Finally, a bit of not-quite-dismal financial news for HTC. While the Taiwanese manufacturer didn't hit expectations with its fourth-quarter earnings, it did manage to turn a $10 million profit — which it failed to do the previous quarter.

The uptick can at least in part be credited to its sell-off of the 25 percent stake it still had in Beats Audio — a move that netted HTC a one-time addition of some $85 million. 

HTC's not out of the woods yet, but it's made strides in rolling out updates in a more timely manner, and we'll have to see if there's any tangible result to the continued executive changes.

Source: Reuters


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HTC ekes out a $10 million profit in Q4


If they keep up with producing phenomenal devices like the One and great customer service then I don't see why they shouldn't regain their best Android OEM Crown once again.

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Sadly it takes more than that. They need more marketing. Plaster their product across the city like Samsung.

Editor in chief of

More marketing? How about less terrible marketing. Whomever was responsible for the Robert Downy Jr. campaign should have been fired.
Their executives need to take a pay cut, smarten up and listen to their customers.

In YOUR opinion, lol.

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If the HTC One Max
Would come out with a Google Play Edition i would be buying it

On screen buttons & Snapdragon 805 in the next M8

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This would be great. HTC and Moto easily have everyone beat for build quality, screen quality (well, HTC anyways) and reception. (Could never get a signal with my mom's numerous galaxy phones over the years) and Motorola has really upped their game with the Moto x.

And I'm always happy if HTC has good news to report.

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Moto has made one phone people like, but it's not selling. They have a long way to go. HTC has made quite a few phones people like, but don't sell many, they have a longer way to go.

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I love how you say its not selling when Moto hasn't released 4th qtr sales figures. Do you work for their sales department so you have some inside info?

Google it. The first month they sold 500,000. They make at least that many iPhones every day. They are not going to tell us they sold 20 million or even close to that in the 4th quarter. Not with the note 3 and the iPhone 5s getting released at pretty much the same time. The price drops and online sales should indicate this.

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This is likely an unpopular opinion, but I wish HTC didn't have to sell its stake in Beats Audio. I'll miss it in the "M8," I think. However, it's nice to hear about the company earning a profit in Q4.

Also, I'm really interested in the upcoming flagship, especially if rumors are true about the Snapdragon 805 processor and other specs. Hopefully, it sells well, and HTC has a bit more success in the next few quarters.

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I don't think not having Beats will be something you miss. MY HTC One Max doesn't have it and I don't hear anything wrong with the sound quality. Sounds much better than any other phone's. But I'm so happy to hear HTC is doing well.

StealthDroid - Working on his Nexus 7 in the Nexus Lab

I agree, as long as they stick with front facing speakers, they will have a hit. I think beats did more for brand recognition than actual sound quality.

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Not at all. There is definitely a difference with Beats. It ups the volume and the bass without sacrificing quality. . . Well in ear anyways. Not sure it did much for bomb Sound.

Editor in chief of

I do have an HTC One. Most of the difference with Beats is an equalizer setting. Check out Marques Brownlee's Youtube video about it. As long as they get a good equalizer and don't cheap out on the audio jack hardware it'll sound about the same.

Um... They HAVEN'T had a hit with front facing speakers. Have you not been paying attention? HTC took a loss in the 4th quarter. The holiday quarter. They couldn't even break even from Christmas shopping. The only thing that was good news was selling the Beats. They won't have that luxury nextqquarter.

I don't think losing beats will be terrible as long as they retain boomsound. That's what really have the one great audio quality.

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Nailed it. Beats is a flashy equalizer. The speaker technology that HTC uses is what sets the One apart.

Sent from my iPhone

I think boomsound was one of the last true innovations in smartphones. It's fantastic.

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There are plenty of apps that will do what beats did.

Besides, they might just license it from beats anyway

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Well, I'm not very familiar with any EQ apps or the required settings to duplicate the sound of Beats Audio, so I like simply pressing "On" to increase the bass, volume, etc. And I rarely turn the Beats feature off, which makes me wonder if I'd be impressed with BoomSound alone.

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It's about damn time. Maybe Sprint can learn from HTC?

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They don't have to. They have the money, just need the time

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You did read the part where their 10m Q4 profit was directly attributable to the one time sale of their ownership of Beats, valued at 85m. In other words they were probably going to report a 75m LOSS if not for the one time cash infusion. Short of some amazing accounting treatments, there was no way for them to post a profit purely on device sales.

