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Ladies and gentlemen, meet the HTC One SV. One S, meet the people. What you see before you here is the second of a pair of entry-level(ish) phones from HTC in recent weeks. This one's on Cricket Wireless. Its cousin, the HTC One VX, is on AT&T. 

The One SV, while simple, is very nicely designed. It's not quite a solid piece of kit, but chances are you might not notice. While the battery cover comes off, there's no obvious notch to get a fingernail into. Pry it open, though, and you get the power source, SIM card and microSD card slot. You'll need that microSD card, as there's just 5 GB of storage available in the phone for apps and pictures and what-not. 

But, really, it's not the specs, which won't overwhelm you -- it's the no-contract pricing of $349 (which is the way you think you should buy phones), plus Cricket's data plans and Muve music that make the One SV a rather attractive device. It'll be available January 16.

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HTC One SV hands-on (Cricket Wireless)

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I really like the finish HTC has been using the last year or so, they just need to get colorful with it, instead of just black, white, red, and blue. They need to cover a good chunk of the spectrum, at least 5-7 colors and they will start to sell a lot more phones. Don't under estimate the amount of teenage girls who will simply buy a phone because its pink, green, or yellow.