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Jelly Bean for the international versions of the HTC One X has begun pushing out, but the situation is a bit complicated. Rather than being pushed to all phones in a particular region, HTC pushes out updates to certain devices based on their CID (Customer ID) in each region. For example, phones with a CID of htc__612 are sold to carriers in Taiwan, and they started receiving their OTA last night. Alternatively, my unlocked phone with a CID of htc__044 hasn't received it yet, even though it's also sold in Taiwan (among other locales). I told you it was complicated.

What we know now is that the mentioned phones with htc__612 CIDs are receiving the OTA update as we speak, and HTC has informed me that the Jelly Bean update for all phones in Asia and Europe is "rolling out now". An insider told me that my particular model (htc__044) should start seeing the OTA tomorrow (Sunday). Finally, I've yet to hear from anyone in Europe who has received the OTA. I told you it was complicated.

If you've hacked your Tegra3 One X, you understand all of this and know where to look for information about rolling back and getting the OTA. If you haven't hacked your phone, just know that the Jelly Bean OTA is in process. Hopefully we'll all see it soon, as a few early reports say it's extremely fast and makes a great phone even better.

Thanks, Jeff and Ray420!


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HTC One X (international) Jelly Bean roll out begins


+1, but remember that the international One X is considerably different than the USA One X or the Evo LTE. The international version is a slower Tegra chipset, not the great Krait/S4.

Check the benchmarks. The Dual-core S4 is faster than the quad core Tegra 3, especially when doing real-world tasks (single or few threading). Where have you been? This has been discussed over and over again on this site and the forums.

Second for the Evo LTE to get it soon....Sprint has actually been pretty good recently ( with the gs3 getting it relatively soon).. so hopefully the Evo LTE gets it soon too!!

I've been waiting for this for ages and jealously hearing my s3 touting friends telling me about their jelly beans, now it's my. Hopefully soon inshaallah. Can anyone tell me how to find out my HTC cid number.

You don't need an App to see your CID. Launch your phone dialer, then tap *#*#4636#*#* and you should see your CID.

I have the HOX with CID HTC_044... i hope have the update, today or tomorrow...
Thanks for the greats news!!

hey guys im form bolivia and i havea htc one x i dont have any update y go to software update but nothing im was reading on the top of the forum to have a reset of the fone taht really works cose i really want the new update :c so i need help wiht this really thx for the help guys great forum .

Well wait for 45days since this post is about 2weeks old that's about 4 more weeks to go! HTC really mess when it comes to updates...why are all worried about their will continue to dwindle downwards as long as this mess continues! People ain't fools no more!

I'm in Denmark, and bought my phone May 2012, and until now, my Andriod version is still only at 4.1.1. I just spoke to HTC support on the phone today, and she insisted that 4.1.1. is Jelly Bean... OMG... :( I don't think I will ever see Jelly Bean on my phone.