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HTC Hero and 2.1, New Moto Droid features, Rooting devices, New Beautiful Widgets


I like to see them fix the Car Dock on the Motorola Droid. I have had three Droids replace cause something haveing to do with the cr dock messes up the phone.

Love my droid. It's nice to have an MP3 player that doesn't have me constantly trying to adjust the sound settings & increasing the bass. Anyone else noticed how much better the droid sounds than the iPod touch? That said I'd really like video out. Also how about a DLNA/UpNP server with video playback. I have Andromote and it recognizes my PC and media servers but will only play music, no video. I'd love to be able to access all my video files and podcasts. Nice to be able to leave the livingroom and access the same files without buying another streaming media device. I haven't paid for the Andromote upgrade since I already have access to my music elsewhere. I'd pay quite a bit for video access though.

Try Androrb. It is like Andromote, but will access video as well as music, photo, etc. If you are looking for using your phone as a wireless remote, I recommend VLC Remote (beta). Just add html interface to VLC player and you are set.

I have had three Droids replace cause something haveing to do with the cr dock messes up the phone. And i just bought a motodroid to use it well and want to be update to 2.1 firmware ASAP.


chinese phone games format are mainly jar, MRP, nes, app that several format, below describes how to install the game
If you want to game files can be to the game columns and download center to download, contempt for the west see deconstruction technology ran

Jar format: mainly focused on a brand, part of the chinese phones is also support, installation is very simple, direct will jar file copy SD card, then in the mobile phone resource manager found in the documents,chinese phone, which kao open installation is ok.

MRP: chinese phones 90 per cent supported formats, install method: in your mobile T card find Mythroad folder kao into applist. J DSM_GM MRP and MRP files, and then will download the MRP files, kao into the same folder. Will SMS set to not may be sending state, then dial-up * # 220807 #, can appear simulator interface, inside you are kao into the game. If appeared online login logo, then prove your position didn't put on, but you can in the mobile phone's next game places.

Specific game set for every game there are instructions, oneself study it. Playing the game, will be prompted to send a text message, etc., don't mind it, according to defined then playing is ok. To quit the game, remember after a return to normal to send SMS mode

Nes format: is a chinese phone call game simulator, mainly used on TV game, which also fork card nes file copy to T card games in the folder, and then run the chinese phone game simulator, can look back the classic game luo (contra, picked mushrooms...). First run this west mobile games had better use a scrap card, or appear fee deducted be embarrassed, here mainly refers to the format of the game. MRP

Snow carp platform APP format: if your chinese phone  directory, apply inside file format is all APP format files. Then your chinese phone  support APP format applications. Or chinese phone establish the APP format, apply directory of chinese phone game software upload inside. Then open the cellular phone game list can see operation
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