HTC's Jason Mackenzie

Will the U.S. carrier editions follow suit?

The HTC One Developer Edition — that's the developer-friendly, 64-gigabyte model sold directly by HTC — will skip Android 4.2.2 and go directly to Android 4.3, according Jason Mackenzie, president of global sales at HTC. Mackenzie was responding to questions on Twitter when he dropped that little nugget.

The reason, Mackenzie said, is that Android 4.2.2 "is [a] minor update, so [we] decided to go straight to 4.3."

Some non-U.S. versions of the HTC One have been updated to Android 4.2.2, which in addition to the core Android improvements brought new features to BlinkFeed and Video Highlights.

The next question is whether the U.S. carrier-branded versions of the HTC One — which launched earlier this year with Android 4.1.2 — will go the same route and update directly to the newest version of Android, which was released just last month. Cincinnati Bell has already said that's what will happen with its phone. And you can't help but think that if a regional operator is doing it, the majors might as well.

One outlier is Verizon, which will finally make its HTC One available this Thursdaybut running Android 4.2.2.

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HTC One Developer Edition will jump straight to Android 4.3


That makes sense...Let Verizon be "king for a day" to all their fans, while we patiently wait for 4.3...which looks the same, but acts differently using that TRIM feature...I like 4.3 on my N7.

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4.2.2 honestly provided more actual, functional benefit than 4.3 will...

-Quick settings: A large, everyday increase in function
-Battery % in Status Bar: A noticeable, everyday increase in function
-Death of the Menu Bar: A very, very noticeable increase in function, inexcusable to still have it around 4 months out.

Not to mention lock screen widgets, a couple of other small functional improvements, new highlight themes, an improvement to how Zoe photos are handled... Really is a damn shame US carriers haven't seen it yet.

I honestly think Battery % in Status Bar in highly overrated. There are legions of battery monitor apps(GSAM battery monitor) that gives you a Status bar/notifcation bar icon for battery% stats and you can expand them and get info for "Time left based on your usage pattern" & battery temperature. I far prefer those to the just a percentage number.

My bigger beef with HTC is that they make the Transparent notification bar feature inaccessible by third party launchers such as Nova. In contrast Samsung and Sony allows you to still get Transparent notification bar with third party launchers.

Don't you think that's going to be cooked into 4.3? the way i see it there going to release 4.3 instead of 4.2.2 because 4.3 will have the features already included in 4.2.2 so whats the point in dropping 4.2.2 then 4.3 a week later?

lol it was just an example,

in lay mans term, whats the point of dropping 4.2.2 when there close to dropping 4.3. same thing when the HTC One X/S/V/EvoLTE crying cause HTC had a fix for the "black Bar" but didnt bother sending out a small update instead sent 4.0.4 sense 4.1 update.

Whatever HTC.. You proved that anything other than the Google edition or the nexus is worthless.

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I just (upgraded?) My OG Galaxy Note to the HTC One on AT&T both are rooted and I am running 4.3 on the One, one thing I have yet to figure out is how to block calls. Only have the "remove from call log" feature. Grrr.... Actually miss my OG Note.

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So that's stock Android if ur on 4.3. This is super easy in any sense build. Just hold the contact for 2 seconds in the call history tab and select block.

I still don't understand everyone with the whole stock I'd better bs. Sense 5 is actually pretty awesome not to mention the camera with sense blows away the aosp crap.

As far as update from 4.1.2 to 4. 3 I will believe it when I see it. HTC is the worst with updates and probably already released 4.2.2. To tmobile who will review it for 6 months before releasing it to us just before the phone goes to die.

Far, far less to do with HTC than the additional time each of the carriers will take to get it out. HTC can release it tomorrow.... it'll take the carriers months to get it out. Lame.

Every one I know that has owned an HTC phone for the past 3 years in all different models were lucky to Get One OS Update in a year and a half. That is why I will never get an HTC phone, especially on Verizon.

This year Verizon has updated a lot of phones within a couple months instead of the standard 6 months+ but I don't know if it is a fluke or not, I never trust Verizon. I wouldn't mind getting a Dev edition because maybe I could install a stock android rom and get rid of sense cause sense sucks, but I don't think there will be much Dev support for the Vzw HTC One this late in the game because Vzw is releasing it so late and basically screwing HTC over with the largest carrier that has 100 million people on it

The One is old news on verizon and people either got the GS4, want the Moto X or the Droid Ultra Maxx for the battery, or are waiting to see the Note 3 or Nexus 5 will be coming. And I seriously doubt Verizon will even spend a nickel for HTC One advertising other than an email shout out. Verizon is pissing on every phone coming out this year and delaying them all or passing on them all except for the Moto Droid, and the moto maker debacle is a shitty deal too

To me these comments are all bs. Without a specific date it will be released. he could say that it will get keylime pie. State facts not start a rumor.

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When your global VP says it, it becomes fact. And if I thought it was merely a rumor, we wouldn't have said anything.

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If it didn't come out of an HTC employee/VP I'd agree. Timely support gas never been their thing

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I believe he's just referring to the version numbers. All these versions 4.2, 4.2.2, 4.3, are versions under the same Jelly Bean umbrella.

