Sprint EVO 4G LTE

Our long national nightmare is over, ladies and gentlemen. The HTC EVO 4G LTE has cleared its International Trade Commission review at customs, which caused the phone to miss its launch date last Friday, and is headed to Sprint stores nationwide.

The delay stemmed from the ITC inspecting the phones to ensure that they don't infringe on a patent owned by Apple specifically, one that opens up a menu when you tap on a linked phone number. For its part, HTC in December had said that the patent covered "a small UI experience" and that it already had a workaround at that time. And sure enough, the EVO 4G LTE (and the AT&T HTC One X) that we've got here have changed things up a little bit. (Tapping on a linked phone number goes straight to the dialer instead of offering menu options.)

Preorders will arrive "on or around" May 24, Sprint said, and you should receive an e-mail with shipping confirmation once your phone is on the way.

Source: Sprint; more: HTC EVO 4G LTE forums


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HTC EVO 4G LTE officially cleared to ship


*Happy Dance* Big shout out to "Neo" over at Inside Sprint Now. Incredible job keeping us informed of what was going on during "EVO Gate". Time to pop that bubbly and celebrate!

That guy helped make this nightmare a little more bearable.
Follow ISN at @Inside.Sprint.Now and read his blog.

Yes, Apple lost in big way the Phone out to be release to the people! Apple trying not letting the HTC selling it phones in the USA period, that`s a big lost for Apple, the HTC ONE EVO 4G LTE and HTC ONE, they`re in the USA and the IPHONE 5 not out yet. So what more do you want to see..... HTC winner in here.

Apple lost because they created bad will and many of us will never buy an Apple product.

The bad news is that Sprint is losing money because of the delay. Add to that the stupid commitment that Sprint made to buy 30 mln iPhones over 4 years (a goal they're going to miss, imo). Apple is harming Sprint in two ways -- collectiing lots of subsidies for the aging iPhone, and obstructing the better phone (HTC) from getting to customers... It's all good business, the strong eating up the weak...

Just received this tweet from Sprint:

I was told by Sprint and read online that they were already packaged up and ready to go in some warehouse. Why wait until the 24th to ship? Its still a lame response.

Customers who pre-ordered HTC EVO 4G LTE…Your wait is almost over! Sprint expects to begin shipping HTC EVO 4G LTE for arrival on or around Thursday, May 24 to customers who pre-ordered the device online from Sprint.

We will provide details on the full national launch as soon as possible. Thank you to everyone who has been patient while waiting for their HTC EVO 4G LTE. We will continue to update this post as additional details are available.

To check the status of your pre-order, please visit www.sprint.com/myorder.

You will receive a shipping confirmation email with tracking number the moment your new phone ships.

I think maybe it just cleared customs. (the shipping docks) Now they nee to get the phones to the warehouse and ship them out. A few more days and your worries will be over and new ones will begin :O) lol

Actually, I'm pretty sure Sprint uses UPS as the warehouse. The phones were actually in a "customs" section of a ups center as international flights often land right at the UPS hub and don't have to go to a port. Unless you count airport.

Hey, good stuff. Not that affected me in any way (other then reading about it here), but I'm glad this got settled and people can get what they've been waiting for

I wasn't going to jump on one til' the first, but this is still great news. Now. How are we going to teach apple a lesson?

Kill the first born son of every iPhone user?

Nah... too Jewish...

How about we work up a #6 on them? What's a #6 you ask?

Well, that's where we go a-ridin' into town, a-whompin' and a-whumpin' every livin' thing that moves within an inch of its life. Except the women folks, of course...

You are just bitter because Sprint is getting the best phone made. Speeds on Sprint's 3G can be pretty slow in certain places at times, that is true. But at least they have some of the best plan pricing, no data caps/throttling, reliable voice calling, best phones, good coverage, and good customer service.

If they can fix the data network with "Vision", without sacrificing any of the above, they will be sitting pretty. Let's hope...

You forgot to mention the long rumored use of the Nextel freqs which will dramatically improve reception range and inside of buildings.....

Grats guinea pigs. All you LTE beta testers in Columbus,Ohio, let me know how or if LTE is working when you get your handsets.

From what he has already leaked, I don't think battery life will be a problem. In fact, it is supposed to blow away all previous HTC handsets. But I would love to see the official review too :)

If you are waiting to know what battery life will be like with LTE on, however, you will have a looooooooooooooong wait. Fortunately, the LTE chipset is built onto the main SOC, so it should be efficient (unlike some of the add-on WiMax chips).

>"Our long national nightmare is over"

Not really. My nightmare is over when I actually have the phone in my hands. When will Best Buy get it? Where am I on the list? Will they call me? Will they have it when I get it? Will there be activation problems.

Such fun.

Nice, that means they should be in stores Thursday or Friday. I better wait until after the holiday to get mine though or my wife will probably kill me on our family vacation.

