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Jason Mackenzie back in charge of HTC America in latest executive shuffle

HTC is reorganizing its U.S. operations with the addition of a new unit focused on "emerging devices" and a new lead role for global sales boss Jason Mackenzie, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal. An internal email from CEO Peter Chou obtained by the newspaper states, "Effective immediately, in addition to his current duties in supporting me with global corporate strategy, Jason Mackenzie will lead HTC America."

Mackenzie previously served as HTC's president of the Americas region prior to moving to a global marketing and sales-focused position. Last November he moved to his present role as President of Global Sales.

The email goes on, "Mike Woodward will lead Emerging Devices, a newly established business unit that will focus on innovative new HTC products and global distribution strategies." The WSJ says there's no specific information on precisely what the emerging devices unit will focus on, but the name suggests a possible expansion into other product categories for HTC.

The latest executive reshuffle follows several high-profile departures at the Taiwanese manufacturer, including former EMEA President Florian Seiche, Asia CEO Lennard Hoornik and Chief Product Officer Kouji Kodera. The company's Q2 financials showed a modest improvement upon the dismal previous quarter, aided by the high-profile HTC One launch, however year-on-year profits fell 83 percent.

Whatever the new "emerging devices" unit eventually comes up with, HTC's immediate future is focused on smartphones. The company recently announced a smaller, less expensive version of its flagship device, the HTC One Mini, and Android Central understands that a larger version with a faster CPU -- the HTC One "Max" -- is to follow in September.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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Now just reorganise the marketing team..

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Eclectech says:

...but keep whoever chooses the music for the commercials.

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Noremacam says:

I know I shouldn't be this excited for "marketing" but I'm looking forward to what Downey brings to the table.

Gekko says:

why hasn't the CEO resigned yet?

do you hear me Chou????????????????????????

kina interesting how they now see us as the emerging market. :)

yankeesusa says:

Because technically, the telecommunications industry is really behind compared to the rest of the world. All that matters is that they stay on business. More competing competing companies means better products and hopefully lower prices for the consumer.

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sentinelred says:

We are not behind the rest if the world, and thank you for thinking that we don't understand basic economic principles.

Dark mode, bitch!

yankeesusa says:

Well if having an old infrastructure and slower data speeds compared to European countries is not falling behind then I would hate to see what is being behind.

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ConTejas says:

**a few European countries

Big difference.

ConTejas says:

Not sure how you got that from the article. They established a new emerging markets business unit. They did not refer to the Americas as an emerging market...

Nreeldeep says:

Even more interesting because the American market is saturated.

Seamus6971 says:

Any truth in rumour that the S4 version of htc one s is getting the update now...??.

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keep me posted when HTC releases the HTC One Biggie Size.

randyw says:

The US is the only country that I know of that still used the outdated CMDA Network. Hear that Verizon and Sprint?

Nreeldeep says:

I guess verizons 100 million + subscriptions don't see CDMA as an issue.