I know this is a website for gadget nerds but we all took basic grade school math and maybe even Financial Accounting 101 in college right?

HTC is a total mess. They're essentially the Research in Motion of Android manufacturers. They'll probably appoint Alicia Keys as Chief Creative Officer next.

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What do you have against BlackBerry? At least they're making a solid OS and are the best in the enterprise sector. Sure Android phones look fancy, but that's about it, productivity is way better on my bb10 than any other device. Can you hookup your phone to a TV screen, connect a blue tooth keyboard and mouse, and a USB stick to your phone to edit/create documents, and connect your phone to the office workstation through RDP and work on it as if it's in front of you? And yes, I own also an S4 Active and a Nexus 7 2013 and love Android, but BlackBerry is way better.

Posted via Android Central App on my BlackBerry Z10

It took BlackBerry 3yrs to come out with that "solid OS"!!!

Posted using Android Central App on my Samsung Galaxy S4 T-Mobile

This post was about HTC, why are you bashing BlackBerry? So what if it took 3 years? Sure there were mistakes, hopefully they will come out stronger...

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They are dead.

4.4 billion in losses. Us market share under 1%. Even in englad and Canada they are not at 4%.

Someone turn out the lights, party is over

sent from my DROID Eris, made by Nokia, powered by iOS 7 via BBM

This post was about HTC, and this site is Android Central, so why up-sell BlackBerry, here?

If BB10 is so much better than Android, why are the CrackBerry forums buzzing with people trying to get Android apps on their "superior OS" phone?

You knew what you were getting yourself into, when you posted that reply.

Also, he didn't say anything that wasn't true. 2 to 3 years went by that BlackBerry didn't introduce any meaningful products.

HTC may not have done that well, but the One is an exceptional piece of equipment.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

FYI, every function that you just discussed has been a part of Android, for years: Android phones had HDMI ports, since Froyo; USB-OTG came with ICS (which introduced the ability to interact with the OS via keyboard and mouse).

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I think by now we can figure a couple things out. Only the Internet cares about build quality, whatever that is. My plastic Rezound was a creaky over heating mess. And is that aluminum body going to save the screen anymore when you drop your phone? Yes it feels nice and takes a long time to mill, but it is not making them any money.

If updates were so important, the nexus phones would be pulling 10 million sales a month or Android would have died by gingerbread.

People just want to buy the trendiest thing right now, that's it. Hate them or love them, as far as business goes, Samsung is killing everyone but Apple, and in business what else matters?

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Build quality is very important. When a customer walks in looking at phones they may not know they want a good build quality but they may pick up an S4, HTC One, and iPhone in the store without even turning the screen on and decide on the iPhone because of the way it feels in the hand. The milled aluminum body was a big draw for a lot of the One buyers.

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For the majority of consumers, they couldn't care less about build quality. I know many people who have switched from an iPhone to a s3 or s4 and not a word about build quality. I agree with you but unfortunately the majority of consumers are idiots just buying what the commercial tells them to.

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Is it possible that they (many people you know) also liked the build quality of the S3 and s4. They are not shabbily made phones and they do feel good in the hand. And, I'd be willing to bet that your statement about most not caring about build quality is just dead wrong!! Our mobile devices are our new laptops. They are computers on the go. To say that one would not care about the build quality of such an important mobile device almost sounds mentally challenged. The phone with the absolute best build quality(Iphone)and is also the highest sold most popular phone, directly challenges your assanine notion that build quality doesn't matter. It absolutely does, and I'd be willing to bet that the next iteration of the Samsung Galaxy will utilize some aluminum features or better. BET! They will not be outdone by HTC!!!!!

And if the build is anything like the Note 3, HTC will lose that battle as well.

Besides, build quality is still second to 'what can this phone do for me?'. Love it or hate it, Samsung does more and does it better.

Taking the laptop a step further, if I can buy an ugly laptop that does more than a cute one, guess which is getting bought?

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If the 5s was all plastic, they would be selling just as many. What is trendy and what your carrier sells counts more than anything else. Even here on AC you better not trash the trendy nerd phone of the time, and you better not own a S4 on Verizon.

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If build quality is important and you think HTC One is built better than Samsung S4, then why has S4 outsold HTC One 20-1? Since build quality is important to the average customer as you say. Remember, you said "build quality" not "marketing." When those customers go into the store and see how good and quality HTC One feels, why do they walk out with greasy, flimsy backed Samsung S4?

