HTC Droid Incredible HD

Remember that Evo-esque device uncovered about a month ago? It's looking increasingly likely that this guy will be the Incredible HD (or maybe the Droid Incredible HD?) on Verizon. And leaker extraordinaire Miami1683 says we should expect it the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, which would be Nov. 23. To say that we'd love to get a bigger, more powerful Incredible in our hands would be the understatement of the year, and we know you guys are longing for it, too. So put your jaw back together, and let's all start thinking happy thoughts. [DroidForums via Limitless Droid]


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HTC Droid Incredible HD rumored to be coming Nov. 23


I'm a little skeptical only because the form factor is so different from the original Incredible but that doesn't change the fact the I WANT IT.

I still absolutely love my D Inc. I'm interested to see why they would make this the next version of it. I guess as long as they stick with the 8mp camera that's enough for me. A kickstand and front facing camera would also make it more... well Incredible..

Same here. I have been trying to decide between the interface and quickness of the incredible vs the size of the X and it looks like this is exactly what I am looking for.

I'm concerned that in the snapshots I see so far, there is no "Google" logo, as appears on the original DInc. Does that mean we can expect that this phone will be Binged? Sigh.

I want to believe that but Verizon's recent history makes me suspicious. My husband is in the market for a new phone and we'd definitely look at this one. Bing that can only be removed/replaced by rooting the phone is a showstopper.

I don't care about LTE as of yet as I don't live in or near one of those cities. By the time LTE or 4G is as common as 3G is now, I'll be eligible for another phone.

Like Most of the people above, i TOO LOVE MY D.Inc. IF this Un-named HTC above is to the Incredible HD it can NOT have any form of bing or low end specs....

CAn Sprint just get the Incredible..please.... i would trade that for my Evo in s heart beat- LOVE the EVO but i am getting tired of carrying around a charger all the time!

I have an Eris and I have to carry a charger around, unless I use it as a dumbphone and keep the 3G and wifi turned off. There is no end to the list of things wrong with that phone. Can't wait for my upgrade...

Just buy a bigger battery.

I'm serious you wont regret it.

If you need help find my name in the forums and send me a private message.

First of all, yeah, sure, just like there was one for Eris owners when the Incredible came out.

Second, I wouldn't bother unless it has LTE. The Incredible is enough of a powerhouse that I'd be happy living with it until HTC rolled out a LTE phone on Verizon.

Yea,if for whatever reason this device is not a DROID device(not a Google-experience device) I'll go with the DINC. Not a bad second choice,LOL.

i would love for this phone to have the sense and be as awesome as my incredible(but i want a quicker full root than the incredible)

This might be my next phone as long as
1. no bing
2. doesn't feel to big in my hands
3. its incredible

Guess Im one of the few (if any) who would much prefer a 4 inch screen instead of 4.3. Love everything else though.

I absolutely love my Incredible but having seen some of the larger phones like the X, I've been wondering if I might like the bigger form factor. BUT, I really like HTC Sense and wouldn't want to change that, so this may do the trick!

Just in time for thanksgiving. I will be thankfull to be rid of motorola and the locked bootloader. Goodbye Moto, Hello HTC. Unless someone thinks my Droid X will see any further updates. Me thinks not

I already asked, the wife said no... unless I can sell my DInc and recoup some of the money-back :)

are u serious??? u had to ask your wife for permission. lmao. she also wipe your ass after your done using the potty. i bet you, your wife dont ask you for permission when she does and buy things. your a grown ass man, act like it :)

I'm sure this has been discussed already, but do we have any idea of what the specs will be? An Evo for Verizon will be awesome, but those specs are a year old so maybe we'd see 1+ Ghz or next generation processor?

Funny thing, I just typed a comment and it got marked as SPAM. Oh well, I basically said that I do not care if the is LTE or not....I want this phone!

