Smaller chassis and screen shown on a phone with a familiar design

It's been a while since we've heard anything about the M4, the rumored mid-range variant of the the flagship HTC One handset. Today the device seems to have cropped up on Estonian site, in a number of images of varying quality.  The shots seem to confirm what's been rumored about the M4, specifically that it's a smaller version of the HTC One without the aluminum unibody. (Close-ups of the phone seem to show a much more plasticky-looking exterior.)

The site also claims to have a partial spec list for the M4, and lists a dual-core CPU, 2GB of RAM, a 4.3-inch 720p display, 16GB of storage and a 4MP HTC Ultrapixel camera. Software-wise, Android 4.2.2 is reported, and shots of the screen unsurprisingly show HTC's Sense 5 software in action. What's more, images of the phone's front face seem to confirm the presence of a pair of "BoomSound" front-facing speakers. An August launch at a €400 price point is also speculated.

If this is all legit, it looks like HTC will be pitting the M4 against the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini in the mid-to-high-end space. And assuming the specs are accurate, a 720p display would give the HTC device a clear edge over the qHD SuperAMOLED used in Samsung's Mini.

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HTC 'M4' allegedly captured, looks to be an HTC One mini


The lack of storage is the only thing making this thing imperfect.

Remember, people, with HTC phones you're only getting 9GB of storage, not 16. It's unusable as is, and I'd gladly pay extra for 32.

Why is this priced at 400 bp or ~600 dollars?
You can get the non-mini version with that money, who is going to pay the same price for less CPU power and display? smh

That's not the way the pricing usually works, a phone that's 400 GBP would likely sell for 400 US$ in the US.

Ridiculously, this thing doesn't look that much smaller than the regular sized HTC One.

If you are going to build a "mini" it needs to be "mini." The picture that shows the two One devices side by side shows that the One Mini is just barely smaller than the original One.

The Galaxy S4 mini gets the size about right. 10% shorter height and nearly 15% shorter width

I agree that it should have been a bit smaller to differentiate it from the One. However, I've quite a few people say they wished the One was just a bit smaller. I guess this phone is for them.

If its a 4.3 inch screen then its the same size as the original HTC EVO. I still have one on a account, I think that its the perfect "mini" size only because going smaller would make the device itself look weird ... the only reason its nearly the same size is because of the speakers I think, ans the speakers are kinda rounded compared to the more rectangle grill on the normal ONE

looks plenty smaller to me... the pic is taken at an angle, perhaps that could make the relative size deceiving

The only reason I need this puppy to come out is so that I can put some 4.2.2 love on my Droid DNA ;-)

Just grab CM10.1. It's almost fully working (I think BT audio might still be wonky) and runs really smooth and stable.

I noticed that the CM 10.1 build is coming along nicely. Even though I might be in the minority, I do enjoy Sense 5, so I'm just jonesin' for 4.2.2 in that form to get transferred over.

Major props for putting 720p in 4.3 inches, most manufacturers haven't put that little 2+2 together yet, this does give Samsung a well deserved prodding since this phone is a Mini aswell with the same general dimensions.

Samsung's glory-related decision to cripple the S4 mini and prevent it from stealing sales figures away from the full-size S4 has allowed HTC to undercut them with a great phone.

Agreed. I can't believe it took this long to see a 4.3" 720p phone. HTC may finally be on a winning streak.

Ah, touché. I forgot about the Rezound. Well, I am surprised there aren't *more* 4.3" 720p phones out there.

HTC Resound is 4.3" screen with 720p resolution almost 2 years now. HTC First Facebook phone is also 4.3" screen with 720p resolution.

Apparently HTC needs to spend lots more money on marketing.

Yes, the Rezound is the only other 4.3" 720p phone around, since the HTC First is pretty much DOA, and no one wants to buy a phone with no future support/updates.


I'm constantly on the run, constantly one-handed typing messages. And at 5'6" with not-so-large hands, 4.7+ inch screened devices just don't work for me. Went the Nexus 4 route - and as much as I loved it, the screen size was uncomfortable even after using it for 3 months.

I need and want something with a 4.3 inch screen that can keep up with me. The HTC One is a BEAUTIFUL phone, but I don't quite feel comfortable with it in my hands. This will be perfect.

T-Mobile, don't disappoint me!!!!

That's 5 times better yes. Just like how the HTC One is an updated HTC One X. Hello that's how things work in life.

Just my personal opinion but I think mid-range variant of any flagship smartphone shouldn't cost more than $300 or $350 without contract. Over $400 for a mid-ranger is too much.

High-end or top smartphone should be: $600/$700
Mid: $300/350
Low: $100/250

i'm getting one for my mom the is the best mini i have ever seen and been waiting my mom will be very happy thank you HTC for making this

This totally made me LOL my pants off. While I can see this happening its already been confirmed that there will be no more "Droids" for the next half a year! But then again by the time Verizon gets around to releasing this device it wouldn't surprise me! :P

My first reaction was "Great another friggin' phone from HTC". Looks like it's a welcome addition to many folks though, so I embrace this new Android and hope they crank out another model next week that is almost the exact same thing.

This looks good. Sadly, I have promised myself that I'll never go back to waiting months for updates, so I'll have to stick to the nexus line. A google experience version of this phone, made with aluminium (this looks to be plastic) would make my day. Alas, that probably will never happen. Good thing I love my Nexus 4.

Another HTC phone with only 9GB of usable storage. Too bad, it was almost completely perfect. Hopefully this is what we'll see more of - 4.3", 720p, 2GB Ram, good processor phones.. and hopefully with actual storage.

Why do these manufacturer's have to downgrade the technology inside based on the size of the phone itself. I love to have a smaller phone with up to date retina screen resolution, quad-core processor and 2GB; 32GB, 4.0 Bluetooth and 802.11 ac, and USB 3.0.

I guess I'm forced to go with the new Apple iPhone 5S. Both Samsung and HTC ignore this market segment and left it wide open for Apple. They think that people will only buy it based on size; bigger screen - top of the line phone. May do not like the bigger size because they have to fit it into a suit or a purse or use it in shorts, etc...