While we'll have to wait until CTIA to really figure the situation out, HTC has gone ahead and registered two versions of the "HTC EVO View 4G" trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The HTC EVO View 4G if you need a reminder, is the rumored device we heard talk of last week and is suggested to be Sprint version of the HTC Flyer. While the registration lacks details about it being a tablet, it does call out "Portable computers" and -- that's close enough in our minds for now but we'll see what happens at CTIA.  [USPTO via Good And Evo]

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dskwerl says:

I literally just bought the Galaxy Tab. If this does get anounced for Sprint, I think I'll return the Tab and wait for the View. If it is equivalent to the Flyer, because the Flyer looks awesome.

Dhamp2g says:

Yeah wait I love my grab but it prob won't get honeycomb

dskwerl says:

I'm not horribly worried about Honeycomb for the GTab. I'm sure it will come... Eventually. But I really liked some of the features on the Flyer, but I wasn't interested in switching to AT&T or T-Mobile to get it. If the View is equivalent, and comes out sometime fairly soon (in the next couple of months), I will definitely go with that instead. And the 7 inch screen size is perfect, for me.

Dhamp2g says:

This should be it. I can't wait, now cmon dual core, QHD EVO

thegeester68 says:

If they offer the View 4G in multiple size formats, I would love to pick up a 9" tablet!

ZDriver says:

That's what she said

Yea it would be a nice suprise if the tablet & phone are packed with a tegra2 + 1gb dual channel ddr3 hehe comon htc.

I'm almost certain that the "HTC EVO VIEW 4G" is NOT a variant of the HTC Flyer.

Also, HTC will be releasing the proper successor to the EVO 4g, NOT LG as some have suspected.

If i may ask, what makes you so certain?

March 22nd cant come soon enough. I hope this stuff is out as fast as the shift was after they announced. It would be real good for sprint if they are ready to roll right away with these new devices.

Sprint will choose an early June window like tney did last year and the year prior

...and have enough in stock for customers demand....

crxssi says:

Putting the Evo name on a tablet would be lame.

dougeetx says:

Not to be playing devils advocate but didn't HP/Compaq have an evo line like 10 years ago?