I have the incredible and the dx , while I wont get rid of my incredible I will my dx for the Incredible HD :D

im so tired of this bullshit. once again verizon is getting another high end, bad ass android beast. all tmo is getting is low mediocre to mid range phones like the mytouch hd. how is that tmo in the u.k. have the desire hd but tmo in the u.s. dont, that shit doesnt make any sense at all. tmo was the first to embrace android, why arent they getting top shelf phones.

really!!! is that suppose to even it out. kids talk for free (WOW!!!) and tmo only get mediocre low to mid range android phones.

While it may be the only good Android phone currently on T-Mo, the Vibrant is NOT mid-range, sorry. You don't get 1 GHz Hummingbird and 4" Super AMOLED on mid-range.

I am a verizon customer that will be getting a new phone for Christmas when my contract is up for renewal. After seeing this, I think I peed a little

I cannot respect the "Incredible HD" name unless this offers a higher res screen than 800x480.... thats on just about every HTC device as of late, all with varying screen sizes =\

If this is a DROID with a aluminum back, front facing camera, new sense, new snapdragon, kickstand, LTE, aluminated trackball(okay got my hopes too high), isn't and A NEW Contract. It'll replace my incredible but only if it isn't too big

GOD DAMN IT!!! I dont want to spend money but now I have to buy this... FUCK. Fuck you HTC, fuck you. I am a poor starving college student. I will have to starve myself for a month to buy this. God damn it... maybe I'll use the money I'm getting from my grandparents for tuition... I feel like this would be a better investment than a college education.

Glad to see HTC and Verizon moving in this direction (maybe), but I'm still more than happy with my Incredible - definitely enough not to buy a new phone off contract!

Lmao!! ^^ wtf? Ahaha verizons getting the merge and then this? Not fair! Verizon has enough high end android phones they don't need this one :) idk why htc is making a evo like for verizon? Sprint needed a phone like that. Now at&t needs one. Since tmobile has the g2.

Guess it's time you leave AT&T huh. Everyone knows AT&T is known as the Apple carrier and Verizon is all Android all the time. AT&T was stingy with their Iphone, now Verizon is being stingy with their android phones. I say wtg, Verizon ftw!

@krazytrixxxsta yeah your not the only one.
@cr6 well most people don't have the money for early termination fees!! People have other things to pay for other than jumping carrier to carrier every month a better phone comes out somewhere else. plus there rates are extremely expensive for family plans.

In the name of all that's holy, please. Still holding my OG Droid cuz the Dinc had signal issues, etc. I want this B.A.D....

With LTE launching in the next couple of months isn't it time for one of these new phones to be LTE capable? I love my Dinc, but would consider the bigger screen if it was LTE capable.

No one ever mentions resolution in the list of things people want... how about catching up to the iphone with a "retina" type display

Coming from a DINC to a DX, I have to say I love the Sense over DX one. If this phone has the same resolution and sense as the DINC with the size of the DX I will be in Heaven. HTC sense just flows better for me. As for the battery, I get more of a battery with the DX than the DINC. So the battery will be better than the DINC. I cant wait. IDK how I will get this phone, I just got the DX.

What really stinks is its not on the new Verizon rebate form.
The rebate for indirect retailers are valid until the 24th of November :0(

i asked HTC about Verizon getting a Incredible HD sometime soon. this is the reply. "As for a forthcoming Incredible HD, I'd love to see it, but unfortunately i dont have any information for you..."
idk what this means, but he didnt have any information for *ME*.. SOOO.. the only thing i dont like is, IF a Incredible HD (Droid Incredible HD) comes out, im going to want it!! but im stuck with the Incredible for another 1 1/2.... im going to be kinda mad if the holidays come around and Verizon doesnt offer a upgreade offer..

Talked with a Verizon rep yesterday and he stated that a new phone would be coming out on the 23rd, but would not reveal what it is. We can only hope.

Since Verizon said yesterday no LTE phones till the first half of 2011 what does that mean for the droid incredible hd? I don't think i can wait that long!