Regarding, the metal body saving the screen...the simple answer is YES! But, can i really attribute it to the metal body...I don't know. I just know ive dropped and dinged my ONE a few times and the physical damage really is minimal let alone a cracked screen. Jusy my2cents

Lots of dented HTC Ones out there. I have yet to see it on a s4 or even iPhone

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I can say the same thing about my s4 and the Rezound before it. It's not shat it's made out of, it's where it hit on the phone and how lucky you are at the time.

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I cannot tell you how many time I dropped my little Rezound. It was the Droid DNA of its time... Good phone, quickly forgotten

If HTC could put their mid-range phones at a more reasonable price in Vietnam. They will sell like a rocket I promise.

I don't know why but HTC mid-range phones are priced very high in my country, really near to flagship's price. And that lure customers to other brands.

For example:

HTC Desire 700 : $500
HTC One mini: $500
HTC Desire 600: $420
HTC Desire 500: $375

Those prices are insane...

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Only reason HTC showed a profit is do to the sale back off beats audio, if not for that they would again show red, they are bleeding money do to poor phone sales, the One has been a disappointment in regards to sales, if the phone is so great how come the abysmal sales figures. Sales where good in its initial launch, but tanked afterward, anyone can answer why, I can tell you why, blinkfeed, again a small non-removable battery, and again no micro -sd expansion, Htc will never get it. This company will be no more in the next year or two, close to one year than two.

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I probably should get over it but I can't. I owned a Vivid and then a One X but after basically being told to fuck off by HTC when I complained to then that my One X couldn't multitask and was constantly reloading apps I dumped them and will never buy or recommend their phones to anyone. If it weren't for the fact that people would lose their jobs I would want them to fail and go or of business.

Read the comment, he kinda spells it out

sent from my DROID Eris, made by Nokia, powered by iOS 7 via BBM

I see no venom. Just honesty. Numbers don't lie. HTC One and HTC Max have sold abysmally. Only the sale of Beats this quarter saved HTC from a worse quarter than last quarter. It's pretty bad when you still take a loss during the Christmas shopping quarter.

I wouldnt say that the One sold poorly, unless you compare it to Samsung. If you compare it to Motorola it would stack up better.

Also, not all 4th quarters are the same. I am not sure this is covering the Christmas season. It could be HTCs 4th Fiscal Quarter which more than likely would be Q3 in calender years.

In addition, taking beats out of it, they lost 85M, with is DOWN FROM 2 BILLION.

That is quite an uptick...

Such a shame the HTC one and max haven't sold well...I have both and they are brilliant phones . ..
I hope they can turn things around because I think apart from the camera they make the best phones ...period....

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That small battery cranks out fairly decent battery life. I used a One for a while and was a huge fan of the battery life.

Posted via my kitkat-powered machete with a Tegra 4

I would be very interested in the new HTC One+ or whatever it will be called if they release a Google Play edition for it, I can't stand the crap they put on it

What? The one has one of the least intrusive interfaces I've come across in a phone.

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when will they give up and realize Samsung and apple have taken over the industry and that won't change for a few years.

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I am glad to see HTC throw out a small profit, even if it is artificial.

I had a few of them and never really hated them. Well the Eris was a dog, and the thunderbolt had, well did it even have a battery?

I want them to succeed. If for no other reason than to push things. Like the front speakers, you might see more of those this year because of them

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Still harping about old 2011 2012 HTC carrier specific handsets?

NoNexus, your critiques are usually more valid.

ummm...that was praise.

Reading.. How does it work?

If i wanted to shred those devices I easily could. I said I like them.


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They should take a page from LG and start over by copying samsung. Then after a few models that actually sell and net them some cash, build the phone made from Thor's hammer or what ever goofy material is called premium at the time. Whale foreskins maybe.

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I didn't mention touchwiz. I do not want to touch wiz

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I really am rooting for them to make a turn around cause I really like there products on Android I have had nothing but HTC Devices and except for the Evo 3D I never had a problem. I had a Galaxy S2 and most recently tried the G2 and returned it within 6 hours of owning it. And just picked up 2 HTC Ones and were LOVING! them. Keep it up HTC! :-)

I'm also looking forward to purchasing the next generation HTC One +

Rumored specifications

5″ FullHD 1080p covered by Gorilla Glass 3

Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 (or 805) all LTE frequencies + advanced wifi radios


6 or 8MP UltraPixel camera (possibly with double lens)
2.1MP front camera

Software buttons

2900mAh battery

Android KitKat with HTC Sense 6.0
micro-SIM, microSD

NFC, advanced GeoP, IR, all internal sensors.