I highly doubt there are going to be supply problems with the GS3 looming. I don't think HTC would do that to themselves.

@Gekko will be so EnViOus.
Thank goodness we don't hear you now Gekko!
How's your modified GNex working out for you?
Got battery life, signal, gps, decent photos?

I just FINALLY had my upgrade date reset. Pre-order is still on track at Best Buy.

Activate Interlocks...dynotherms connected...infracells up...megathrusters are go...go get in the car and pick up that phone!

What about the One X? Anyway I'm happy they are clearing the phones, I will be getting the One X as soon as it appears at my local ATT.

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Took me a moment to get the "tune" on that one.
You should offer some help to the slower folks in the audience.
It's an old Boz Scaggs Tune. "Leo"

Moose... Screw you Sprint hater! Yes there is a reason they are #3... I ain't made of gold but I have a family plan with 5 phones on my account and nobody else can match it dollar for dollar. When #1 or #2 come close then I will change. Sprint for 6+ years.. still there.... You wanna send me money for bragging rights about your carrier?

Happy dancing here too. Verizon and AT&T don't have what I'll have in a couple of days. New EVO in my pocket SOON! Booyah!

Yes congratulations everybody. Your 3G phones are on the way. LMAO. Now that we got that business out the way, back to the LTE problem. I hope most of you that ordered are in a LTE Market or use Wi-fi most of your adult life. Also, I'm wondering when this LTE is rolled out will it be on par with the competition, namely Verizons 4G, which is the best so far.

VZW's LTE network will be "better" for the foreseeable future...The beauty of LTE is its long-term potential. Plus its a trade off cause the only way to offer unlimited data successfully is to limit the pipe, per say. We on Sprint just have unlimited access to that squeezed pipe. Whereas the other guys dont restrict pipe just your access to it. Only time will tell which business model will win out

a) that scene was hilarious. loved the avengers
b) that definitely made me feel better too. thanks for the share

I would make sure to send it back to Sprint demand a new device and then demand a discount of some kind for wasting my time on some booty already opened device!

Seems like if HTC hadn't broken any patent law there wouldn't be this issue. Whether you agree with patents or not, Apple had patents that HTC knowlingly and illegally implemented and were forced to remove. Why did HTC remove those patents prior to shipping? Because they knew they were wrong. Don't allow your ridiculously childish hatred for Apple to cloud good reasoning. Had the tables been turned, HTC would have done the same thing to Apple. HTC hopefully learned a valuable lesson.
Apple sold 35.1 million iphones last quarter. What's your prediction for the Evo?

Don't let you fanboy-ism of Apple cloud your judgement.
If HTC actually violated the law the phones would not have been cleared for entry into U.S.

Apple does not innovate, they litigate.
The infrigment was allegedly because a phone number on the phone might open up a menu, so Apple apparently owns a patent on the ideas of links?

It turns out the phones didn't violate the alleged Apple patent, because touching a phone number opens the phone dialer and not a "menu".

So this just shows Apple is run by sue happy little children that stomp thier feet when they feel anyone might release anything that is potentially better than what they have out there.

I for one will vote with my wallet and buy this phone and to hell with all Apple products.

Perhaps next time HTC will follow patent law so that their devices won't be held up in customs and you can get your orders on time. Apple must have had some pretty sweet patents for HTC to "steal" so many. I'm not sure how they thought they would get away with it.
Love em or hate em, kudos to Apple for calling HTC on this. If you're not gonna play by the rules, get out of game. But I guess you can't blame HTC, on one hand, for stealing patents, after looking at their recent flagging device sales. I guess you have to find some way to get back in the game, even if that means breaking the law.
Hopefully HTC learned a valuable lesson, because this was an embarrassing episode for them.
By the way, I own a Samsung Galaxy S2and my son,the og Evo.

So Nreeldeep, your contention is that while these boxed phones were on the ship from Taiwan or China or where ever they are manufactured a software gnome got onboard ship and changed the software on these phones in route to the U.S.? Obviously the phones never violated the patents and didn't from the moment they left the factory.
This is Apple trying hard to hold the competition down even if it means resorting to malicious litigation.
They must have successories posters all over their legal team's office "Littigate don't innovate"

HTC didn't violate any patents...This is Apple stomping thier feet like little spoiled brats.

I say Kudos to the US customs service to allow the phones into the country. Clearly Apple is loosing it. This is more of an embarrasement for Apple than anything else.
How can anyone see them as anything other than a bully?

@Nreeldeep HTC was not in violation actually that is why the devices are now shipping get your facts straight. They were being investigated to verify that they were not infringing on any of Apples patents. Apple knew that but they are worried that they are going to lose customer base on Sprint and AT&T with this new powerhouse phone. #GTFOAPPLE