The HTC One will release to customers in the Middle East in April, according to Neeraj Seth, senior brand communications manager for HTC Middle East.

While the phone will be available in selected markets in March, it will be officially released in the Middle East in April

The One is currently available on the German O2 network, and other European pre-ordered devices are set to be delivered in March, but it appears that general availability is going to be sometime in April for most everyone. Of course, individual carriers will make their own announcements with their own release schedule.

As Phil reminds us, timing is everything. Pushing back the release date means there will be more great phones to choose from there beside it on the shelf. That's a good thing for us, but HTC doesn't want the latest from Samsung, Sony, or LG there to steal your eyes away.

The good news is that April is only two weeks away. We should soon here solid release dates from carriers world-wide, and we'll let you know as soon as that happens.

Source: tbreak technology; Thanks, Moe!


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HTC One to release in April for the Middle East region


Hi Jerry, which phone you`d pick HTC ONE, OR, Samsung GS4? My contract it`ll end next month. I sure appreciate it if you can help me.

I've not been able to use either just yet (hurry Monday and UPS man!). From seeing what everyone else has seen, I think either is a great choice.

Based on what has been published here, Android Central has not yet received a production unit of the GS4 for use to perform an evaluative review. In fact Alex's review of the HTC One has not yet been published.

Each manufacturer's smartphone will have specific features and hardware some will prefer over what others prefer. You have to choose what is right for you; not what is right for Phil or Jerry or Alex.

Based on past comments about previous models, it seems the AC people preferred HTC's Sense, build, and camera over Samsung's Touchwiz, build, and camera.

Tech reviews are written for the purpose of attracting interested and inquisitive readers. Reviewers strive to be as objective as possible otherwise we all know what happens especially in the blog-a-sphere. Beyond that, picking someones personal preferences is as meaningless as me choosing your personal preference. It's personal. Make your own decisions.

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Thank you Jerry, I`ll wait to see what the out come.. My wife took my GNOTE2 and I am with dual-core handset.

Thank you Jerry, I`ll wait to see what the out come.. My wife took my GNOTE2 and I am with dual-core handset.

Come the fuck on! Can I get a US release date already? This isn't the secret cure for cancer, it's my next phone. That's all. SPRINT! Do you hear me? I need this before I leave for Hawai'i (is that apostrophe in the right place?) on the 29th! Get me a release date!

Chill BigDinCA...You've let it be known loud and clear you want to buy the new HTC One immediately. I'm with you! Yet, you'll have to wait just like the rest of us for each US carrier to announce their own release date. That has been the way it has always worked.

Moreover, you already know you'll be able to take beautiful pictures in Hawai'i using the awesome camera and ImageSense technology of your HTC EVO LTE - the best available until you get your new HTC One.

That is true. This phone takes great pictures. Better than my wife's GS3, and that's her opinion too, not just me hating on Samsung.

BigDinCA... Since both your EVO LTE and your wife's GS3 are almost a year since availability on the market, please let us {me} in on your secret for not having to pay full price, if you know how, for the new HTC One the day it becomes available? Perhaps you can get $150 for the GS3 since it is almost exactly the same as the GS4, only not as fast, even lower resolution and darker display, and perhaps less internal storage.

BTW... for any doubters about HTC's Image Sense technology, anyone can simply go into a Sprint store and take an indoor picture without flash using the EVO LTE, the GS3, and the LG Optimus and clearly see for themselves the distinct advantage of HTC's Image Sense technology from last year. All other blather is just that - blather!

This new HTC One Ultra Pixel technology, f 2.0 aperture, wide lens with upgraded Image Sense is going to be absolutely fantastic. For example, see Phil's frame selection from a self captured video outside Radio City as the header to his "Timing is Everything" editorial. Outstanding photograph!!!

For some people plastic phones with cartoon color displays, physical iPhone button, extra batteries to swap and less functional, yet replaceable, SD Cards are all the rage. Yet that's so last year. Actually 2010-2011 A.K.A. "so, so Old School" Haven't had to swap a battery since OG EVO. Even then the extra batteries and charger was a waste of money and I've only used about 4 of the additional 32 GB card storage capacity I added to my EVO LTE. 64GB of the more efficient integrated storage is more than adequate. In fact I'm the only "foolio" among all the people I know here among 20,000 UCSD students and friends who bothered to buy supplemental storage. They know not of what they are not missing. I'm sure someone needs 128 GB of on-board storage for their little smartphone. I just haven't meet those "real" not imaginary people. In fact about 40% of the real people are getting along just fine with iPhones. Can you imagine - jokes on them!

There's no secret. My wife upgraded from a GS2, but I bought it off Craigslist after Christmas 2011. Her last phone on contract was the Epic so the GS3 was bought on contract last October. I bought my OG EVO on contract, got my EVO 3D on contract when Sprint used to give some of us YEARLY upgrades. Got my EVO LTE for the contract price because I have a 14 year old stepson who's upgrade was available and I'm a firm believer in giving teenagers hand-me-down smartphones, not new ones. I'll get the One on contract on April 1 because that's my 22-month cycle w/ Sprint since I got the 3D.

So I guess the key is to use your kid's upgrades.

This release is way too sloppy already. Why isn't any of this stuff planned out months in advance to avoid delays? Stop with this nonsense and release the phone already! Even apple isn't this bad, which is why they remain on top.

The HTC One is being released already! Amazing accomplishment!

Faster than after previous iPhone announcements. And as everyone should know, all manufacturers including Apple have rolling releases. It's not practical to manufacture millions of handsets with various radios for various carriers the first few weeks.

Good things comes to those who wait. The new One is truly a winner with innovative hardware enhancements. The S4 is all about software and those will be ported to the S3 and you'll end up paying for a brand new phone that functions just like your neighbor's 1 year old S3 if you are sucked into the new S4 failure.