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HTC has posted an updated Q&A page for Android 4.1, providing further details about Jelly Bean updates for its fleet of Android devices. In addition to confirming the already confirmed One S and One X Jelly Bean updates, the manufacturer says it's looking at updates for the rest of its 2012 portfolio on a device-by-device basis. However, two 2012 HTC devices that'll remain on Ice Cream Sandwich are the One V and Desire C. Both phones feature just 512MB of RAM, an apparent barrier to running Jelly Bean and HTC Sense.

But all isn't lost for older devices. HTC says it'll consider Jelly Bean updates for its 2011 phones too, assuming the hardware's up to the task. Given the restriction on 512MB devices, though, we suspect many won't make the cut. That said, we imagine popular phones like the HTC Sensation (with 768MB of RAM) might be in line for an official Android 4.1 update later in the year.

And interestingly, HTC says it plans to release "generic development ROMs" for devs, based upon Jelly Bean  for the One X and One S. Unfortunately, there's not much info on exactly what form these will take, or whether they'll be based on vanilla Android or HTC's Sense software. We've reached out to HTC for clarification, and will keep you posted with any new info they provide.

Elsewhere, HTC confirms that its Jelly Bean updates will include the latest version of HTC Sense, dubbed Sense 4+. We recently went hands-on with Sense 4+ on the company's latest European handset, the One X+.

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HTC publishes Jelly Bean update Q&A - 2012 devices first, excluding One V


I'm pretty pissed off that they did not include the HTC EVO 4GLTE here. I've been running meanROM for a while and would really like to upgrade to Jellybean.

HTC says it will consider the 2011 phones for Jelly Bean when a lot of them haven't even received ICS yet like the Thunderbolt and the Incredible 2.

Think about your statement for just a second. What carrier did you just list devices for?

ICS for the Inc S has been out for awhile now. Gee I wonder what could be the hold up on the Inc 2 ICS ??

Absolutely. If you're on Verizon, quit complaining about manufacturer updates and just switch carriers. Verizon is awful when it comes to updates, and the only reason Apple is able to get them on the device at the same time as other carriers is due to Apple's size and the fact they are the only manufacturer that can boss a carrier around.

I'm not sure why anyone uses that carrier unless there really is no other options.

forget ICS.. if you're not on Jelly Bean, you're not in the game. I'm interested in knowing when the EVO LTE will get it.

That is a fantastic question. If the Sprint does well, like with the SIII, I would think that we would see, or at least year something fairly quickly now, but every mention that comes through has nothing to do with Evo LTE. Because of the similarities in internals, are the lumping it in with the HTC One X?

Yeah, I think the EVO LTE owners would like to know WHEN the JB update will come. Stop lumping the phone in with the One X. It's safe to say EVO LTE owners knew before they purchased their phones that JB would eventually be rolled out, but the lack of specificity can be frustrating.

I'm sorry, as much as I'd like to see the JB update on my EVO LTE, I just don't have a lot of faith that it's a definite. It's probable, just not definite. Hardware (read radios/HSPA-LTE) has a lot to do with what gets updated and the ONE series is NOT LTE. This is definitely something that Sprint and HTC need to do to keep me using thier products. If I don't get the update in a reasonable amount of time, I'll just go to another carrier that has a good NEXUS phone (read: NOT LG and not on VERIZON).

The EVO LTE is a Sprint / HTC flagship, moreso than the OneX given the EVO's extra features. I think it's safe to say the EVO will get Jelly Bean...Sprint knows how big the EVO franchise is and would not leave a flagship like this behind.

That being said, I'm surprised we haven't seen the update yet. Sprint and Samsung did well with being first to upgrade the SIII in the US, I figured HTC would follow closely with the US One X / EVO LTE to show their commitment, nothing yet though.

If you still think the HTC EVO LTE is Sprints flagship you havent been paying attention. The GS3 is Sprints big Android device. That has brought them more money than the EVO has. The Sprint/Samsung pairing is more profitable than the Sprint/HTC one at this point. Not saying we will not see the update, just saying you're putting to much faith in your EVO.

The EVO is ONE of Sprint's flagships, along with the Galaxy SIII, Note II, iPhone 5, Optimus G, Galaxy Nexus, etc... The EVO franchise is a big deal for Sprint, before the EVO LTE launched, the EVO franchise has sold over 7 million devices, and it's only available on Sprint. I don't know what the numbers are now, I'm sure the GSIII has sold more than the EVO LTE but don't underestimate the importance of the EVO name/franchise to Sprint. I would bet anything the EVO LTE will get Jellybean.

For the EVO, the question is not if, but when. It has 1 GB of RAM and the same CPU as the One XL/North American One X, so it doesn't have any hardware restrictions on that front. And while the CDMA/LTE radios may present a bit more of a challenge than GSM/HSPA+, that would only delay it for a little while, not stop it. Sprint wants it updated because the EVO LTE is the phone to which lots of original EVO 4G owners upgraded (and presumably are still upgrading), and Jelly Bean/Sense 4+ presents a much-improved user experience, especially in performance. HTC wants to upgrade it, well, to improve the user experience. The last thing they need right now is for EVO users to tell their friends that HTC phones suck. Trust me on this one: the EVO LTE will be upgraded to Jelly Bean.

NOTE: EVO May not be Sprint's best selling phone, but it's Sprint's best selling UNIQUE TO THEM phone. You can get an SIII anywhere. You can only get an EVO (Kickstand, SD Card, etc.) on Sprint.

