HTC Incredible

Engadget says it's got a source that says the HTC Incredible, one of the leaked code names unearthed in that leaked Android 2.1 ROM, is headed for Verizon. While that's not the sort of code name you'd expect just any old phone to have, let's remember that the HTC Mega on Windows Mobile was kind of a buzzkill. So maybe it's the Passion/Dragon, and maybe it's not. And once again, we wait. [Engadget Mobile]

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Andrew says:

Hell to the yes! Vzw bitches!

Anonymous says:

HTC incredible is running on Android 2.1 with HTC Sense, and as our tipster confirms, it's running with a Snapdragon CPU (and is described as "fast, really fast") with 256MB of RAM, and has a 3.5-3.7" WVGA screen.
Not so shabby indeed. More details:

cj100570 says:

so let me summarize the article:verizon is expected to get another android phone. no other details. absolutely useless article!

Drizoid says:

I concur sir!

Anonymous says:

no way this is the imagio, is there? just saw a HTC commercial about how a phone "has to get you.. and you.. and you...." and it has the imagio on it which I havent seen yet, and it says exclusively at verizon wireless.

Anonymous says:

The Imagio has been out since October. Yeah... they haven't pushed it at all, but it's been out. Imagio runs WinMo 6.5. The Incredible would have to be a new device, since it seems to be set to run Android.

Anonymous says:

alright, I didnt really pay attention to the phone on the commercial, mostly just saw the buttons at the bottom for a quick second and started to wonder what the 5th button would be.

The Incredible is the Nexus One with verizon bands.

daveydog says:

based purely on hope

Steven says:

Honestly? This rumor is causing me to hold off on the Droid, hanging on to XV6900 for another couple of months in the hopes of getting a 1 GHZ processor with Android 2.1 (I LOVE Google pastries!)