The HTC One does things a little different than many other Android smartphones. For one, it's only got two buttons -- back and home. It also changes the way it home screens work -- making it a little more difficult to add apps and widgets. Not grossly so; just an extra step or so.

Here's a little tip that'll speed things up a bit. One way to get to the home screen customization section is to long-press on an empty 1x1 spot on a home screen. But what if that home screen is full? You could swipe over to another home screen that has a blank spot, but that's annoying. Or you could pull down the notification bar and go to Settings>Personalize>Customize home screen. Also a pain.

There's a better way. All you have to do is pinch your fingers together on a home screen -- full or not -- and it goes straight to the customization section. From there you can add widgets or apps all you want. 

We've got more HTC One tips after the break. Be sure to collect them all!

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reidoreilly says:

This sense crap is going to be the death of HTC

Just like freedom was the death of the United States? Try again, Commie!

iphonemilk says:

Wait a second... what? 0.o

BigDaddy3000 says:

Pahahahaha!!!! Hilarious!!!!

Cory S says:

When I buy this for my wife, she will never know Nova wasn't the stock launcher. There is no way I'm going to try and explain all this to her after she's had a Gnex for a year.

Is the animation in real life as choppy as this gif?

Well it is a gif.

Its also Android too and frame rate issues are what they I was curious.

Oskiee says:

... Its a gif.

plus, as of 4.1 the whole os runs at 60fps.

Jason Price2 says:

So after all the blubber of saying how difficult it is to add widgets and what not, you describe a pinch? And that's more difficult? These first world problems are getting ridiculous, No? I guess I'm just saying that seems like the easiest way to get to shortcuts, and maybe you meant it as only a shortcut and not the default way they do it. I'm not trying to defend the htc one, I'm just saying your article doesn't make sense unless you can mind meld with the phone. That might be easier than what you describe.

Gator352 says:

Mind melding requires a little bit of patience. And apparently using the "one" requires it as well.

icebike says:

I hate to see standards Android functionality being used for other purposes.
Didn't google just go thru a standardization drill with menus and stuff?

This just adds another layer of confusion.

AntLyoN2053 says:

Androidcentral doing a better job advertising the One than HTC.

jaymars says:

I haven't seen one ad for the One from HTC or a carrier. Even BlackBerry is doing a better job advertising.

a22matic says:

I saw two movies this weekend, and HTC One ads ran before the previews in both movies. It's not as long as the Samsung ad, but they do have one.

Mighty_Red says:

The S3 already uses pinch to view the home screens and add/delete/rearrange them at will. This is just an extension to that concept.

The widgets search bar looks a good touch, there are some apps that seem to have tons of widgets for every single size option, instead of having one widget that you can simply resize!

DaRkL3AD3R says:

Wow, I just realized now that it only has a home and back button.

Blunder of the century.