The silver, or gold, or even gunmetal HTC One M8 not colorful enough for you? Does pink or red not tickle your fancy? Then you might want to know about the M8 in blue that just leaked from @evleaks.

It's the same M8 you know and love, but more blue. We've no details other than the picture, but there's a good chance this one will be a Best Buy exclusive like the M7 in blue was. We just don't know.

But maybe soon, we will.

Source: @evleaks


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HTC One M8 looks all set to be released in metallic blue


I like it. When Best Buy gets exclusives though are they usually exclusive to one carrier or do they have them available for all carriers that can use the phone?

The previous Best Buy exclusive was for several carriers.

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Does Best Buy sell T-Mobile phones?? Last time I checked they didn't. I'm trying to get this on T-Mobile.

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Like the blue from my M7 a bit more. My daughter uses that one now since I got the M8. The blue on this is a little lighter though. This is one isn't bad but not as nice IMO.

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This looks more like the Verizon exclusive blue than the best buy blue, at least to me.

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The Verizon blue and the Best Buy blue are one in the same . I know, I have it. The blue Verizon M7 was only sold through Best Buy.

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They should have released a black onyx model and a white and silver model. Not that this is bad though.