HTC One Max

Another HTC One Max (T6) leak for those keeping score — this time it's a press render of unfinished artwork per habitual leaker @evleaks.

We expect the HTC One Max to look like a great big HTC One, and today's render drives that point home. Subtle differences like the plastic trim ring (ala HTC One Mini) are visible, but we are warned that this is an unfinished piece of work.

Renders and leaked pics are great, but the big questions and solid news about specs, design, and most importantly ​— price and availability — are still lacking. Soon, we hope. Soon.

Source: +@evleaks

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Roy G Biv says:

HTC, you're more than dead, and even though you have the best hardware quality out there, I think you deserve everything it's happening to you. xoxo

benhmadison says:


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Roy G Biv says:

Because they don't seem to be able to do nothing properly. And I bet this will be significantly more expensive than the Galaxy Note 3 as well.

ne0ne says:

I beg to differ. I paid 123 out the door for my htc one at Costco. The s4 would have been about 250. I bet this sells for 600 off contract. I love htc. Great products. The one is amazing. The speakers and display make for a great media consumption device.

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rampage1979 says:

I'm with you.

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Gator352 says:


NoNexus says:

First HTC is very much alive.

Second, there is no way this is 600$ off contract unless it is significantly worst than we expect.

Retail on the One itself is $549. For this you are looking at $650-700 easy. The Note 2 is still over 650$

buffdaddy72 says:

I've seen the ONE for as cheap as $99.00 and the S4 for as cheap as $150.00 at Costco.

At Sams Club the HTC One is 88bucks Black and Silver, and the S4 138.88

Mnmiah says:

Yeah great media consumption when you only have a internal storage of 16gb and not to mention the os takes 1/3 of it

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Jillxz says:

I agree . HTC is tops. Love HTC and LG over Samsung any day.

codiusprime says:


NH most accounts the One is a fantastic phone, and your price claim is baseless.

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codiusprime says:

By most accounts.

Damn you HTC!

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I beg to differ. Got my One on contract for 99 at the sprint store, GS4 was 250. The galaxy note 3 will probably be the same with it being 300 and the One Max being 249.99

HTC will always be the best brand and best Quality phones inside and out.

jtc276 says:

So the company who makes the best smartphone ever made (the HTC One) deserves to go bankrupt? I don't think so.

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All I can say is.....NOTE 3 all the way baby...

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MonkeyNews says:

What are you talking about. The one is done properly, inside and out. It is by far the best smartphone I've ever owned.

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victory0901 says:

I hope this phone comes to T-Mobile or I will get the Note III instead.

Adamsville says:

yea I need it on Tmobile too... otherwise its the Nexus 5 for me

vandam500 says:

HTC should find a way to add a stylus to this! That way it'll be a true competitor to the Note 3 :)

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KingGinger55 says:

In on the fence between the two but if they did that then it would be an easy choice.

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BB_Bmore says:


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codiusprime says:

I really feel like it needs a stylus or some other added functionality to differentiate it from the One. It needs to be more than just a big One.

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mcgowan398 says:

Nahh, then Samsung® would sue

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darkoman4 says:

HTC had Jetstream with pen way before Samsung came out with the Note

agree HTC had the styles before samsung go do some research before you talk.

themuffinman says:

This really needs to be more than just a larger One, it needs to compete with the note 3 on the software side of things but I highly doubt it will. I will keep my fingers crossed in the mean time.

XChrisX says:

Without a stylus, this is just a larger One. However most Note2 owners I know say they almost never use the stylus, so we'll see. I just get the feeling that the software side of things will be lacking compared to the Note 3.

the1m.polo says:

We hardly use it... But when we use it.. Its great... That's what matters!!!

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EgoDogg says:

With the February date on the render, does anyone think it could possibly be a fake?

Anyways, as long as this phone is on Verizon (in a timely fashion), I'm there!

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hodan says:

If thus got stylus support for One Note and Evermore, I'd get it in place of my one.

