HTC Speedy

We're slowly learning more about the rumored HTC Knight, which may also be called the Speedy or the Shift 4G and appears headed to Sprint at some point, and it sure looks like a slightly smaller Evo 4G. But today we do know that the ROM has leaked out in handy RUU form, and we get a good look at it in render form, which you see above. It's being ripped apart as we speak, so keep an eye out for updates. [XDA Developers via the Android Central Forums] Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

Update: As mentioned in the comments below, credit for the RUU (like many leaked RUU files) goes to Football.  Also, we're seeing a few things of interest. It's a mixture of old and new, but unfortunately it's not the new HTC Sense build like the one in the Desire Z or MyTouch 4G.  For all intents and purposes, this is the HTC Vision (G2, Desire Z, Merge) for Sprint.  And that's a good thing, indeed.

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d3xn2o says:

hmmm says:

Nice, I was asking for a higher res photo of this damn thing just today. I think this is my next phone...

hopefuly the knight has dual core!!!!!!

TMartin says:

Please add a link to the original post by Football @


dtreo says:


mck2018 says:

Would be hard to switch to something with a < 4.3" screen after having the evo for so long. Also not having a front facing camera is a definite con in my books.

tomh1979 says:

no front facing camera, means entry level evo, but still with $10 tax, lol, i pay my tax with no issue's.

hmmm says:

Is it for sure there is no front camera? What is the little round thing to the left of the speaker?

tomh1979 says:

more then likely the proximety (may be misspelled) sensor.

briankurtz79 says:

Good eye. It does look like a camera. However, the dx looked like it was running ios maps for Xmas! No pun

Go Android! says:

I feel sorry for this phone if it doesn't come put by Christmas. It won't be getting my money. I''m waiting for the Epic for Christmas.

But if this were to come out now, i would definitely think about this phone...if the specs are good.

hmmm says:

If this is basically a G2 or Vision I wonder if it is going to have the Z style hinge or if it will be a regular slider. I really like the G2 so if that is the case I would be quite happy.

Also, if you look at benchmarks of the G2 even though it may have an 800mhz proc it is benchmarking better than an Epic or an Evo. Not sure how much of a difference Android 2.1 on the Epic matters in the case of benchmarks but my point is it is a fast phone despite being 800mhz.

Hopefully it will release by Jan 6th like some sites have suggested. I need a new phone, do not want a Samsung and would like a hardware keyboard. This phone would be perfect for me.

I am bummed about it not having a front facing camera though if that is true.

lancehart says:

As long as it isn't 4G, this will likely be my next phone.
I refuse to pay the extra $10 for something I'll never get to use where I live.

It's 4G

d3xn2o says:

It is 4G

we found it to have the same wimax Radio as the Evo...

It also uses the same Touch Panel

babybear293 says:

yes an HTC for SPRINT!!!
i hope this comes out soon! it would be perfect if it comes out in January!
I have a HERO & i need a new phone ASAP
i'm not too fond of phones with Keyboard, but as along as its an HTC!!!!!! I WILL BE MORE THAN HAPPY TO SETTLE!!
I will never settle for anything other than HTC.
i wanted the Epic, but man HTC just came through for me in the BIGGEST WAY!!!!

tim242 says:

@babybear: Ever heard of the Evo? Just Wondering.

babybear293 says:

i have, lol
but the Evo is too big for my small hands. i've tried in the stores & my Boyfriend has one.