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Rogers hasn't had a great track record thus far of keeping folks in the loop when it comes to Ice Cream Sandwich updates but at least two of the devices in their lineup are now getting ICS rolled out to them via OTA. Owners of either the HTC Raider or EVO 3D can go ahead and check for updates and now find Android 4.0 available. The update should only take a few minutes to load up and then you'll be good to go with Ice Cream Sandwich.

Thanks, John!


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HTC Raider and EVO 3D Ice Cream Sandwich updates now available for Rogers


"Just sayin,I'm really happy for you Raider & EVO 3D owners but the Rezound is one of the best HTC phones of all time.So now where's our ICS update?"

Sometime in the Fall is my current prediction. I've just come to accept that Verizon/HTC left this phone for dead shortly after launch. Oh well... Once my contract expires no more Verizon for my family. November 2013 & it's goodbye.

On topic... Congrats to some of you Raider & EVO 3D owners. Now where is Richard? He was the big time EVO 3D & Sprint defender for most all of last yr.

GOD NO. Rule one of the internet, NEVER ask where Richard is. Should of seen him on Androidandme, it was terrible.

My apologies good sirs...

If someone could just edit out the part where I mention Ric... uhhh... That guy THAT LIKES to SHOUT for EMPHASIS aLOt...

As a former Palm Pre owner, now waiting on ICS from Sprint for my Evo 3d. I hate you so much Sprint. When this contract is done, no more Sprint, and I'm getting a Nexus phone. F waiting.

I am so with you. I'm counting the days until I can drop Sprint for a GSM Nexus on AT&T. That early termination fee is looking like a smaller price to pay every day that goes by.

Yeah. One more year on my contract, and then I'm going with a GSM Nexus on StraightTalk, or whatever GSM MVNO is the cheapest. I might just pay the ETF and leave sooner, but I'm trying to tough it out.

I bought a GSM Nexus last Friday (withing minutes of learning about the ban just for spite of Apple) & it arrived yesterday. I also ordered a Straight Talk SIM & went with the $45 pay as you go option. All I can say is this is profoundly life altering in how I use my smartphone now. I now know the appeal of complete freedom in using this phone however I want & not being beholden to a carrier & their ever changing & restrictive policies. Once my Verizon contract expires next November I'm putting my whole family on Straight Talk with GSM unlocked phones. If your financial situation permits, I wholeheartedly recommend this option.

Get an unlocked Nexus and bring it on over to AT&T! If it's unlocked the updates go directly to you, not through the carriers. And unlocked phones can use AT&T's HSPA+ bands, not T-Mobile's, though.

And us Sprint EVO 3D users are still waiting....

I was considering the Galaxy S III for my upgrade but this is really making me consider the Galaxy Nexus.

Dude the galaxy nexus is outclassed in everyway besides software now by the evoLTE and
S3 if u get the gnex over one of those ur absolutely crazy

Except that the Galaxy Nexus will actually get software updates, whereas the new EVO and the GS3 will be stuck on ICS for the foreseeable future. There's nothing about Jelly Bean that you really need right away, but think of the NEXT version of Android. Galaxy Nexus will get it, and the EVO and GS3 almost certainly won't.

This is why I really am starting to hate HTC it takes forever for the updates to come out and it seems like all the international versions are getting love over the US versions.

It's not HTC it is the carrier to blame. Sprint has had the update for a while now. They just haven't pushed it out.

Yeah, it is definitely Sprint's fault on the Evo 3D. No reason they can have it ready on their prepaid and not be able to get it out for postpaid.

It has NOTHING to do with HTC. AT&T released ICS for the Vivid, (AT&T's Raider) back in March, and Virgin Mobile has had the EVO V 4G (EVO 3D) seling for a month now with ICS. Sprint just refuses to puch the update out.

We won't see ice cream sandwich from Sprint until the end of July or even August. They are going to debut there 4g LTE network on July 15 th. They are trying to sell as many as they can. After the sale's slow down we will see the update. It's sad that long time customers are being left behind so they can sell a fee phone's.