E-mail notification says 'slight delay' in shipping; cases won't hit until mid-May

Uh oh. If you ordered the 32GB unlocked or 64GB developer version of the HTC One directly from HTC (via Let's Talk), you might have just received the same e-mail we did, indicating some sort of delay.

Hello Phil

We have an important update about your order. Due to shipping issues with the 32G unlocked and 64G Developers Editions of the New HTC One®, there will be a slight delay in shipping your HTC One® to you. We expect to have your phone delivered to you, via overnight shipping, before the end of April. We’ll do everything we can to get it shipped to you as soon as possible.

Also, due to overwhelming demand, there will be a delay in shipping your free case. We expect to begin receiving the Double Dip cases in mid-May, and will ship them as soon as they’re available.

We understand the excitement and anticipation that comes with a new phone, and we are confident that the HTC One® will exceed that anticipation

Thanks for the support,

HTC ShopAmerica

That's no bueno, especially since HTC has had a couple dates -- April 18 and April 23 -- listed thus far, and no new shipping date is listed here. And that's to say nothing of the HTC One facing a global delay from March in the first place.

We're gonna rattle some bushes and see what we can find out. Stay tuned.

More in the HTC One forums.


Reader comments

HTC One developer edition and unlocked editions delayed


The customer service hours in the email they sent are not correct. I call, and I get a message they are closed. 7-7 my butt!

Like I'm supposed to believe that this will be the last slight delay. Why not one or two more slight delays for good measure.

It mostly comes down to expectations not being met. HTC sets the expectation of a particular date and then doesn't hit that date. Then the same thing happens a few more times.

I know it's cheesy but they say that a brand is a promise of an experience. In this case the promise was broken and the experience has been bad. That reflects poorly on HTC as a brand.

That's not cheesy. That's straight up the truth of the matter. HTC has done a horrible job at supply management. That definitely reflects badly on their brand. It's too bad because I think the One is a great looking phone with some ground breaking features like the dual front facing speakers. Come on HTC, quit dragging your ass!

HTC has given fulfillment to LetsTalk. But the way you get to the order form for LetsTalk is via HTC's website, the order form is entirely branded with HTC along the top, all email communication is branded with HTC and the email informing me of the delay is signed "HTC ShopAmerica". Walks like HTC, talks like HTC, is HTC.

Yes! Get 'em Phil! This is ridiculous. Those of us who bought unlocked and developer editions should be HTC's TOP priority. We are the nerds, developers, and journalists who have the ability to make their flagship phone sink or swim.

Man I really like HTC, but they just can't seem to get out of their own way. One stumble, after another.

At least you're getting a free Double Dip case, someday. Most of us are just looking to receive the phone we've bought... Good grief, HTC. The phone won't save you if you can't manufacture and ship it.

You guys are really amazing in your "demands". You insist that a phone be available to all major providers, not exclusive. You insist that it be available worldwide, on all carriers there, as well. Then, you hype the living hell out of the device, thereby driving up initial expectations and buzz. Do you have any idea how many millions of devices they would have to produce to have all of that in the pipeline at the start??? If they could produce that many units to do all of that, they would. Apple, with their $200B in the bank can't even do that; how is a flailing company like HTC going to accomplish this? Seriously, guys, have at least a clue of business-sense before you post this nonsense.

"a clue of business-sense"?
This business took pre-orders starting April 5th. This business announced and confirmed a ship date of April 18th.
As of last night, this business was still telling people that their phones would ship today.
So, I think it's right to expect these things to actually be true.

Not to mention the phone was announced mid-February. Two months of lead time seems reasonable, but when you increase the wait by 50%, it's understandable that people would be irked. Especially after plunking cash down.

Delays happen in business. My God, they happen when you order a $50K car; you can't get your $600 phone on the exact date you thought you were going to get it and the world stops? That's exactly my point. You don't have to agree, but if you look at how childish these rants seem...

I feel bad for HTC. I have used the One and it is excellent. This phone will give them a chance but only IF/WHEN it releases. I hope they get it together soon. :(

I'm just going to "rent" an AT&T HTC One until my unlocked version comes and then pay the $35 restocking fee to return the AT&T version. As a bonus, it will hurt HTC because they'll have to refurbish it to resell it.

Well their BS doesn't change the fact that I want this phone. I'll just be supporting them a little less by doing this, because they supported me a little less.

@inertianinja you said well. Samsung should have competitor like HTC. so HTC should be more smart also in shipment. if competition is not there in smartphone world then new invention an good price will not come out. good deeds are come out via true competition only.

