Seeing a beautiful device, like the HTC EVO 3D, torn down is always a terrifyingly amazing thing, it is incredible to see the insides, yet something that the owner never has the guts to do. Luckily for us franky_402 and lyon21 from the forums were kind enough to team up and record themselves taking the device apart for us all to see. The teardown ends with the device, well, torn apart, so let's hope these brave souls were able to get it back together and functional after putting the camera down. 

Source: Android Central Forums


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HTC EVO 3D shows off its insides


The video was blurry, but as others have said, it was very cool to watch it all.
I know I'd never take apart a brand new phone even if it did mean a ton of Youtube hits!

Not once has my Evo 3D given me any sort of headache/eye problems when using it, but this video is another story entirely! So freaking blurry that my eyes constantly try to focus the image, causing me to have such a huge headache.. only able to watch the first 3 minutes before having to go take an advil >.<;