HTC ShopAmerica offering a cool $25 Google Play credit to folks who experienced delays

Folks who ordered an HTC One direct from HTC earlier this year will want to check their inbox, as there could be $25 worth of Google Play credit there waiting. Component shortages and supply issues caused a slight delay for shipping the first round of HTC One phones, and while all that seems to have been corrected, HTC still wants to compensate folks for the delay.

If your order falls under the umbrella (it seems like orders placed the first day or two are getting reviewed) you'll get a code worth $25 credit to spend in Google Play. No muss, no fuss. Thanks, HTC!

Via: Android Central forums


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HTC offering $25 Google Play credit to compensate for One shipping delays


What are they doing for VZW peeps?? Or maybe this is why VZW doesn't carry this phone. HTC can't provide them?

Bought an S4 for the wife on the 13th. Then a One for me on the 19th when fortunately 1 T-Mo store in the 50-mile radius had it in stock when I called. As soon as she laid her hands on mine, she said "Can I have this instead?". No way baby! Great job HTC! Please keep it up.