EVO root

Now that some pre-orders are getting filled and the EVO 4G LTE is in the hands of Android fans, it was just a matter of time before it got rooted. It's a pretty simple affair, using the same exploit as the Transformer Prime after the Ice Cream Sandwich update. It's pretty simple -- install drivers if needed, then run a small script. The end result is a rooted EVO, which makes us all warm and fuzzy inside. Of course since it's brand new there won't be much happening on the ROM and hacking front, but that will soon change.

As always, be careful and think about what you're planning on doing, because the developers can't be responsible for the things you might do. Now that you've been sufficiently warned, hit the link and check it out.

How to root your HTC EVO 4G LTE



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HTC EVO 4G LTE is rooted with a simple script


I think that your statement is horribly ignorant. Rooting your phone is done to change something. If you are happy with what it is, then why root? You are happy with the phone as is, there isn't a need to root. This doesn't mean that everyone is happy with it.

Well that is not true for every case, some people root to reload apps with all their data intact so they don't have to start from scratch. Also some people root because they want to try new stuff nothing about not liking the phone.

No it doesn't. You have a lot to learn about rooting. Plenty of people root their phone for the ability to make nandroid backups alone.

Rooting only unlocks what a stock device can do.

Lmao, you have no clue as to what rooting us actually for. Either that or you're trolling. Either way, you're still clueless.

The phone that was used to take the photo of this Evo is reflected in the glass of the Evo (bottom right). Please tell me that's not an iPhone?!

Im stuck.....ive had my 4g lte since 8am yesterday and Im still using my og evo.....i dont wanna let it go...i did root the lte for obvious reasons but I cant seem to bid my og evo good bye