Twitter only allows so many characters.

Good question. I just converted mine to a Google Play edition, though, so I'm covered :-).

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This just adds fuel to the idea the Verizon paid HTC or struck some other deal to be the exclusive 4.2.2 provider in the US. When they already have 4.2.2 setup and running why wouldn't you release it for your Dev edition?

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Potentially. I remain a bit reserved but coming from someone so high up and so public I tend to believe them. I am a little miffed at the lack of a timely 4.2.2 update as was originally promised but if they hit their projected 4.3 goal of "before the end of September" for all variants of the device (including carriers) it would be impossible to hold a grudge.

That`s a good news, now everyone go on with your normal business. You see the 4.3 JB in the fourth quarter of this year and stop beating your phones to death to get UNIMAGINABLE update. 4.1.2 JB, it`s doing a good job so far.

"good" yes... great.. not so much. You obviously havent rooted your phone, caue i cant tell you that IMO the 4.2.2 update is a LOT better. Its all little things, but ads up to a pretty big difference IMO. I am sure 4.3 will have the same things, but more, however, HTC's definition of soon is probably q1-2014

May be you just get the right phone? Nexus or Google edition and skip the carriers? I don't think it's hard. People saying it's too costly, give me a break. If you can spend on the crazy monthly fee Verizon or ATT charges you can afford an unlocked pure Google phone.

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If you don't want stock, then why do you really care about Android versions? As long as you have Jelly Bean, then you really aren't missing anything as most of the changes in the newer versions of Jelly Bean were already added by manufacturers. When you also consider that updates to Google Play Services can bring feature updates like Device Manager or App Verification to every Android Phone within a few days, the Android Version is not as important anymore for Android based devices. I imagine that Android will become more like Chrome in the future. Background updates that slowly bring new features.

I guess all we can do is wait. It's not like my One is unusable at 4.1.2.

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Jeez, the geek gnashing of teeth and misdirected hatred towards the OEMs in the comments section on this site gets a bit thick sometimes.

If it's that darned important to you to have 4.2.2 (or 4.3 when it comes out), go S-Off your phone and get one of the European-based ROMs, they always get it months before the US-carrier-controlled release dates. My T-Mobile HTC One has been running Sense version 4.2.2 for a while (Android Revolution HD ROM my current daily).

I bought a locked HTC One from T-Mo, spent $3 on eBay for a sim unlock code, used Rev One to S-Off, updated firmware to latest WWE, installed ARHD and haven't looked back. I now have an HTC One that works with LTE and all the US Flavors of HSPA+ on both my T-Mo and AT&T account if I want, and has the latest versions of Android available to this model. All for $3 and an hour of rooting/ROMing work.

Yes, yes, not everyone wants to root/ROM, but I submit if you REALLY wanted 4.2.2 now, you'd be heading to XDA instead of moaning here about how terrible --insert name of your US carrier here-- is.


So u got a sim card.. And you said it works with at and t and t-mobile. So you pay for both or you split minutes? If u don't mind helping me with that question bc it sounds up my alley

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HTC fix our issues first then talk about Android update...

1. Fix tge volume issue where the lowest is still high and doesnt increase or decrease by 1% a time.

2. Add Capitalization disable option for the keyboard.

3. Add more than 4 home pages

and then talk about Android update.

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Those are holding you back?

Install a launcher, install swiftkey and look for a different volume app.

I'm new to Android but it only took about 2 weeks to figure out 3rd party launchers sick, I've tried 3 or 4 & they were awesome at 1st but after about 3 days the bugs & lag surface

Yep, my One Google edition came with 4.2.2, and has already been OTAd to 4.3. I prolly should have bought the T-Mobile model, unlocked, rooted, ROMd, and gotten all the radios, but i manage to screw it up every time.
Nevertheless, this is the best smartphone I've owned.

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I'm glad to see they are going straight to 4.3! That means 4.3 isn't that long of a wait for the rest of us!

Go Go Gadget GOOOOO!

I fail to see how this is not great news for ONE owners who refuse to root. If they go strait to 4.3 then chances are the carrier ONE's will be on 4.3 before the S4 even gets it. If that step isn't enough to make you quit complaining about HTC's update delays then I don't know what will.

Sent from my Google Play Edition HTC ONE was I complaining? I'm glad they are getting it. That means we, the ones that aren't rooted, will get it soon.

Just becasue someone SAID they get it, doesnt mean they actually get it. When TMO pushes that update out, i will believe it. I have been burned too many times by htc AFTER they said XX phone would get XX update.. that never actually happened though.

I think this is a great idea, more manufacturers should start doing this, it allows phones to have a support time while reducing the work for that companies programmers.

Why do you guys say this shit constantly. HTC has a pretty good update history. Excellent, actually. There have been numerous articles about that, including here. If you want to get pissy, do it with the carriers. As soon as I see someone complaining about HTC and their poor update timeframe I automatically know that that person doesn't know what the hell they are talking about.

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Not arguing or bashing but what examples are you referring to?

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