More than just a pretty face, the HTC One is business ready and HTCPro certified

HTC has announced that the HTC One is their first HTCPro certified smart phone in the US.This means that the device meets standards that make it ready for the enterprise and a good choice for business customers. Specifically, the HTC One it meets the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 and offers 256-bit encryption. It also includes IPsec VPN for security when accessing corporate networks, and features device management APIs for remote administration from your mail server administrator.

We're not sure just how many of the 5 Million sold are being used for business purposes, but it's nice to know that they can be if that's your thing. For more information about the HTCPro program and the HTC One, visit the source link below.

Source: HTCPro


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HTC One is first HTCPro certified enterprise-ready device in US


Come on vzw! Get this damn phone already......better yet, get the dual sim variant for business users with your precious LTE......sorry.....

Hmmm, My HTC ONE X (international) had all those features, even Remote Mail admin, which really mostly only applies to Microsoft Exchange.

The company that I work for have just got this device, so far so good, very impressed, I also think we got the international version as we got an update that other carriers have not sent plus it was ota from HTC, thank you Cincinnati bell

T's not going to Verizon, they're getting the DROID DNA 2 (same design as ONE just speced and screen size different although Verizon has the money for both the chances of that happening would be slim knowing that if HTC has another bad selling device it'd but them back majorly. HTC on twitter confirmed that Verizon wasn't going to get it. Unless they magically changed minds in 1-2 days.

HTC's email client is, IMO, the best of any phone on any platform. Makes a great business phone for that reason alone.