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I've been waiting for this for a long time. Minus the Nexus S 4G, I've been HTC since the OG EVO. I had every HTC phone that came to Sprint, the EVO LTE being my favorite. When the DNA came out, I wished so bad HTC would've released it on all carriers. I recently switched to TMOBILE and their service blows the doors off Sprint's. I had the One on Sprint but found someone to even trade me their not for my One. The only thing I liked about the Note 2 was the screen size. I wanted to use the S Pen but besides writing notes and playing draw something, the S Pen was useless for me. It was at that very moment I wished that HTC would make a larger screen version of the One. I found someone to even trade me my Note 2 for their One and I don't regret it for a second. I have larger hands so the One is a nice fit for me. The performance of the One day to day still blows me away. I'm absolutely ecstatic about the HTC One Max. If it comes with some type of stylus, awesome! If not, this phone will still be amazing! Sorry for the novel.

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Sh3ngLong says:

Oh yeah, give me the big One!!

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shoii says:

Oh you'd like that wouldn't you

mcgowan398 says:

Wow.. Just wow....

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4limguy says:

I think it needs some added functionality something that keeps it from being a bigger One.

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DataHawg says:

I've had Samsung phones, LG, and HTC. I'd buy the One Max over the Note 3 for the build quality and the front speakers which should sound amazing. Don't really care about the S pen. Would love to see them increase the audio bitrate like LG did on the G2

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Gator352 says:

I just like the fact that the speaker grills are centered and the flash is centered under the camera lens. It just looks more uniformed the what's on the ONE.

But I feel like everyone else. The MAX is just going to be a larger ONE and nothing more but if I had an upgrade coming, this would be in my pocket!

I hate how phones are getting bigger. That out of the way, if this phone is supposed to have a 5.9" display, and I can see that it has a separate IR blaster on the top... why the hell is the power button on the top and not on the side?

Nevermind, looking at it again that's the headphone port on the top. So, it looks like they removed the IR blaster completely.

themuffinman says:

This is just a render, there aren't even any proximity sensors on the front so obviously the render is incomplete which is also stated in the source link.

the1m.polo says:

Very interesting... I doubt it will be comparable to the note series... In terms of features and functionality, only size:

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NoNexus says:

To compete with the Note 3, It is going to have to not only be as big as the note, but have some similar functionality or else it does just become a new youtube player.

Still saying it is down to the Note 3, One Max and Honami for my phone this year

mcgowan398 says:

To me it just looks like a HTC One Close-Up. •_•

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As I said before, if this phone is gonna be bigger than the One since its the One Max, they better move that power button. Its gonna be a bitch to have to reach on the top when the phone is so tall.

The next HTC flagship will be mine though, next year. The One is amazing but I'd love for it to be more compact like the Moto X. When the Moto X jams the same size screen into a smaller package, somethings up. I understand boomsound but that could still be solved by on screen buttons to compensate.

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NovaWiz says:

I agree, Power button placement would be critical for my decision between One Max and Note 3, having it on the top of such a long phone would be disastrous. Unless HTC compensate it with a LG like "Knock-Knock" feature I would be passing on it.

Connor Mason says:

This is gonna be one massive, expensive chunk of heavy, fragile metal.

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troyboytn says:

HTC's version of the "oversized phone we know is coming anyway" per Phil's article about the Note 3 yesterday....

Damn, this device is looking good. Its between this and the Note 3!

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And the honami!

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Wow excited for its release.. this is gonna be an awesome phone :)

anonymous-x says:

If this will help HTC stay alive then it's time for we, adults, to open our wallets. I know this transition is driving us crazy but these front speakers keep making me keep an eye on HTC.

Droid_Evo_8 says:

Non upgrade-able memory and non-removable battery? No thanx, I'll pass. I'll just wait for my Note 2 to be upgraded to Note 3 when it comes out. Thank you very much. LOL

maxmarioxx says:

Just buy the 64 GB version and keep power saver mode on. That should suffice.

Xader says:

Wasn't their excuse for no sd slot in the One a question of physical space?

That won't fly on this one.

Nreeldeep says:

HTC can't afford to market the HTC One nor get the public to pay any attention to it. 4 months after the One's release, HTC once again finds itself in severe financial distress. How the hell does HTC think it's gonna find success with a fringe product when it can't even sell its mainstream device?