It will be mine!

It sounds great (read that article the other day) but the jury will be out on it until we see if they actually improved that camera. Even then they are going to have an uphill climb with the one that the S5 is rumored to have.

It's not what it has.
It's what it does.

I prefer all the easy access features of HTC's Sense UX including their advanced rapid access and shoot camera technology including Zoes and Video highlights, editing features in the various HTC Gallery views.

Blinkfeed is also undergoing rapid improvements.

And the dual front facing 3D stereo Boomsound speakers remain a significant differentiator.

And build quality, of course.

Bring it on HTC

"It's not what it has. It's what it does."

+9000 I couldn't have said this better, myself.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

I prefer Sense myself, but it does matter what it has.

The camera in the One is poor compared to the S4. the isocell that is going into the S5 will keep that gap pretty steady.

As far as features, I am sorry but all the features in the world will not help if you take a crappy picture to start with.

Not to mention, the S4/5 has an ample feature set and stacks up very favorably to the One.

It DOES come down to picture quality at this point. Software is a wash. Hardware is Samsungs.

I cannot argue with boomsound, I love it and I have said time and time again that the speaker in the Note 3 sucks (but I found that one little trick to improve

Blinkfeed is just another widget. a flipboard knockoff.

The specs of the next gen is going to be sick I just hope they don't skimp on the materials to make it like they did with the Max, I really hate how they bordered it in plastic unlike what they did with the HTC One. They really need a good marketing firm to assist them with getting the One line off the ground, so many people are impressed with the build quality of the One but so many don't even realize that it exist :'(

They should license the lightning connector from apple and make the phone compatible with Apples docks. They have some deal to use apple patents, see how far they can push that relationship.

Posted via Android Central App

That would actually be a great idea. Apple's products have a lot of available accessories. Using the lightning connector would make those accessories accessible to HTC.

But, I'm not sure, how far they can afford to push the envelope, lol.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

No, just no

You are going from a universally accepted connection to a proprietary one? Just no.

Besides, USB 3 is going to require a connector change anyway (trust me, it can be painful, but worth it sorta)

He is the solution. A USB to lightning adapter int the box, with every HTC phone. What is it, a three dollars wholesale?

Make a combo port ala the USB 2/3 port on the note. HTC already had some goofy dual connectors on previous phones.

Posted via Android Central App

When you put it that way, I can actually agree with you. It's a double-edged sword, though: universal standard with very few accessories to take advantage of it vs proprietary standard that has a lot of aftermarket accessories made for it.

Those are some great specs. But, if HTC doesn't:

A) introduce any new features with the next version of Sense;
B) create a more innovative design than the One (2013);
C) use a more competitive camera;
D) stop skimping in the Marketing department;

then, the phone will be a flop.

All your requests will be meet.

The multi award winning design will be maintained resulting in fresh accolades.

It certainly won't be cheaply manufactured expensive mass marketing stuff.

Plus HTC has some extra surprises up their sleeve.

I certainly do hope so, brother. I'd like nothing more than to see HTC create a phone that bests (or is, at least, on par with) both the Galaxy S and rumored Galaxy F series.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

All the things the current HTC One possesses. Sigh
HTC needs to hire focus groups from the public. Lay a Samsung S4 and an HTC One in front of 100 focus group members who are all S4 owners. Have the group discuss why they chose the S4 over the HTC One. Have them write down 5 things they preferred on the S4. Armed with this information, HTC needs to go back to the drawing board to create the device that the masses want. The business that fails to listen to the customer is the business sure to fail.

5 inch screen, took forever to get to verizon, goofy camera, boomsound speakers make the device look a bit odd.

Posted via Android Central App

Hardly seems fair to say that they need to further innovative in design when Samsung have been releasing the same phone for the past 7 years. I think just reduce the bezel and attempt to make it a little slimmer, but nothing too drastic.

Posted via Android Central App

They don't fail so much on design, it is the rest of it. Poor camera, lack of features, no marketing, poor support

sent from my DROID Eris, made by Nokia, powered by iOS 7 via BBM

Your statement about the HTC One UltraPixel image sense optical stabilization camera being terrible and the S3 and S4 significantly better is clearly FALSE.

A plethora of 7 month old comparative reviews clearly undermine the credibility of your severe statement.

