We take a second look at HTC's flagship smartphone for 2012

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We're live at Three UK's 2012 showcase event in London, where the network is showing off some of its hottest upcoming handsets. Among the first Android phones we tracked down was the HTC One X, HTC's upcoming flagship device, which was unveiled at Mobile World Congress last week. With a 4.7-inch, 720p display, a quad-core Tegra 3 CPU and some crazy new camera technologies, HTC has left no holds barred with its latest high-end smartphone.

We got our first look at the One X in Barcelona not too long ago, but today we've managed to spend a little more time with the phone, and take a look at some of the new software features in Sense 4.0. Join us after the break for our second preview of one of the biggest Android releases of 2012.

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Hands-on redux with the HTC One X


I personally am more interested in the HTC Vivid now. I plan to leave Sprint and go back to AT&T because of bad signal strength where I live and work. The Vivid has the option to install a micro sd card for a total of roughly 48gb. Plus you can swap batteries on a whim so you don't have to stay plugged in to a charger unlike the HTC One X. These are the main reasons I am not interested in the HTC one X. Plus the HTC Vivid will have ICS and Sense 3.6 which is fine with me. Also it will have the ability to utilize Beats by Dre. So, all in all the HTC Vivid is a more complete phone for me.

Too bad it wasn't out for Verizon or I would be getting one this month!!

Now I am stuck between an HTC Rezound or iPhone....

Agree, wish verizon would be more on the edge and get these new devices rather than staying on the moto teet with their garbage that they have been producing lately.

Rezound, Razr, Nexus....those are not on the 'edge?' Yes, they have a lot of moto phones, but whether or not they are garbage is a matter of opinion and by their sales...the opinion is they are ok.

My wife just got the Rezound and I have the Spectrum. After a month of using them both, the Rezound is one bad ass phone all around. I really really like it. Love my Spectrum but the screen drinks battery like i drink the beer.

Get the Rezound!

Maxx,hands down! Battery life with ics(soon). I love htc phone interfaces but their battery life issues are always a problem.No battery swap available on an htc phone makes it DOA!!

"Too bad it wasn't out for Verizon or I would be getting one this month!!"

Big ditto man. (Though I'm more a 4.0 to 4.3 screen kinda guy) This situation feels a lot like last year when the Sensation was announced -- which wound up on T-Mobile -- before anyone really knew the Rezound was coming to Verizon. I'm guessing Verizon will get it's own flavor of the One probably by the second half of the year. By then, I'm thinking we'll see a phone fitted with a quad-core Snapdragon S4.. that SoC will have an integrated LTE modem along with a new architecture built on a smaller nm process which should return significantly improved battery performance. I'd get just as excited for a Verizon phone equipped with a Tegra 3, so long as that one also includes integrated LTE. Though based on a key Nvidia announcement last month (http://www.androidcentral.com/nvidia-announces-development-lte-modems-te...) it looks like Tegra 3 will definitely see LTE support, but it won't be integrated at first.

At any rate, hopefully HTC will have something to show for Verizon at CTIA 2012 in May, which I understand is essentially MWC for the USA-specific technologies. (AT&T and T-Mobile having products at MWC makes sense as they are GSM carriers like most of the world, but I'm sure we'll see stuff for them too at CTIA.)

Been loving my Thunderbolt ever since I fixed it with a custom ROM, but I'm hoping I don't have to get that far into the weeds with my next phone since ICS will finally allow me to disable carrier crapware. Looks like 2012 will be another great year for Android; very exciting time to be a fan of the platform. :)

I don't want to wine every time I hear "non-removable", but CHARDONNAY, SAUVIGNON BLANC, yeah and even MERLOT!

I've got less of a problem with the MAXX and the Note because they decided to go higher than 1800!

Otherwise I love everything about this phone - not that they went anywhere, but sans this blemish I'd be saying "HTC IS BACK!" and I'd be F5'ing rumor sites for news of it coming to VZW.

They took the worse feature of the razr; non-removable battery (and probably a polymer too which could swell in hot climates) and the worse feature of the nexus; no SD card and combined them into this phone. Rules this one out...
I just have to wonder why. All other specs are great (at least on paper).

It's so funny that just a year ago removable batteries and SD cards were such big features and they would never buy an iPhone because of the lack of those features, and now almost all new android phones don't have these options. Same goes for flash, as adobe discontinued it.

It is very obvious HTC has not learned a thing about under powered batteries. You can not change this battery if you wanted to. I think after all said and done this will just fail. You will be charging this thing before 2:00. I will not buy another phone with battery issues, Razr Maxx figured it out so there is just no excuse.

It's quad core everywhere, the distinction lies in the manufacturer of the processor. Some will be Tegra 3, some will be SnapDragon S4.

Maybe it's just me, and maybe I have not fashion sense (Highly doubtful), but the all white phone with a black bezel is ugly, just take a page out of Samsung's book and make it all white, or just stick to making black slabs. #JustSaying

I read a rumor somewhere that Sprint will be getting this - or close to it - renamed as the HTC EVO LTE. If that's the case, I'm drooling already.

Sprint is going to have to start working on their LTE network before they start throwing phones out with LTE in its name.

This white version is so ugly. And I'm still majorly displeased about the lack of SD Card slot and removable battery.

Sprint has taken too long to release the Galaxy Nexus. Now that I have seen this I will probably wait. Knowing the bootloader will be unlockable means there will be Cyanogenmod or other AOSP roms in addition to Sense so you aren't really missing out on anything by not going with a Nexus.

In fact my Nexus S 4G doesn't even have ICS yet and most likely a few phones from HTC and Samsung with their skins will probably get updates before it. Not really any benefit to going with the supposed "Google Experience" phone anymore.

It looks like significantly more real estate than the Galaxy Nexus despite the similar diameters. I assume that is due to the dedicated buttons. Is it true that their is no card expansion? Any chance they will follow Motorola's example with the Maxx and make one with a more substantial battery?

If they do, then I'll have to scratch HTC off my list of companies I'm willing to buy a cell phone from. I have never had a Motorola but after seeing the way they treat their customers (Razr Maxx; Droid 3 not getting ICS, to name a couple) I don't ever see it happening.

Putting aside the non-removable battery (which is an absolute deal breaker) and no SD card, I can't get past the camera hump on the back and the lack of any type of accent in the earpiece. It looks like they just punched some holes in the body for the earpiece which makes it look cheap. Compare that to the metal mesh grill and accent piece in the Thunderbolt. It's one of those little touches that speak to build quality and finish, something the One series is lacking IMO! :(

Another illustration of 'different strokes for different folks.' I am not totally crazy about the camera hump, but it's definitely different. I do, however, really like the look of the rest of it, and I like how you can't really see the grill or any accents in the earpiece. Different tastes!

That camera bulge looks like an accident waiting to happen, be it just trying to pull the phone out of your pocket and/or scratching the lense. Personally, I'd rather see a thicker phone that had a bigger battery & flush mounted the camera. ("One X Maxx" on the horizon lol)And black. White phones are for girls. But since the battery is non-removable, HTC's notoriety for underpowered batteries & no SD card - I'll pass