As the HTC announcements are still on-going on, HTC has slowly been pushing videos to their Youtube account for everyone to get a better look at their upcoming devices. Currently posted you will find the HTC Salsa, Desire S , Wildfire S and the Flyer all featured in their own videos. The HTC Salsa is of course above, you'll find the Desire S, Wildfire S and Flyer  right after the break. [YouTube]




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HTC posts videos of the HTC Salsa, Desire S, Wildfire S and Flyer


First hahahahahaha

No. Really. Htc should change the people that comes with the ideas of how the phone should look. Htc have like 3 models in different sizes for like 17 phones. Anyway this are my 2 cents.

Why HTC is going for one look\design ?
Last year they were going for Lengend like for all their phones
This year they are going for Desire HD like

Dare I say they're becoming the "RIM" of android. I don't mind the looks, they just need to upgrade the hardware to compete in this "dual core" landscape. I'm sure they will still have higher spec devices come out this year like the Evo 2. It would have just been nice to catch a glimpse of of one of those devices. I'm definitely not upgrading my Evo unless it has dual core processor.

Desire s might be the upgrade from a legend my wife has been waiting for .......or the SE arc tbh I expected more from HTC

Coming from a Pre owner I can't wait to get a well built unibody phone. I really hope we hear these are coming to Sprint :)

This is all fine and dandy but where is that Pyramid with the Atrix-like qHD screen and dual-core?

Maybe since it was rumored for T-Mo they are saving it for some other announcement? Hope so...