According to the evaluators / testers, the HTC One produces significantly better indoor natural light and other low light scene images than Samsung's Galaxys and readers know it.

Every rumor I've seen about the next HTC flagship is promising: software buttons, memory expansion, faster processor, and possibly a better camera.

Posted via my kitkat-powered machete with a Tegra 4

It will be more pixels which I hope actually makes ultra pixel viable

sent from my DROID Eris, made by Nokia, powered by iOS 7 via BBM

So the phone side still hasn't turned around then really, basically if they did not sell there beats stake then they would have made another loss. I know people are saying now the HTC 2 will turns things around but that's what people said about the one X and one. They make great products, they still need to do better in updates, speed wise they become quicker and more transparent but they need to support devices for much longer, example the one X which was last flagship isn't getting 4.4 and it's support ended on 4.2 when example the s3 which came out similar time is on 4.3 and is in line to get 4.4. They also need to do some decent marketing, the rdj commercials were garbage to say the least. 12 million on them ads which is essentially more than the profit they made this past quarter.

Posted via Android Central App using galaxy s4


Commercials need vast improvement.

HTC's elegant design, social, and media features should be more prominent and the commercials should be more appealing to women also.

There is nothing in the design that stands out to the consumer, the social and media features are a dime a dozen.

HTC needs something that actually works, that makes them stand out. Boomsound is the best thing they have had in years, I hate to think they are gonna muck that up too.

Samsung produces all the parts themselves, htc probaply loses a lot of money buying their parts from other manufacturer's.
However htc would do better if they listened to their costumers a bit more.

By the way, as a producer, i'm glad to hear htc dropped beats audio, we, producers, put a lot of effort in a good sounding mix and seeing that people are putting another equalizer over it is a pain in the ass. We are already putting equalizers over our tracks to make it sound nice, and putting another equalizer over it really isn't making the mix sounding the way the producer meant it.

Posted via Android Central App

Samsung's advantage for cheap mass production are their proprietary parts, including SOC's , memory, and Samoled display technology.

With both their vertical and horizontal integrated suite of products, Samsung seems on course to fork into an integrated and proprietary Linux based operating system and UX.

Agree, due to HTC's Boomsound dual front facing (3D in upcoming release) stereo speakers, Beats outlived its usefulness. Opportunistic cash out for a decent ROI.


The S800 is proprietary?
No one else uses SAMOLED?
LPDDR3 is a proprietary thing?

I am pretty sure that word does not mean what you think it means, that or your trolling for HTC.

Your wrong about the fork too, why kill the cash cow and start over on your own. Some low end tizen phones will be out for sure, but there is no way you will not see Samsung and Android not together.

Also, at best, beats was a WASH not a decent ROI. They got out the same cash they put in, which amounts to a loss since they were without that money for a few years.


Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

We'll have to await the S5 to see whether Samsung further forks from Android. Galaxy Gear is the most recent example beyond their horrid Touchwiz UX.

I agree such a move would alienate the Android Central community.

General public mass market lemmings and Samsung promoter fanboys' like Yarell might be a different matter.

But they havent forked any more from android than HTC, SONY, LG, ZTE or even the Nexus line. Putting a skin and more APKs is not a fork.

Amazon is a fork.

Samsung isnt.

And as far as touchwiz goes, it is more than looks, it is also functionality. I am not a fan of the look, but I havent seen for more than 15 minutes everytime I get a new phone.

The features are indispensable (well most of them)

Air view and multi window are 2 of my favorite features of any phone. Smart stay and smart view are also nice, just not as amazing to my puny brain. I'm sad I didn't wait for the note 3 a bit as the s-pen seems straight up awesome. Ohh well, note 5 when the time is right.

Posted via Android Central App

I know that people say that it is too big, but I jsut do not know what I have done all my smartphone life without the S-Pen. I use it at least 5 times a day. Scrapbooks for all my projects at work and a crapload of notes.

I hate to say it, but I hope the Note 4 goes up to 6". Not that I really need the extra space, but it would be interesting.

I know I cannot go back to a normal sized phone, but I need one for a backup andtimes when it is inconvenient to carry my note.

I have been getting a lot of use out of the air gestures (jump, browse and call accept) as well.

I realize it's your personal experience and justification for your hefty purchase, yet smacks a bit inauthentic. A stretch.

A tad bit Yarellian, except for the occasional inconvenience of carrying your phablet part.

Reaching for straws?

Actually a little sword?