The HTC Merge has had quite a wild ride since we first went hands- on with it. After seemingly dropping off the face of the earth, it was deemed canceled, sold on eBay, turned up on Alltel and finally the big news arrived -- an official announcement of its release.  Although the official announcement lacked any launch dates or specific carriers, Verizon was assumed to be on that list given the fact they never removed it from their system nor bothered to stop shipping accessories.

The latest HTC Merge news is that it has now passed FCC approval. And while rumors may have suggested it was possibly being revamped for LTE, we're not exactly shocked to find out it still remains without. (In fact, judging from the tape/Photoshop job where the carrier logo would be, we're betting this is exactly the same model as what we saw, and it's been sitting on a shelf somewhere.)

In addition to passing FCC approval, if you hit up the FCC link you'll also be able to get a look at the (Still Verizon-branded) user-guide, if that's your thing. Still no release date as of yet but no doubt, it's coming soon. [FCC via Phonescoop]


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HTC Merge at the FCC again, this time with the user manual in tow

If they didn't look dirty I'd be a little concerned with their testing process. Aside from that, they see new and un-released phones all day long. I doubt they get excited over much any more so they aren't exactly taking glamor shots. More like "Oh great, another damn phone.. FML but at least the pay is OK"

Why did you guys delete your MegaVideo app post? I guess because it's not in the Market somehow? It would be nice to have a post to comment on to see what's up.

Does anyone else question how relevant these documents are? Yes, they have only just been released by the FCC, but they've had them since early September. Anyone think that there may be updated documents/specs that the FCC has not released yet, considering that this phone has been MIA for 6 months now? Or has it been generally accepted that the real reason this thing never emerged was so that it wouldn't cannibalize Droid 2 / D2G sales?