HTC Legend

The HTC Legend -- you'll remember it from our hands-on at Mobile World Congress last month -- at this point remains a European-only phone, and as such it's starting to get into European journalists' hands for review. Don't worry, we fully expect to see a version of it in the States sooner rather than later, and you can already get a taste of the new Sense UI, if you want. In the meantime, here are a few unboxings, if you're into that sort of thing:

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barnettj says:

I'm such a geek-wanna-be. I actually enjoy watching the unboxing videos.

thebizz says:

it looks quick

gbhil#AC says:

Know the one thing wrong with the Legend? It's not sitting here in my hands.

Gameboy70 says:

The Legend's performance is snappier than I would've expected from a 600MHz processor, but it probably won't qualify for Flash 10.1, which pretty much makes it a nonstarter in my book. Any Android device 2010 with less than 1GHz processor doesn't seem like much of a future-proof purchase.