Black AT&T HTC One

No details or announcement, but the black HTC One has appeared on AT&T's website

We know the black version of the HTC One was coming to AT&T eventually, but tonight we're seeing it on their website. There was no availability announcement, no details on the page and it's not available to buy just yet, but it is there. We're not sure if this means anything, but we thought a few of you might want a heads up that it's appeared. Click the link below to have a look.

Source: AT&T. Thanks, Patrick!

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S_C_B says:

Well howdy, black HTC One.

Qbancelli says:

Doesn't look as good as gray.

Darth Spock says:

Are all the people who preordered the wrong one able to switch without incurring a delay?

wolverinex says:

website said item i selected not available in my area

richard451 says:

If you followed the HTC Once forums here, you would have knows it's been on the AT&T site for the last couple of weeks. It's also available at Walmart

jangofei says:

Missing SD card slot? Check this out:

antw081 says:

I want a black one!

(Err... that didn't really come out right)

Habiib says:

LMFAO!!! Sounds good to me!!

Well I got some info you might be interested in. I was probably one of like 10 people that actually pre-ordered the HTC ONE from Best Buy. I was supposed to get a shipping confirmation already to have my phone delivered by Tuesday. Instead I got an email telling me there was a problem with my order. Long story short, I called Best Buy and as it turns out this email went out as an error to people that pre-ordered the silver version. The real issue was with the black version, as it was explained to me, the internal best buy memo said that the finish was chipping and the production was delayed. Thus I highly doubt you will actually see this phone one soon. I would guess more likely at the end of May.

aapold says:

I saw a black mock-up yesterday in an AT&T store. they said they were sold out.

SpiralBorg says:

I like the black model of the HTC One.
Unlike most people who just like the silver colour.

pounder001 says:

Ordered my AT&T HTC One on Friday and was given a choice of black or silver, (ordered silver) so AT&T must have stock