Thanks in Advance

I just called LetsTalk, because I wanted to hear it from a person. The rep put me on hold, then he came back and told me the same thing as the email. I did mention that I had already paid for overnight shipping, so he refunded this charge to me. He mentioned how calm I was, because he knows the rest of his calls won't go that way. I've yet to hold and test a One. I may have to hit up at AT&T store, but I kinda want my unlocked One to be my first time holding it.

If anyone else already paid for overnight shipping, make sure to call them and tell them the email from HTC said they are shipping overnight.

Alas, I shall wait.

what does htc mean to "Due to shipping issues with the 32G unlocked and 64G Developers Editions of the New HTC One"? is that mean they have the devices in stock but they cant ship them or they dont have the devices yet ?

What pisses me off about this is they waited until TODAY to send this email - the day they were supposed to be delivering. They've know for several days they weren't going to be able to ship these but decided not to tell us until the absolute last moment (when it was obvious anyway). Really terrible customer service. Obviously this isn't going to change what the phone itself is, but I'm getting really tired of dealing with HTC and LetsTalk. They refused to honor the free overnight shipping for me originally, so I had to pay $18, now they're not delivering on time and I have to call them to get my overnight shipping credited. The entire experience is just a constant waste of my time.

Early Friday, April 19, the status on my order changed to "picking and packing" with a ship date of April 19 and an estimated delivery date of Monday, April 22. Very early Saturday, the estimated shipping date was changed to Monday. The estimated delivery date remains Monday (that's some fast shipping!).

The picking and packing process sounds as lengthy and complicated as the manufacturing process. . .

Clearly, we're being asked to have a sense of humor about all this, since HTC or whomever is fulfilling these orders seem to have little actual control over the process.

Why the status of 32/64 Unlock on HTC website is "In Stock" !!!!????

I pre-ordered and pay $575 for the 32GB. One where is my phone now!!!!
I also cannot check the order status from Livestalk too.

If the phone has build quality defects as i saw in youtube review i will return it and wait for new iPhone.

Shame on you HTC

Yes, HTC is f..k with shipping and production (maybe they didn't expected such demand like Google with it's Nexus4), but you are crying like a child for delay even it's only one day (for now ;) ) ... i'm waiting for my black HTC more than a month from the day, silver was available ... and it seems like i'll have to wait two weeks more ...

I had the same problem and ended up calling Lets Talk on 04/19/13 and the gave me status of shipment on sunday or Monday, I jus received an email with the UPS tracking number. just have mine HTC Dev 64G by Tuesday at the latest. it should be the same for you guys.

I ordered my unlocked sim free HTC One in the UK 6 weeks ago. They have changed the shipping date 3 times. I am still waiting.

So ever since, I received the email I have been calling HTC / Letstalk customer number to get an update. Over the weekend, they told me that my order will be shipped on Monday. Monday came no email so called back twice on monday got two different stories. First one said it will be shipped sometime later on, then second one said there was no phone and don't know when it will be but before the May 1. at this point I requested to speak with the supervisor. The supervisor assured me that there was enough order for my order (even though my order was the second batch) to be shipped out on Monday if not on Tuesday. Tuesday came, they said there was no phone and didn't know when it was coming in, requested for supervisor that I spoke with a day before (but of course she was not available) left a message to have her call me (no phone call) Today, I called in and they said they will have shipment coming in on Friday and Monday. So I should get it by Monday if not Tuesday (WTF!!!). Left a message for supervisor to call me back again, as of this writing, I have not received a phone call from this supervisor. I get if the phone is not coming in, what bothers me is all of the inconsistencies of information and poor customer service by this supervisor!!!

I'm in the same boat. I've been in the "picking" stage for 4 days now, and have had similar conversations about the phone being not there or coming "soon". I'm getting really frustrated about it. Out of curiosity, when did you submit your order? Mine was on the 17th, so I assume yours should be coming before mine. But either way, it has been a full week and my order is still "picking" which I think is ridiculous.

I placed my order on 16th... I am hoping for Friday shipment.. What sucks is they don't deliver on Saturday, which is BS. HTC should switch to FedEx and have them deliver Saturday if they are truly sorry (which is not the case, poor customer service). Update on the supervisor she finally called me later on that day but had a nerve to tell me that she never said that there was enough in the stock to be shipped out on Mon or Tue...that angered me... I will not recommend nor will I use Lets talk ever!!!

It was finally shipped today around 5pm. I never received an email from HTC nor Lets talk. The way I found out was by my credit company's email and phone call (to make sure I made the charge)... I am very happy that it was shipped and will get it on Monday. This has been one of the the worst customer service experiences ever. Anyway I order it on 16th so if you order it after 16, yours should be shipping soon if not already.