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Here's a nice little promo video from HTC showing a brief glimpse into the way it goes about design. "It just makes sense," ya know?

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HTC gives a little insight into its design


What a bunch of crap. If they really cared about design and how I use my phone, why would they put a kickstand on a phone to let me watch movies in landscape, only to hide the charger port where I can't plug in it whilst doing so????

Except the kickstand only flips out one way, which forces the phone to stand on the side with the charging port, idiot.

How u gonna call someone an idiot for a legit complaint?! Do u have the phone? If so, u would know that flipping the phone over makes no sense ... its either portrait while charging or landscaping while not charging. And who the hell wants to watch a movie or whatever while in portrait?! Think before u call someone an idiot. Be respectful

Um, flip it over horizontal the OTHER way. It holds the phone up fine for me. It's strong enough. I'm assuming you're talking about the Bolt and not Evo (or Photon).

Ahem... Kick stand? Who cares? I have yet to cry myself to sleep due to lack of kick stand...

You have one of the greatest phones on the face of the planet, and you still have to have something to complain about. #FirstWorldProblems

I agree with u in that I also wouldn't cry myself to sleep for lack of kickstand, but I gotta be honest since having the thunderbolt I find myself using it more then I ever imagined I would! It really is quite useful! And I believe the design, as others are stating, is flawed due to the location of the charging port. With the battery drain issues of this phone, it'd prefer to have it plugged in while watching Netflix or whatever, but that just doesn't work ... maybe they will fix that issue for new phones in the future, who knows.

Someone missed the point of the video. HTC claims to think about design and how people use their phones then go and put a kickstand on it so you can't use the charging port. I was not complaining about he phone. I was complaining that the video is full of crap.

I didn't even get into the poor battery life or the incredibly hard to remove back cover of the phone, or the light bleed through around the screen, or the way the kickstand plating chips or that you have to remove the battery to swap the SD card. Definitely sounds like the greatest designed phone on the face of the planet.

Kickstand on my Evo 4G works great, and I have no complaints about the charging port. Maybe you should look at a picture of the phone before you buy it.

One can always find issues with just about every phone ever made! There is nothing perfect out there, but its whether or not its perfect for u that really matters. I myself have a thunderbolt and have all the defects u just listed, but for now I am content. That's saying a lot considering I'm a tech junkie and am always buying the latest and greatest. I am waiting on the edge of my seat for the nexus prime (Droid prime), and I can almost certainly foresee flaws with that as well. However, I think that will finally be the phone I can root and customize and be happy with for a long time! We shall see ... point is everything has flaws and nit-picking every little thing gets tiresome, but I completely agree that this phone has way too many flaws and this video is crap!! Its possible I have just accomplished the art of contradiction but that's because my view goes both ways with this phone. I'm content with dealing with the flaws for now because its an over all great phone, but wow! So many flaws to fix out the box! Some of which are unfixable ... sorry ... long day at work and a few beer will almost always cause me to ramble ... my apologies :-D

I didn't know that if I flipped over my phone the ringer would silence. I just tested it and it works. .......

.... What else don't I know!!!!!!!!

You may already know this one but when on a call if you flip in over it will switch to speakerphone, or when it's in your pocket it will ring louder so you're more likely to hear it.

They should see if they can figure out a way to make a battery last more than 6 to 8 hours...and turning OFF all the features that we buy smartphones for is NOT a potential solution.

How bout some insight on how to disable SENSE or perhaps give us a CHOICE in using it or not, rather than have it thrust on us be default?

Love their phones, going back to the PPC versions, but I'm thinking about the Bionic this go round based on my hope of better battery life.

I gotta give to HTC , some times they design aa masterpiece of a phone such as the OG DROID Incredible & other times they make a crappy looking phones (I wont name , so people don't get offended)

Terrible battery life. Weighs 4 pounds. Cheap crappy screen. Use the same design for years. Oh yea, great design.

This same design shenanigans has gotta go, it's a rectangle with rounded edges! How else would they design it? Perhaps HTC should make an octagon phone.

HTC is just plainly the best. It's either Stock, Sense or bust for me! Oh and yes an innovated Evo is Ok with me! (Well, until the Vigor or Droid Prime come out of course! lol)

Oh god, at the end of the video when it went all white with the HTC logo, for a second, I thought my phone was giving me the white screen of death haha