Lloyd casino

Like others of us around here, Lloyd's got a stick up his butt, and he's traveling the world. And he's going to win one of you a Verizon-branded HTC Merge. So here's a reminder that the contest continues. Hit up the link below for the complete details, but the picture above should give you an idea of what we're looking for. It's that easy, and we're already getting some great submissions. One week to go, folks.

Take Lloyd on the road and win a Verizon HTC Merge


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HTC Merge contest continues with Lloyd on a stick


Pretty obvious to me what the winner would be. Somebody get Lloyd holding on sideways during the hurricane this weekend.

And I'm sure that comment is not endorsed nor recommended by androidcentral.com

Can Lloyd float?

The picture above directly violates the contest rules:

"Take a picture with yourself and Lloyd. No, not just Lloyd. We want to see you, too. If you're not in the picture, you're not in the running."

So have the rules changed now?

Awesome thanks Phil I love that you used my pic! If it helps my birthday is sept 5. And i'm a Verizon customer. A merge would really be the best present a man can have.! I can only dream ;) good luck to all contestants

Damn it.. I don't have a big picture of Lloyd with a stick up his arse.. If I did I would take a picture of him & I during the hurricane, 40+ ft in the air in my bucket truck helping me work on some power lines.. If I can make one or find one before tomorrow night, you know I will.. Lets see what I can come up with for you fine android central peeps..