTC, a relatively small player, accounts for just about HALF of Apple's competition all by itself.

When looked at in terms of revenue Apple is still the clear leader.
Apple: $11.9 billion on 18.6 million units.
HTC: $$3.6 billion on 9.7 million units.

Even if HTC doubled its unit sales to match Apple, it would still earn only half the revenue.

The inescapable conclusion is that Apple has been overcharging for their handsets year after year, and the Apple fans are only too happy to brag about how much they overpay for their toys.

If (and when) HTC overtakes Apple in Handset Shipments, Apple fans will STILL say "Show me an individual phone that can outsell the iphone" *sigh*

All too true. But, they also can't imagine why anyone would want differently than what an iPhone offers.