3.4.10 kernel source released, time for developers to see how easily it builds

HTC has released a bit of source code this evening, and developers working with the Droid DNA on Verizon, and the HTC One on Vodafone France and Vodafone UK, now have some new toys to play with. When they get it all figured out (and they will) it's step one for serious ROM development.

Being compliant with the GPL is a hot topic among the Android community. It seems like nobody besides Google is capable of it, and when we see partial compliance after the fact we act relieved. Hopefully this is a portent of good things to come and we see what we've been promised, when we're supposed to see it.

If you need the kernel source, grab it at the link below. If you're just excited about what can be done with it, kick back and assist when you can. 

Source: HTC; Via: @htcdev


Reader comments

HTC releases new kernel source for the Droid DNA and Vodafone France/UK HTC One


Oh. I thought the Droid DNA was a Motorola, I missed that somehow.. (I thought verizon branded some Motos as Droid this/that).
So Moto haven't come to the 5 inch 1080p party yet...

it's not just motorola..yeah, they had the original Motorola Droid, and then the Droid name became a spinoff for verizon's exclusive series with different manufactorers...motorola had some like the Droid Bionic, Droid Razr, etc..Samsung had the Droid Charge..HTC had the Droid Incredible, Droid DNA, etc..

Is this all that's really needed for serious OS development and upgrades to things like CyanogenMod or AOSP Key Lime Pie? Does it include drivers and things like that?

Not at all. The kernel helps but for development usually it is the radios that hold things up and they are closed source. People have cracked them but it is no easy task sometimes

The Kernel also does not include closed source drivers for things like Cameras, Video Recording, Touch Screen and many other things. But it's a start.