My guess is update announcements will come from Sprint AND HTC, not just HTC. Also, at this point, I believe there's probably some contractual thing that says that they can't lump the EVO in with OneX, otherwise the non Android Central reading masses might suspect that they are the same phone and EVO users might think they can jump ship, unless talking to the properly educated Sprintee's who can shed light on the differences.

This is exactly why we need no custom skins . Then android wouldn't have the update problem. I gave up on htc after the rezound. Now happily a nexus owner

This talking point needs to die. This will always be a problem as long as carriers inject themselves in the updating process. When I worked for at&t a Sony rep said that carrier turnaround is 8 weeks minimum.

This is a stupid argument. If you dont want a custom skin then go Nexus. Its that simple. I personally enjoy custom skins when done right. I think Sense is amazing personally. The beauty of Android is choice.

We can't do that as long as Google has their stupid Jihad against SD. I do not want to use the god damn cloud to store my stuff, because it is not 100% reliable and not always fast...and because it is rarely free. We do not get unlimited data anymore.

So the "OMG just go Nexus" talking point needs to die first. because it is only relevant if you live in a world with perfect, fast, and free wifi/4G eveywhere.

No date on when it's happening..... I'll have Jelly Bean within a week when I drop the One S for the Nexus 4. Problem solved

I don' believe squat from HTC! Still waiting for ICS on my DI2. And blaming VZW is BS. If HTC thought VZW wasn't going to meet its timeline, then they shouldn't have published one.

Smh at HTC...That vague article doesn't tell me sh*t. All of us EVO LTE owners have been patiently waiting for JB. The GS3 got it before us. Sprint/HTC has to do better.

Should I take this as a glimmer of hope for my very capable (but seemingly not that popular) Vivid? It's got 1 GB RAM, dual core, and LTE. Sounds capable from a pure spec perspective, just a matter of whether or not AT&T still cares to put through an update.

I am trying to keep the hope alive that it will happen but I some how doubt that it will. Heck I was amazed that it got ICS when it did.

A lot like "chicken or the egg" arguments, it makes no difference whether Verizon or HTC is at fault. If it was HTC, Verizon should have make a stink, threatening to discontinue purchasing HTC's products for resale to their customers. If Verizon was at fault, HTC should have had the good sense to push Verizon and not risk the resultant damage to their corporate reputation. In either case, it is up to us, the consumers and opinion leaders to do the right thing: Never again buy HTC products, from any carrier, and never again sign a contract with Verizon.

I wonder with all the people who hate that Verizon is the reason for holding up updates on phones (especially HTC) are the same that won't buy a Nexus 4 because it doesn't have LTE on it. I know it sounds cliche but it seems that if anyone cares so much about getting the latest updates then never buy anything else but a Nexus. I made this mistake when buying a Rezound in January and I will never do that again come January 2013

No, some of us also don't want a Nexus because it has no SD. Google seems determined to screw up a good thing. The Nexus 1 was the last good nexus device.

We in Europe (Switzerland) still have't received no update n my friend with a galaxy nexus got the jb update more than a month ago....well let's just say we the consumers are not foolish n that's why HTC financial figures are heading downwards! There is only so much Phil n da rest of paid tech blogs editors can write about n "unbox" phones they received for free and tell us it's the best blah blah...we are not fooled anymore...once a company abandon its consumers well we now have choices...we will not be fooled anymore! 2013 we will not be swayed by unboxing videos n lies printed in blogs! We will look back n think about companies that support their consumers and then decide what we buy! So HTC keep it up with da bulls*&%. Next year ur finances will continue to dwindle till u understand we the consumers will not be fooled no more!

You're serious? You honestly think that UPDATING THEIR PHONES is the bulk of HTC's issues?! The masses dont care about a Jelly Bean any more than they cared about an Ice Cream Sandwich. People dont know or care about that. The people who frequent these sites and b*tch and moan about updates are in the minority. The majority want a solid phone that works and that is on TV. Which is why Apple and Samsung are doing so well with their flagship phones. Its all in ADVERTISING. None of those phones are "better" than HTC's devices. But they are advertised much better. THAT is why HTC is failing. Their phones arent in the faces of the consumers as much as the iPhones and GS3's. THAT is the issue...not because you haven't gotten your update. people crack me up...

any chance my dear evo v 4g will be updated??? it was first introduced by sprint as the evo 3d in 2011 but it was also reintroduced as the evo v 4g on virgin mobile in 2012... would htc consider it a 2011 or a 2012 phone??? its def up there with the specs... dual core... 1gb ram... plays most wanted nicely too...

No the Evo 4G has a single core 1ghz processor and less than 512mb of RAM after what HTC Sense uses up. It also has a very low screen resolution and very little internal storage. It will never even receive the 4.0 update let alone the 4.1 update. It was a revolutionary, amazing device when it came out. But its time is over.

Sorry but you have your phones mixed up.The one your speaking of is not the same as the one posted before you. The Evo V 4G is dual-core 1gb ram more than capable of running little ole Jellybean. It came boxed with Ics 4.0.I have inquired directly to HTC and the Evo V 4G is on the update to Jellybean list either 1st quarter 2013 or a little later cause we all know how slow they move.

All you people think your devices were flagship. Most of your claims are false, just pointing that out. But who in this world isn't trying to claim alpha status to satisfy their egos?